Muslim Chinese Street Food Tour in Xi’an, China | BEST Muslim Chinese Cuisine in China

So check it out It’s Trevor James I’m with my local friend Yin Yin We’re in Xi’an, China And we’re going for a full on food walk Are you hungry? Yeah I’m so hungry! Perfect! Let’s go! Xi’an’s Hui Muslim district is packed with energy and stalls to eat delicious street food Exploring around the smaller neighbourhoods behind the main tourist street Can bring you a lot of fresh street food discoveries I came here to eat And I was lucky enough to have my local friend Yin Yin show me some of her favourite spots Trev, you must try this in the muslim district At the huanainai stall Sweet fermented rice drink And sour plum juice Oh we gotta line up, there’s a lot of people Yeah What do you recommend? Have you ever drank sweet fermented rice? Not yet It’s made by fermenting rice Is it alcohol? No no, its just a type of beverage Oh a beverage Great Let’s try it out Us Xi’an locals always drink this in the morning In the morning Yeah Two cups of fermented rice drink Thank you This is the “laozao” drink Yeah It’s made with sticky rice? Yeah Sticky rice Thank you thank you Take it easy They have hot and cold, this is cold Oh it looks comfortable Try it out Is it good? It’s a really strong flavour It has a slight alcohol taste Yeah, it tastes like alcohol It tastes like alcohol with a sweet sticky rice Yeah Trev, this is Xinjiang province nang bread Xinjiang nang bread? Yeah OK But this is really hard Oh it’s so hard, and looks like lots of sesame Yeah yeah yeah What do you guys put inside the dough? Can we have one please? One nang bread please What do you guys put inside? It’s all just plain bread Are there any nuts? No no, it’s all just bread All bread How much is this? It’s 5 yuan ($0.75) Great, 5 yuan Thank you Oh wow, you’re making them right now Let’s take a look? Yeah take a look You can try it out Thank you Is it good? That is so hard, it’s really hard Yeah, it’s really chewy Do you like it? Yeah it’s really nice It’s really good A Xinjiang province special So this road is busy This is really famous here and so delicious Really? Let’s check it out It’s a salted duck egg yolk in a pita A salted duck egg yolk with sauce Oh it’s in a pita? Yeah it’s all stuffed in a pita Yeah and also a fried egg is put inside, it’s really good What is this? salted vegetables? Yeah, salted vegetables Egg yolk Thank you With peanuts? Are these pickled veg? Yeah salted vegetables with peanuts and sauce Oh, sauce? Are you James I’m your fan Nice to meet you We are shooting a food video here Say hello Nice to meet you Lucky Hurry and try it out Do you want to try it first? You go for it Ok,let’s try it out Wow!! Delicious! It’s super salty It’s really salty And the egg yolk It’s very thick And the peanuts are very – It’s crunchy!! You try it out Yeah, it’s delicious, a lot of people come here just for this Yeah, it’s so good This is beautiful Let’s keep going Trev, you know that in Xi’an there are a lot of ethnic minorities Right here, this is Huimin street These are the backroads from Huimin street right? Yeah yeah yeah And the locals here are the Hui ethnicity? Yes, and the main difference between Hui and Han ethnicity is that they don’t eat pork So everything here is beef and lamb right? Yeah, no pork at all And also no lard or pork fat, nothing related to pork at all Everything here smells so good, there cuisine has a lot of specialties? Yes, lamb kebabs, beef specialties, special desserts A lot of different specialties Their food is really delicious This is beautiful! Trev, if you come to Xi’an, you must try lamb kebabs Oh, special lamb kebabs? Yep, lamb kebabs Fantastic Xi’an’s lamb kebabs are really famous Wow it smells so good It smells like cumin Yeah How many shall we get? How about 20 OK, 20 skewers Thanks These skewers are very beautiful Yeah, and they are very authentic here Authentic flavour, at other places you can’t find them this good? Definitely not this delicious OK Trev these are the famous lamb kebabs Lamb kebabs! You can smell them, they are so fragrant Yeah, so fragrant Hurry, let’s eat Theres really a nice cumin smell Yeah Let’s eat together They are hot! Just right off the grill That is extremely juicy So much juice Do you like them? Yeah, so delicious, and you? A nice and strong cumin flavour And a little spicy A little spicy with lots of juice Can you eat spicy? I love spicy Do you like spicy? Then next time you can tell them to add more chilis Do you think these are hot? Yeah, a little A little, do Xi’an people like spicy? Yeah, we love spicy Oh it’s so juicy! Cheers This is called to “lu” the kebabs “Lu” the kebabs Yeah “Lu” them That was delicious, how much? We had 20 kebabs 46 RMB ($6.88) 46, great, thank you That was very delicious So this here is a famous tourist street But there is still some good stuff to eat here Really? Let’s go take a look 好
Good Trev, do you want to try the famous zeng cake up ahead? Theres a zeng cake? Yeah, this is a zeng cake This is a Huimin street specialty? Yeah, a Hui specialty We’ll have two sticks What’s on top? It’s a rose sauce It’s really delicious Oh, a rose sauce Ok let’s eat It’s really nice Thank you This is made with sticky rice With sticky rice Yes Let’s try it out It’s really aromatic It’s so sweet And soft Do you like it? Yeah theres a strong rose flavour Yeah it’s a rose flavoured cake It tastes like a sweet rose And so soft Very sticky Yeah, very glutinous This here is my favourite dapanji chicken Really? Dapanji is also from Hui people? Yeah, it’s the specialty on this street, I come here all the time Really? Yeah let’s go try it out Let’s try it out So this is the big dapanji? Look at that That is insane There is chicken, potatoes and hand pulled noodles Noodles? Yeah big noodle slices Yeah Do they pull them by hand? Yeah, hand torn Let’s try that out That’s a deep flavour I’ll teach you some local Xi’an dialect to say “delicious” OK Say it with me: “liao za le” Liao za le Yeah It means extremely delicious Extremely delicious Liao za le This has a nice star anise and cinnamon flavour And chilies and Sichuan peppercorn Peppercorn and also these huge noodles Look at the noodles The noodles are just soaked in there Look at that Huge noodles of joy Fantastic So delicious That’s really good A little spicy, with that cinnamon and star anise And the noodles are delicious Huge chunks of potatoes and chicken Let’s put the noodles inside Mix it up Mix it up Push all the noodles inside Look at these dripping slices of noodles Hand pulled This is what life’s about right here Do you know why it’s called the big chicken plate? Because it’s just a big pan of chicken, literally One huge plate of chicken Yeah Very interesting OK I will take you for a nice dessert now Let’s go Good Great This is great ice cream Just gotta give a huge thank you to Yin Yin for showing me around That was an awesome night Lots of delicious food Please leave a comment down below Click that thumbs up And subscribe if you haven’t Thank you No problem There was really so much good food!


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