(electronic music) ♪ I see everything around me changing ♪ ♪ Again and again ♪ (girl shouting)
(laughing) – I over rotated just a little bit. Hello guys, say hi Ash, hey! Oh yeah, you’re gonna give me kisses now. (laughing) So we are here today to show
you guys our backyard tour. So we actually had this video
scheduled for a long time ago but we had a whole bunch of things happen, like a tree fell in our backyard, and then tour happened, and
then it was all too crazy. So we finally are filming this video now. So I’m super excited to
show you guys all this film. First make sure you guys
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button, yeah, right there. That red button right down there and now lets get back on to the tour. Artin, come on. Where’d Ash go? Oh there he is, come on, come on. (laughs) Alright so this is the back patio, but this is our kinda hang out area, and now the dogs are barking, but we have, we normally have like food
here or BBQ’s or something like that. We have a little mini
fridge, I don’t think there’s actually anything in there. Yeah, look it’s empty. And then
we have our stack of towels, a grill, a sink, and then
our sun screen stash. Boom. So yeah, this is like
the whole patio area. Oh right here’s like one
of my favorite parts, cause it’s like a hidden staircase, like nobody knows about it,
you can just sneak down. (bouncy music) We got the patio and the pool stuff done, and then it took like forever
for the landscaping to be done because we really wanted
it to feel kinda like, I don’t know, what’s a
good descriptive word? Like zen, or something so
we had this whole patio, er path, I mean. So you walk down the path
and then we have a bridge. I love this bridge, it’s
just so like, random. But it’s like, cute at the same time. But actually, what this is for is like, in Texas it rains a ton so
especially because our like, neighborhood is on a slant,
or the back of our house is on a slant all the water just
kinda like, I don’t know, falls in the wrong places and
then it like, ruins your grass so this is like kinda
channeling the water and then it drains it down there into the creek. So this actually serves a purpose it’s not just here randomly,
it’s called a dry creek. So then we get to the
end of our dry creek and it basically just channels out
to this like, I don’t know, forbidden forest are, nobody
goes back there except for like snakes and stuff like that so. It’s just kinda like, all trees. When we had all of our Orbeez
in our pool or I guess it was our hot tub, in our hot tub
and we had to get rid of them, like the trash guys wouldn’t
take it cause I don’t know, I guess it wasn’t like, is a
liquid, even though it wasn’t a liquid, it was really weird. So we had to somehow get rid
of them but since they’re like compostable and they’re
supposedly good for your grass we put them all over here
and so for like two months it turned into like this brown,
mushy-like swamp area. And it’s like finally like
returning back to actual like, soil but now there’s like
plants and stuff so I guess the Orbeez did help, I don’t really
know but it looked really gross for like a month
so yeah that a fun little story about over here. Then
we get led up here to this little path area and this is our archway. So we finally, we started
growing this ivy like last year but it takes like a,
like a full year I guess for the vines to grow all the
way up but it’s really cool to like see it cause we just
learned about this in biology but like, how it like grows
upwards and like around the pole it’s really cool, we have that
all over and that’s kind this area of the back yard so
lets go back over this way. (upbeat music) So this is our trampoline
and this trampoline has been through a lot of stuff,
basically we’ve had it for like five years, we
got it when we first moved to Texas, but in Utah we always
had an in-ground trampoline. But in Texas you can’t have
those because like all your water pipes go underneath
the ground so you have to get an above trampoline. We still wanted on that was
super bouncy so we found this company that had a really
good one and we still have it it used to have a basketball
net here, don’t know where that went but it’s still
a really good trampoline and it’s really bouncy, you can see. (upbeat music) (screams) I over rotated just a little bit. (Laughs) (Upbeat music) Over here we have our
tree tent and this we got, I think it was like
last July or something. I’m not actually gonna go in
there because currently it’s like 90 degree outside
which means it’s like 1000 million degrees inside there
so I’d probably die of heat. (danger music) But it’s really nice during
like the Fall to go in there and spend the night in there,
I’ve done it a few times. And it’s really fun but it
takes, it’s like so hard to put up but it was so
worth it because this tree tent is awesome. So eventually you get to this
little like, I don’t even know intersection in the path
and you come over here. To our glorious patio, now
this is actually probably one of my favorite parts of the back yard. Because this is where I hang
my hammock if you can see. I got this for Christmas and
it’s literally like the perfect spot, it’s always shady, it’s
always kinda like windy, you always get like the sounds of the birds. Of course they’re quiet
right as I stop to listen. And the creek, you get a
beautiful view of the creek down there, so it’s really the
perfect spot for like reading or if you’re just working
on homework or anything like that, this is the best
spot in the entire yard. (upbeat music) So relaxing. (upbeat music) So then we get to where all
the paths kinda like connect, I guess and that’s this
family area that we have. Which is our fire pit, it’s
actually a gas fire pit. So you don’t have to worry
like about wood or anything, It is easy to put out and
turn on so even like me and Ryland can do it and it’s
super safe and like in control. So yeah this is our fire pit
and this is a really fun place to spend time with friends and family. So then we get to the interesting part, I guess I’ve said that for every part, every part is interesting but
this is a fun kind of secret part that you don’t really
notice unless you’re all the way back in our yard. So if you see there’s
