Missouri Music: Blues, Jazz History and Attractions

[music]>>Tyler Ham Pong: Missouri has a rich music
history. It helped put jazz and blues music on the
map. I’m a huge music fan, so I’m excited to
take in the sounds and check out the sights. [music] So in my search for good jazz I had to come
to Kansas City’s historic 18th and Vine jazz district. This is where you’ll find the American Jazz
Museum. As a newcomer to jazz this is a solid way
to experience it. Here there are tons of free shows and events. One of Missouri’s biggest cities, St. Louis,
is a great place to catch some blues music. Right now I’m at the National Blues Museum
and there’s a lot to dive into, so I’m excited get started. [live music] Check this out, the museum has its own live
music venue. With a name like Howl on Fridays how could
I not check it out? The city of Branson is another great music
hub in Missouri, theaters, concerts, night life – definitely a great spot for a fun
night out. If you don’t know about Highway 76 now’s
a good time to get familiar. This is the strip that put Branson on the
map for its music scene. Missouri is definitely the place to visit
for a music lover. They have so many great live performances,
great night life, I definitely recommend it. [music]

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