My Complete LEGO Room Tour

Under that, is uh… This is the drawer where I keep all my hose. (laughter) (More hysterical laughter) Yo Nombies? It’s time for your Lego room tour. What are you doing in my swamp? What’s going on guys? It’s ZaziNombies, and I was reading in the comments And what do you guys want to see a full Lego parts set up tour. So we’re gonna do that We’re gonna do that today. We’re gonna go through every bin. There’s about 150 bins in here This is where all the builds are made I build on the floor on this carpet I’m gonna show you the way that I’ve sorted things There’s really no right or wrong way to sort Lego bricks most sets I do like to take apart. And that’s what makes up all these bricks and the bins you see but some sets Like this Tower of Orthanc are just too cool to take apart I just… I can’t bear to take that apart Even though it’s got like some cool colors in it. Before we go any further though. Let’s just address the elephant in the room… (Laughter) How you like them apples? so the collection begins out here with these two Massive bins one of light gray one of the black specialty bricks those weigh a ton. I don’t know how many pieces are in them and then you come into the actual build room there you can see as well the minifig Display case. If you guys do want to see an entire video devoted to all of the LEGO minifigures in my collection Leave a thumbs up on the video and let me know in the comments. I think that’d be pretty fun I’ll take them all out set them all up And give you some info about them So the first thing you see when you come in the door, is this cabinet right here. This is where all of the 16 by 16 plates are held. Below that is a bit of Minecraft stuff little trees we have the “container” container with lots of little crates and And uh… Cabinets this is the vault of glass… all of the clear translucent pieces. Got quite a few of them Stuff with printing on them. Some cool bricks in there and then below that is the hero factory Bionicle Drawer with a few specialty bricks we got these clear bricks These are the John Cena of LEGO bricks. Because you can’t see these. (Singing) In case you forgot a fell off They’re still hot, knock your shell off. These bricks are stacked fat. No, they can’t turn the swell off. (Laughing as bricks fall on the floor) Ouch! There should be an Overwatch ultimate ability that’s just Lego bricks on the battlefield when you step on them instant death Even Zenyatta… Over on the second tower. We have the dark red pieces got quite a few of those Those helped with the Raygun. We have some sloped bricks and various tactical colors. That’s good for wooden furniture We have the dark red specialty pieces yellow specialty bricks The blue specialty pieces. We got orange Some of the arctic bricks in there. Dark brown specialty bricks We have the dark tan. These are good for the black ops weapons that have the sort of desert camo on them This is the other Minecraft drawer with some little mobs Enderman climbing in your windows snatching your bricks up, you gotta watch them. We have the yellow bricks. The butter is some call it. The red pieces. They’re always helpful for Team Fortress 2 team red builds. The dark blue specialty. This is a really cool color. Don’t get to use it too much. We got the sand green I don’t think I’ll ever use this much sand green in a build, but… We have it. Anyway, these are the jumper plates. These are very helpful These are another part that’s just sorted by the type and not necessarily color. I could further sort it into color, but That’s not too important I don’t think. They do help for sort of going outside the Lego stud system though We have the dark orange Pieces, we have a few of those Gray baseplates a mixture. These are just sort of more smaller base plates those help with the Metal looking things. We have Technic pieces That’s right. This is the old gray. For any long time LEGO fans You’ll know what the old gray is. A while back Lego changed their dark gray to sort of this more blueish Gray color. So this is everything before that was sort of this duller kind of greenish gray I like to use that whenever I can Underneath that we have logs. Moving on to the next tower We have the crystal blue brick nice icy pieces there. Pearl gold Some Bionicle masks and swords That stuff that helped with the Lego Gjallarhorn from Destiny We have a just a few black plates in the smaller shapes. Green specialty pieces We got the plants… Couple bricks Sort bricks everyday. These are metallic pieces Anything that’s got a sort of a sheen to it very cool stuff They’re kind of just one-off very specialty pieces underneath that we have the dark red Plates. Okay, moving on to black curved slopes Very useful pieces for weapons. Ah, these are all the smooth tiles. This is how you get that polished Look, there’s one thing I would recommend it’s sorting out the smooth bricks. They just give everything a nice polish Look. So I have quite a few of them. So I have them in color, but I used to have them all just randomly These are printed Pieces ranging from you know across the years. There’s stuff from the 90s In here. Even stuff from the 1980 with like old space. Got all sorts of pieces here. We got some pizza We got pizza. These are all the flexible pieces for when you need those little wires and There’s even some… some just random string pieces anything that can bend really. Underneath that is the blue bricks There’s an old classic racer piece Very nice stuff for Minecraft water and things like that, The brown. I got two different shades in here and that helps building anything uh wooden, it gives it sort of a woodgrain Effect. Going down from that we have the small Crystal plates I like to call them. The little dots, very fun. Look like a little Christmas lights That’s uh, I