Mexico City Travel Tour! – 4K

Welcome to Mexico City! Ok, I’m off to Mexico City. Just had a rough start to the trip. I left my passport and boarding pass on the shuttle. So, you have to act quick when things like that happen. And I called him and he circled around and he gave me it right back. So, it worked out great. The Aztecs were told by their god to look for an eagle, devouring a snake on a cactus. Some interpreted this as a symbol of good conquering evil. When the Aztecs saw such a sight, they built their home on what came to be, Mexico City. I’m Luke, and for years I’ve wanted to travel to Mexico City. With a few friends able to join, and the New York Times ranking it the # 1 travel destination Now was the time. We’re here at a park in Mexico City. And we’re waiting for our hotel to allow us to get in. So, just enjoying the park here in Mexico City. We were trying to catch the sunset. We just missed it. So, we’re heading over to a hotel rooftop. So, we’re walking along here in La Condesa area. Kind of the financial district. And it feels completely safe. It’s getting to be night. Nice weather. I’ll show you more. We’re trying out the metro for the first time in Mexico City. And we’re going to the Arena Mexico for the Lucha Libre fights. You can already hear the crowd. We’re walking from the metro station to the Arena Mexico. Ok, we’re getting ready to check out the wrestling match. So, here we go! Alright, we’re getting ready to head to the pyramids. Pyramids! It’s not too far our of town, so here we go. Ok, we’re checking out the Teotihuacan Pyramids, Just outside of Mexico City. It’s definitely a good workout. I’m glad I didn’t go to the gym this morning. For reals! Check out this place, it’s pretty incredible. Ok, we just came from the ruins. And now we’re headed to the Sun and the Moon Pyramids. Ok, I finally made it to the Pyramid of the Sun. Let’s go up. Ok, we made it to the top of the Sun Pyramid. And everybody’s reaching for the sky to feel that energy of the Sun. We were in town while the Pope was also visiting. And you have all of these seats here, because the Pope held mass here last night. The Pope’s visit was also the reason for the heightened security when we were here. A question a lot of people have about Mexico City is is it safe? The answer is no, but it can be. It is true that many shocking and headline grabbing crimes take place here. And you have to be smart and careful, as with any large city. We’ve been taking public transportation and walking, even at night, the entire time we’ve been here and felt completely safe. Although it is a dangerous city, you have to be aware and be careful. But there is a way for it to be very safe. Although, it’s also important to know that that crime here is comparable to many major cities. All I can tell you, is for our visit, we felt safe and had no bad experiences anywhere we went day or night. Ok, we’re on the go again after breakfast. We’re off to a flea market here in Mexico City. Ok, after a quick time at the market, we’re headed to el centro the downtown, the historic district here. Ok, we just arrived to the historic centro district. And that’s the Catherdral (Metropolitan) there. And the National Palace there. Ok, we just arrived at the airport, we’re heading home. I think a lot more people would come here if they knew what was here, what it was like. If you visit Mexico City, there are plenty more things to do here than our time allowed. The symbol of an eagle devouring a snake on a cactus definitely holds true to the struggles here today. And I see a lot more good conquering any evil here. So, it’s something that I recommend, you visit Mexico City and be the judge for yourself. Click SUBSCRIBE to stay updated on the latest videos.


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