MSC Bellissima Full Cruise Ship Tour in 4K

Welcome aboard the MSC Bellisima for a
full 4K Ultra HD tour. Everything you need to know about this wonderful ship. Let’s go! So guys this is the Infinity Atrium. This is where you’ll find all those Swarvoski coated staircases. You’ll also find a few bars here. Upstairs is the entrance to the main Galleria and just behind me is guest services. Where if you have any problems on board you just go there. So we’re here at the Edge cocktail bar which is a great place to grab a drink, grab a cocktail while listening to live
music or during the day grab yourself a coffee. Did you know. On this ship they’re going to be serving up to 1,000 cappuccinos and 2,000 espressos every single day. So here we are with a little bottle of bubbly. Real ice too which is so cool! As you can see it’s really buzzing here in the champagne bar. It has lots of nice edges and lights everywhere. So it just feels really nice and classy. As we say, MSC ships are always so, so beautiful. Always really well laid out. Beautifully decorated, very thoughtfully decorated as well. So each and every part
of the ship has a reason for being there. It’s not just for show. It just looks gorgeous. Right David shall we head off to the Galleria? We’re at the top of the the Bellissima
Galleria which is the main hub and heart of the ship. Above me you can probably
see it’s the world’s longest LED screen at sea. We are on the bridge now overlooking the Galleria. During an evening they actually
used this area as a stage and they do parties and live shows and live music along the Galleria using the screens. It’s quite cool you get a really
good atmosphere. Welcome to France and L’Atelier Bistrot –
which is the French bistro on board. It’s one of the speciality dining restaurants. It’s a really nice restaurant. This is the tapas bar – another speciality
restaurant by Ramon Freixa. The Kaito Sushi Bar serves sushi
onboard with an À la carte menu and just next to it we have the Teppanyaki which is the hibachi grill. If you fancy some retail therapy there’s plenty of opportunities here at the Plaza Bellissima. This is a mini shopping mall onboard with loads of options to treat yourself or treat your loved ones. There is no mistaking what this is. It’s the London Theatre which is the main theater onboard MSC Bellisima. This is where all of the big shows take place every night. Let’s go and take a look. Here in the casino you can try your
look on over 153 state-of-the-art machines. In the Carousel Lounge you’ll find the two exclusive Cirque de Soleil shows. You’ll find four main dining rooms which
are complimentary onboard MSC Bellisima. We’re in the Lighthouse Restaurant
which is one of the main dining rooms. What a beautiful view you
have over the aft of the ship. Did you know that over 1 ton of pasta will be served in this dining room every week. Welcome to the Aurea spa. This is where
you can relax and pamper yourself. They even have a thermal suite onboard
which you can purchase a pass for a day or half a day. B: Shall we go and have a sneak peek
D: Lets have a sneak peek B: Oh gosh this is fancy! B: I like this wall D: Love a good wall B: Oh jeez Louise
D: Ohh! D: It is not too bad
B: it’s a bit chilly! I am guessing the there’s gonna be more snow and ice. Come with us as we have
a look at the outdoor decks. This is the mean pool deck area
and the perfect place to relax. We’ve got some really comfy sun beds
and sun beds all around. When it’s nice and sunny like this it’s just the perfect place just to chill out and catch some rays. This is the Grand Canyon solarium with retractable roof so it’s perfect
for whatever weather. When it’s warm it can have the roof open and when it’s cold, like today, it can be closed and it’s toasty warm. Right, let’s take a look. We have almost done a quick
whip around the ship. There’s still plenty more coming. We’re just going to go have a quick look at the aft pool area, then the sky lounge and then we’re gonna go get ready for tonight’s dinner. Just want to say guys though we were
here when they laid this floor. How crazy is that! We actually saw them laying this floor and the transformation in six months is incredible. It’s crazy isn’t it. Here we are at the Arizona Water Park. You’ll find slides here as well as the rope course. Plus, loads of splash and play
zones. It’s really cool for all the family. There’s some fantastic kids clubs on
board for those little ones. Made in partnership with Chico and Lego. Welcome to that Sportsplex. Here you will find a lovely bar, F1 Racers,
some VR games and a massive indoor arena where you can play sports. For those teams and bigger kids on
board there’s some great areas including the Attic Club – a teen only nightclub. We’re ending our tour at our
favourite spot onboard: The Sky Lounge which features panoramic views across
the ship. That’s it for our to around “Beauty
At Sea” MSC Belissima. We hope you enjoyed our video. Please leave us some comments below, remember to like the video and press that subscribe button and the bell button so know when we upload new videos. That’s it till next time. Happy Cruising!


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