don’t know. How many is in there? But… These are the crystal bricks very Useful, very important pieces. I used those in a Halo needler. That pink “Fear the pink mist”. We have the crystal tiles as well. Oh, check this out. They’re very reactive with black lights So if you want to make something look weird and alien Type, use a bunch of these bricks and then shine a black light on. It looks pretty cool Looks like some uh… Some element 115 or something going on there. I don’t really know. So there’s those. Something came in the mail today. These dots! We got the crystal red Good if you want to make a lightsaber or something, we got that neon orange pretty cool color We have, this is another sort of one with a cardboard partition for the translucent purple, pink, and the yellow. Also, oh the neon green, this is one of my favorite drawers. It reminds me of the Ray Gun quite a bit, that element 115 Clear. More John Cena bricks. You can’t see these… So don’t drop them. Don’t step on them. Got this Dark blue also. This is the Tower of tiles. I got a few different colors some of these like orange and yellow I usually use them both So I keep them together, but then some of them have just so many that they need their own drawer. This is dark tan. We have dark gray tiles. We have light gray Tiles. All this green Lime green, dark green. There’s the brown tiles quite a few of those The blue. Good for water. This is magenta Haven’t really used it much, but maybe someday there’ll be a Wonder Weapon in that color. You never know. We have dark blue tiles Again, love that color. Tan tiles. These are the “dot” tiles, and these are how everything gets the little screws and Just little, circular things. In there. If you splash around long enough You too can become a shining Gyarados. It’s a metaphor. It’s how I like to handle my business Except that actually happened. This is the sticks, sticks drawer anything little rods That’s that. Sand green specialty pieces some of the parts in the Harry Potter series. The bright light orange This is a relatively new color But it’s got a really sort of neat shine to it. We got lime green, bright green, dark azure bricks. We got the dark green pieces Dark blue bricks… Random tile. We have the white tiles. We got the red tiles, dark red This is the lime specialty This is the dark green specialty. There’s some fish scales going on there all sorts of stuff. These are mountains Some cool stuff there here we got the cones and the cylinders and These little edge pieces. This is the sea foam pieces I would love to use this color more but it’s just, it’s such a unique brick. I used it in the Mario POW block But uh… Very cool color. Love that. I don’t have a lot of it But I keep it in there. Green bricks. Dark pink. Pretty cool color there. We got orange orange bricks, orange plates. This is the lavender. This is even sand purple. I only have two pieces in sand purple. They’re from a Mars, Life on Mars set Here we got that light pink We got that. That olive green. All of this olive green. Curved pieces, tiles. Couple of just random bricks in there. And then, here are the smooth Tiles for pink, purple, lavender And that’s not a smooth tile. I don’t know why that’s in there…. But yeah. Anyway. Moving right along, we have minifigures stands and some rafts. We got these kind of more earthy looking bricks Got the uh there… these are the finer, the finest little black and gray base plates Here are uh, here’s another one those double sort of Partitioned drawers With the dark brown bricks. We have some sand blue Medium azure. There’s a dragon wing in there. Pretty cool. Oh, these are the mock-ups These are future projects Little tiny builds. Check up here If you want to get up? You need a little revive. These are just Minifig accessories I like to add these. They help give it some nice “greebling” details on the side We have the light grey plates more of that some inverted black slopes. Quite nice These are the big tiles. Those uh big old 8 by 16 tile pieces Some of them are those little cards you get Giant stickers on them. So for the last tower on this wall We have ammo and stands. There’s a nice shotgun shell and these are the little stands that I like to display The models on. This is the brick separator drawer. Brick bricks. It’s “brick-ception”. Bricks within bricks This is crazy. We got tan logs, and little things with textures on them I like these pieces cuz they kind of remind me of quartz from Minecraft. dark grey log pieces. Anything with a little texture. I like to keep here. Yes, so that’s that wall, main wall parts I don’t know how many pieces are in it, but there’s quite a bit This stuff is the finer details if you will. All the cheese wedge pieces This is where I like to keep my friends. I don’t see them very often. They just stay in there (laughter) These are the chrome silver and the chrome gold. These are normal bricks that have been vaporized with actual 24 karat gold, so Got to keep those separate. Spiky things, half pins, purple, lavender, pink, flesh color, light yellow. We got this, with nothing in it. DUPLO. And random stuff. I’m just gonna take this comb here and just, just brush my hair with it. Oh wait, it’s not comb It’s all Lego. We got a gem from the Shovel Knight series, lava. Takeo. It’s just things that I don’t really want to take apart. Umm…. Oh! Oh, we forgot all this. Ready? Lego food! We got some cherries, bananas. Yo, something smells a little fishy here. That’s right. Might be all of them Lego fish! Okay This is a two trays. It’s not all food, but there’s some skateboards in there a couple of power tools Some fish. We got some jellyfish, strawberries, orange slices. Cereal. There’s that drawer. Here we have some medieval weapons, a couple of battle axes. All sorts of stuff in there. These are just more