another little pathway. It windes through these
trees, it’s really cool. Down to this little hidden area
and this is gonna be really fun during the Summer because
once the creek is flowing a little bit more and
it’s cooler down here, um we can come out here and
watch the little kids play in the creek because it’s
super safe and so yeah that was kinda our idea,
kinda have picnics down here so it’s super fun and
super cool and relaxing. Okay so then you think
it’s done but it’s not the yard keeps going so we
actually own this part of the creek so we really wanted to
do something kinda with the creek area down here so we
built this little, like, landing area I guess you could call it. So it goes all the way down here. So this is a really good
area to like cross the creek cause it’s kinda calm over here. And then there’s ivy which
is a really good backdrop for photos and we actually
retook the twins uh, when creating Brooklyn and
Bailey’s photos over there. If you remember we were trying
to get through the creek when it was a little bit stronger
which was really hard. So yeah and then you also
have the deck right here which we just showed you guys. So we really wanted to
hang, or we want to I guess, hang a chandelier and
some lights up there. Kinda looks like, I don’t know,
Rapunzel or something with all the lights in the air. Hopefully we’ll do that
soon sometime this Summer. Right now we haven’t really had the time, but yeah, this is kind
of a really fun area. It’s kinda like more calm,
if you want to listen to the creek and read a book
down here it’s super fun. So yeah this is a really great area. So we finally made it all
the way around the path. Almost, we had this little
area just kinda like a little botanical, yeah botanical
area with a bunch of flowers and stuff so I like to joke
around and say that there’s like six little Christmas trees,
one for each kid so during the Christmas time I wanted us
each to decorate our own tree It didn’t end up happening
but it’s super funny because they’re literally like
little Christmas trees and there’s six of them so it’s perfect. Alright so then we’re over
here coming to more of the front area. It’s not like the front yard
but it’s closer to the front yard. And we have our little sitting
area over here with the couch, um we used this in
the polar plunge video. This is where we were all
lined up ready to polar plunge into the pool. So back here we have our storage area. It has our hoses and
stuff like that and also all of our pool toys. Yeah, a lot of floaties, sun
screen, goggles, stuff like that. So then we have our sitting area. This is really nice when
we host big parties like Thanksgiving or Christmas
or stuff like that. Where we have a lot of people
and we need to sit them somewhere so we sit them outside
in this nice area because it’s like a cool area and it’s
like a nice area for eating. So now we’re in the pool area
and we have this kind of like tanning ledge. So basically all these tanning
chairs lined up so me and the twins will lay out here all
the time and we’ll like tan, we’ll read our books or work
on home work or anything. It’s kind of more of a relaxing
area where you’re kinda safe from the splashes of the children
over there playing in the pool. But it’s still kinda like
relaxing and then you can get in the pool if you’re hot or stuff like that. So this is kind of a
really good tanning area. Alright lets get in the pool. (pop music) So this is our pool, what
do you think of our pool? – Awesome! – Awesome. So yeah, she spends like
every single day in this pool. She loves it and it’s super fun. Lets go play, lets go. Wow! So this is our hot tub, currently
it is not hot because it is really warm outside. Why do you keep doing that, you silly. So yeah this is our hot tub,
this is actually where we did the Orbeez video before
the pool was actually done. They filmed that so there
wasn’t any water or anything in here so we did all
those Orbeez like, I think, how many was that, like 8
million or 11 million or some a lot a million Orbeez in our pool? So yeah now we just have this
hot tub and it’s really nice during the Winter times when
it’s really cold outside to get the hot tub on especially
after our polar plunge, we come in here and try to warm up. So this is our diving board. When we first finished our
pool, I’m not even kidding like the first day after, somebody
came, who is not here, to like our first pool party, somebody
came and they tried to do a trick off the diving board
and they jumped on it and it literally cracked and it
cracked on the bottom. So literally our first
time using it, it broke. So um the, the pool guys
came and they were like yeah something is wrong
with this one so they replaced it and now we have
one that’s finally fixed. But that’s a funny story about
this and I’m gonna show you my favorite trick to
do during pool parties. (dance music) So over there we have our
grotto it’s really cool when the water’s running because
you can go underneath it and it’s like a waterfall and
you can’t really hear anything and it’s just kinda like really loud. But then on top there’s a
waterfall and we also like sitting up there, it’s really cool. It’s kinda the chill spot, and
then we have our slide back there, one of the best
parts in the entire pool. We do tricks on it all the time. We’ll actually take
floaties sometimes down it, and we’ll like ride it down or
we’ll try to land on floaties it’s just really fun. So we’re gonna have a handstand contest. It’s whoever can hold it the longest, we’re gonna do a couple different poses. Three, two, one. (splashing) (club music) I’m out of practice. This is the pretzel, you ready? (club music) – Oh, I got water in my nose. (club music) – Paisley won. You won the pretzel. And now I have two dogs. Aw, now you’re both gonna
give me kisses, okay. Well we hope you guys
enjoyed our back yard tour. That’s where these two
like to spend their time. Yeah, yeah, uh huh. Alright well subscribe to my
channel if you guys liked this video and also comment down
below what your favorite part of our back yard was and I will
see you guys next Thursday. Bye, say bye. (club music)

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