Good morning guys! Welcome to another vlog! Our Philippines adventure continues… It’s 6am and as you can see it’s already daylight You can still ear chicken… The sunrise it’s normally around 5am We left the Island because we’re doing these two tours! I think they’re gonna be amazing… We’ll start with Pescador Island… and then the Kawasan Falls! 38, right? 37… Don’t push it Olivia… After the briefing we went to our boat… We saw piglets everywhere… and were told it was because of Easter time. Also saw cocks everywhere… The cockfight is still praticed and the wagers business… But let me tell you how I got here We drove here from Badian Port and we’re about to leave the Moalboal port with Island Trek Tours and we’re about to make our first morning stop In Pescador Island were we’re seeing the underwater sea life and the corals It’s the first one, yes! Let’s go! I’m going to jump from here… It’s very slippery… ready? The water is amazing!! We love to dive, you guys already know… and that’s exactly why we came to Cebu and I don’t regret it! Each time I dove it felt like I was discovering new surprises… Pescador Island is one of Cebu’s main attractions… It has this crystal clear water, amazing corals… and hundreds of different fish. The water is so salty… that make’s it hard to dive deep So we made a stop here to rent fins. They came here on purpose with us so we could rent fins Pretty cool! They even negotiate it for us to get a better price! We paid 100php each 200php total Now… To the most exciting part of the tour, right? The Sardines Wall…
and it’s right there at House Reef. Ok, are you ready? Let’s go! Unforgetful Experience? Diving with sardines. The moment I looked underwater I couldn’t believe… Thousands and thousands of sardines Now, we were able to actually dive because we had fins We saw the Sardines Wall turn into a swirl Pretty cool! And a turtle paid us a visit! I think it was the cue for us to swim with them… The water is so salty, it’s really hard to dive deep… Don’t know if you noticed… He has something on top of his tube Maybe to protect from water getting in… these ones are harder to use… Anyway, awesome! It took only a few minutes to get there. The 3 diving spots are really close. We saw a lot of huge turtles They were super calm… I was overwhelmed And we got back to Moalboal port So we could drive to the waterfalls. We also booked the transfer with Island Trek Tours. Kawasan falls are one of the most famous waterfalls in the Philippines… And you can tell why… The water just blows you away. Cebu is quite touristic… So it was with no surprise finding lots of people there. But since it is a 3 level waterfall, we could escape the crowd. Lunch is also included on the tour… and the food is good. Chicken, rice, pasta, vegetables San Miguel beer… On our way back… We saw kids catching shrimps with a stick and some line… We’re back to Badian port and waiting for the boat to take us to our resort… There’s always a free boat available, 24 hours a day… To take us from one side to another Today was amazing… It’s now around 3pm… and the sunset will be around 5pm In a while, we’ll be out of daylight So we’re gonna call it a day! Now we’re going to the hotel for a relaxing massage… ’cause it was a full day and we woke up early! Gotta say… it takes resistance to do these two tours on the same day But we had to! These tours are a must do in Cebu! Even in the Kawasan, where we felt a little bit tired going up the first, second and third level… It’s tough! BTW, don’t forget to use sneakers! Nevertheless, it’s worth it once we reach the top level! And of course… We need to talk about the moment I jumped with a rope… It was the highlight of the day! Go! The instant I jumped (and I wasn’t supposed to jump) and the second I felt my hands slippering down before hitting the water… that failing feeling… But I went for a second try… and it was so awesome that people clapped! Tomorrow we have two more awesome tours… But you’ll have to wait for the next vlog.


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