minifigure things. Again, I’d love to do a whole collection video on minifigures… Leave a thumbs up! If you guys would want to see that. These are just some other bins here. We’ve got some windows and doors Light gray refined. I put them through this big Lego head and the smallest stuff sits at the bottom So that’s pretty cool. Some black pieces refined These are all Lego stickers. Take a look at these: We got stuff from Jurassic Park, the Legends of Chima series Ninjago, LEGO City, a couple Bionicle Take a look at that This is 1980s lego city stickers Even some old Shell. Dang yo. These are old school stickers. This is history. Okay. Lego hinges Stuff that allows you to build in fun ways Electronics, this is where I keep some EL wire motors. More log pieces in the stone Configuration. We have some dark grey Sorted. Eye pieces and the little quartz textured. I feel like I’m being watched. Yeah, there’s a there’s a lot of “eye” bricks lime green base plates, and bright light green. We have these little grilles and angled pieces. Medium blue. Good for a Minecraft diamond armor. more angled pieces, stuff with a curve on it. Staircases, grills big old gates. Ah more glass this is uh this time, it’s this dark translucent Got all these stone pieces This drawer is really a “rocking” good time. And we have the base plates drawer as well All these are these thin sort of wavy base plates. Quite nice. Okay, so that’s that. This is a lot of base plates in here, we have the light blue, and dark blue base plates. The dark green. I love that color Yellow base plates, we got green base plates. We got the dark tan base plates. We got blue base plates we got the red ones and The brown base plates, which is almost overflowing So I have to get an overflow bin for that. Coming on to the next one, we have the brown specialty pieces, little dishes, some of these wiry bricks. Pillars. Nice pieces, just things that are five studs wide Tan Specialty bricks. Look at that. That’s from the old Johnny Thunder series: Pharaoh’s Forbidden Ruins. We got this. Another one of those desert pieces. Here we go The lego tired drawer. There’s probably enough rubber in this drawer to make an actual car tire out of it I don’t know how many there are, but they’re all different sizes, and they’re real nice for things like scopes or Silencers on the end of barrels. Here’s the red speciality pieces I used that on the little Arnie from Black Ops 3. There’s all those. Moving on, we have white bricks. White specialty pieces. Stuff from the Star Wars Random things, there’s some tactical gloves a Lego poly bag Pokeball. Leave a comment if you want to see ZaziNombies entire Pokemon card collection. A couple of cave trolls Jabba the Hutt. Couple of dinos in there. Underneath that we have the white baseplate drawer. The tan baseplates. So these are the chunk-ities. They’re just these big old chunks. They can uh… You can make up some good good sort of bases These bricks are some of the most important pieces if you’re gonna be doing Lego weapons or really any props these are 1 by 4 pieces with studs on the side or really anything that Allows you to to build sideways in all different directions so I got a massive bin of those. Go to these. Here are just a bunch of black bricks. Just standard black bricks. Lots of those. Here is a ton of black baseplate, all different sizes and shape Okay, I like it. Black Ops 2 poster “the future is black”. We have a Donkey Kong 64 poster. Love the collectables in that game. Also behind the door, we have Lego Shovel Knight. Striking the earth. Oh, this is actually a pretty cool color. This is sand red. They don’t make it anymore They made it in the early 2000s, but I only have just a few Pieces, like so. We got some white printed pieces, computer consoles pretty cool looking bricks in there. flags Yep. Water dots and doors. I don’t really know… Here are some elastic bands and some quartz pillars We have oh, these are all sloped pieces. So they’re bricks with curves on them. Curved slopes, brown and dark brown, yellow and orange More printed stuff It’s got a sticker on it, it’s sometimes a good idea to keep it away from all the other stuff. Just so the sticker doesn’t start rubbing off. Baseplates that are stuck together, and translucent green. Blue sloped pieces, red sloped pieces. dark grey sloped pieces light gray, sloped. White sloped bricks and finally we have tan sloped pieces. So that’s the tower of curved bricks. It just fits behind the door here. It’s a good space It’s not huge. But it does get a little crowded when I have to take out, you know 50 or 60 drawers at a time to build something. One of my favorite games for the TurboGrafx. Calendar, as well as some Zombies Perk A Cola art. Here’s a bonus These are all of the Amiibo figures from the Smash Bros. series. One of my favorite games I built this shelf as well. Just with some wood and I used a stencil for the Donkey Kong girders. We got R.O.B. the robot Roy. Lego movie poster: A story of a nobody who saved everybody. Great movie, love that. Also some sets. I take apart a lot of sets You know, you can have them on your shelf some of them look cool, but I do enjoy building my own things with them more. So I haven’t taken these yet apart. I probably will someday, but I like looking at them. Some of you will probably know what this is from. But there you guys have it Thank you so much for watching this Lego room tour Parts assortment video. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about anything to do with sorting Lego or building and I’d love to do a sort of Instructional series on how you guys can take your builds to the next level as well But thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in another video with another LEGO creation.


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