Memorial University | St. John’s campus tour

Perched on the continental edge of North
America sits St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, city of legends and home to
Memorial University’s largest campus. Where we are defines who we are. We have an edge and our location is an advantage we use to get a deeper understanding of
science, technology and society. It’s also a big part of why our students, faculty,
staff, and partners come together like they do. Some people say Memorial
University is a community within a community. We have 18,000 students
studying more than 100 undergraduate and graduate degree options, in fields like
science, technology, education, medicine, music, humanities and social sciences,
with even more students taking advantage of the 450 courses we offer online. This
place has so much history the fossils date back half a billion years. It’s that
kind of deep-rooted history that the university was named for. Memorial
University was established in 1925 as a memorial to the Newfoundlanders who lost their lives in the First World War. The university quickly outgrew its original
home and in 1961, the Arts and Administration Building became the first
of four original buildings to be erected on the new Elizabeth Avenue campus. Since then the campus has grown to include more than 60 buildings. Today, there are
more than 16,000 meters of underground tunnels (we call them “munnels”)
and overhead pedways connecting many of the buildings on campus, including the
residences. This is quite handy for those unique
days when we experience all four seasons in a single day. The Works,
Memorial’s recreational complex, is the largest in our province. It has a six-lane, 200-metre indoor track and fitness studios for cardio, toning and
weightlifting, plus a full range of exercise classes. It’s also home to the
Memorial Seahawks. Cheer them on, or join them, in eight varsity sports: soccer,
swimming, volleyball, wrestling, cross-country running, track and field,
basketball and curling. The QEII Library is a St. Johns landmark and the largest
research library collection east of Montreal. Maclean’s magazine actually ranked it as one of Canada’s best university
libraries. And we agree. It has two million print and online publications,
support services, and versatile workspaces including a dedicated quiet
space you know, for when you really have to hit the books.
Speaking of landmarks, the iconic Memorial tower was built in 2000 and can
be seen from almost anywhere on campus. Right next door is the university centre,
the hub of student life. A key stop on the transit system, students can travel
from here to every corner of the city. Six stories high, it houses the food court, our campus bookstore, health clinics, support
services, communal spaces and the Breezeway, one of two bars on campus. Check out open mic night sometime! If live music’s not
really your scene, try Bitter’s Pub. It’s run by our graduate students, has great
beers on tap and hosts an incredible Trivia Night. Our internationally
recognized Faculty of Medicine is primarily housed within the Medical
Education Centre, which is attached to our province’s largest hospital, located
right here on campus. Students from our pharmacy and nursing
programs also complete some of their training here. The centre hosts clinical
learning, simulation training and advanced research, as well as our
world-leading genetic and genomic research centre. Our internationally
accredited Faculty of Business Administration is home to one of the
most successful student competition groups in Canada. Our business students
have won many national and international competitions, including several world cup
titles. Our Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and the Department of
Computer Science share the same building. Cross-disciplinary research is the way
of the future, in a shared space encourages the sharing of ideas. Memorial offers several undergraduate engineering specializations but we are the only
university in the country with an undergraduate program in ocean and naval architectural engineering. In fact, we’re the only school in the world to offer a
co-op program in that discipline. This building offers some fascinating
facilities, like a 54 meter towing tank, a mechatronics lab, a multi-phase flow lab
with a 65-metre re-circulation open- circuit system, and the structures lab
complete with a 10-tonne overhead crane for deconstructive testing. No other
university has access to so many cold- ocean zones, along with the facilities
and expertise of a globally recognized cold-ocean technology hub. Cool, huh?
Memorial is well connected to the city. Many walking trails cut through the
campus and lead all over St. John’s and beyond. The vibrant downtown streets of
St. John’s are lined with boutiques, galleries, world-class restaurants and
cozy coffee shops. And at night they come alive with music and entertainment.
And if you’re looking for outdoor fun, you’ve found the right place. In your
free time, enjoy the very best in adventure tourism, like sea kayaking,
skiing, zip lining, golfing, or hiking and biking our many coastal trails. But
perhaps the best thing to do here is simply stop and take a deep breath,
because a fresh perspective is never far from reach.

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