Merchandising: A Business Travel Agency’s Perspective (short)

My name is Susanne Lindroos and I’m the
Business Development and ICT Director at SMT. SMT is the biggest Finnish travel agency. It’s a growing trend with travellers today
that they want to have comfort in their travel and this is increasing all the time and ancillaries
is part of that trend. Ancillaries is an opportunity for us, of course,
to increase our revenue stream, as well I think the upsell part is something we really
look forward to bring in some extra income for us as well. I think that transparency of the services
that are included in the fare is the key for us to maintain the customers’ loyalty as
high as possible. The fact that we are able to handle today
the ancillary sales process, the documentation, the invoicing part as automatically as possible
is a big benefit for us because that will then be transferred to our customers in an
excellent reporting on the ancillary purchases as well. I think that the key benefits of the fare
families in Amadeus is that it’s integrated into the sales process, you have easy access
to information, you can compare the services in the fares. And of course then the greatest
of them all will be and is the upsell part of the solution, which actually makes us very
powerful in giving fast information and on how little you have to pay extra to get some
more very relevant services in your travel. With the solutions it’s much easier for
us to respond to traveller needs today, whatever it might be, because they can vary and we
have the different offerings that they can compare and then choose the right one for
every customer. By having the best possible tools, we enable
our sales agents to be well equipped to respond to any traveller needs, and we make sure that
we always offer the best flight options, that include the most valued services. And this
way our customers receive from us best-in-class travel management processes.

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