Muay Thai Basics: Clinch Basics – AKA Techniques

Sawasdee khrap. My name is Kru Bird, AKA Thailand.
This is Kru Pet, AKA Thailand. Now I will teach you how to do some
techniques, clinching in Muay Thai. OK. Muay Thai, we have
different locks in the clinching. Number one, when you lock make sure your
hands don’t go like this. Because like this, you cannot use in clinching. You have gloves. Like this. Use your wrists, number one. OK. OK. I will show you now how many locks on the neck. Number one, the hands go on top of the neck. Number two, the one hand goes to the neck, and the one hand locks the arm. Number three, two arms, not the neck. And
always your body has to be close. To close, your body, your opponent. OK?

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