Mike Judge Presents: Tales From the Tour Bus – Waylon Jennings Part 1 Preview | Cinemax

MIKE JUDGE:The greatest outlaw
in country music,
Waylon Jennings.Richie come up on stage,
and everything seemed fine. Then, about halfway through
the first song,I noticed him wobbling.He was swingin’
and not hittin’ anything.
And I swear to God,
my drumstick was a “Z.”(CHUCKLES) That’s the way
it looked to me. He goes, “Go back there
and tell your dad, ‘It’s gonna to be okay.'”I went into the dressing room
and Dickey goes, uh,
“Terry, uh, we’re gettin’ ready
to call an ambulance your dad thinks he’s having
a heart attack.” And, I leaned over to dad
and I said, “Y’all did something called
‘Atlanta Dog.'”He just stood up and says…“Take me to the stage.”And he starts swingin’,
and missing strings.
He was singing out of key.It was the worst show
I have ever seen in my life. But for some reason, the audience
didn’t seem to mind.


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