Muay Thai Basics: Catch and Sweep – AKA Techniques

Sawasdee khrap. My name is Kru Bird, AKA Thailand.
This is Kru Pet, AKA Thailand. Today I will teach you how to catch and
sweep them on the floor, left and right. We have different — different techniques
but I will show you two steps today. When they kick the right, you’re catching like this. Step side a little bit. Now, same time. When they kick and you catch and you
want to sweep him on the left, left leg. Rocking. Kick. You can see. This — I safety him. If in the real fight I don’t safety, I can take
them on the floor, make them hurt on the back. Now we’ll teach you how to
sweep on the right side, right kick. Look. Number one, bow. When, stand by, your opponent wants to right kick step first, and then you catch. You see? This is a very good technique.
You can take them on the floor. Do you understand? If you do a lot of practice this is a very good technique.

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