My Neighbor, Charles | 이웃집 찰스 Ep.145 / Indian bros started a travel agency in korea [ENG/2018.06.28]

(The hot place for designs) (Korea’s landmark DDP) (Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Jung-gu, Seoul) (145th class at the foreigner school) This is My Neighbor, Charles where we meet foreigners living in Korea. – Hello. / – Hello. Today’s guests for My Neighbor, Charles seem more like Koreans than Koreans. Are you excited? Let’s bring them in right away. – Come on in. / – Come in! – Hello. / – So cool. Hello, my name is Tumul. I’ve been living in Korea since 3 years ago. Hello, I’m his younger brother. My name is Atul. They already sound like Koreans. Are you sure it’s only been 3 years? We were tour guides in India. I see. I got to meet with lots of Korean people so I could speak the language and was able to learn. How long did you work as a tour guide for Korean tourists? I started in 2010. So it’s been about 7, 8 years. – 8 years? / – Yes. – What about Atul? / – Over 10 years. – You started first? / – Yes. I started earlier than Tumul. I went along with Atul when he was a guide. I didn’t even know how Koreans looked like at the time. I didn’t know the language but just because I was Atul’s brother, they took care of me and did lots of things for me. It was only a 10-day trip, but when we had to part, I teared up. – You felt the warmth of Korean people. / – Exactly. In India. What are you doing in Korea now? We are running a travel agency in Korea. – So you are CEOs? / – Yes. That’s amazing. Let’s check with our own eyes how you are doing in Korea. (My Neighbor, Charles) (What is Business?) It’s 2 p.m. They are supposed to be working. But where are they going? They are getting prettied up as if they are going on blind dates. The stripes must show. This is the trend. Neat outfit is a must for a business. Let’s go. Dressed up in refined suits, Tumul and Atul head out to find more business. A big travel agency nearby is today’s battlefield. – Hello, ma’am. / – Hello. (Nervous, nervous) It’s been a long time. When I first started this company, it was my dream to work with this company. Wow, he’s a smooth talker. Please work hard and prepare to have another successful exposition like last time. We will always do our best to satisfy your needs. There’s another meeting after a meeting. They are busy going to many travel agencies in a day. Thank you so much. Please send 2,000 people to India this time. This is an 11-day trip. This meeting was held to provide detail information about India to representatives of different travel agencies. (Teaching customer service assistants) It’s still cooler than our country. Just gather the tourists for us. We will do our best in India. I’ve only talked to him on a messenger so it’s my first time meeting him. I didn’t know he was this good in Korean. The lecture was really interesting. I think we can sell India tour packages well. They are our partners. There are many big travel agencies in Korea. They want to send tourists to India but it’s hard for them to book hotels, cars and so on. Then they pass it on to us. Then our travel agency prepares cars and hotels and so on in India. The younger brother Atul starting in 2006, and Tumul starting in 2009, they both worked as tour guides in India. With their accumulated know-how and fluent Korean skills. they started up a travel agency 3 years ago. They don’t recruit tourists themselves. Their main job is to win business from travel agencies in Korea. (Their major client is Korean travel agencies) Hello, sir. Can I talk to the manager? They can’t help but make countless phone calls in order to get more tourist groups. – Hello? / – Hello, sir. This is Tumul. Okay, I’ll call you later. – Okay. / – Bye. In Korea, it’s hard to have a business, if you don’t meet them in person. I think actually meeting and talking to people is the best way have a relationship. Since they are foreigners, in order to build trust, they have to show their faces. – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. To win business in Korea, get-togethers are a must. It’s tough since there are no India tour packages now. We are doing nothing right now. What are the strategies of these brothers for this get-together? (Shaking) (Opening the bottle) The brothers have great teamwork. (Things are getting heated up with drinks) Please wait. (Master of making bomb shots) Where did he learn all that? Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! Cheers. This is really good. Atul, you succeeded. Let’s meet often whether we have business or not. We need more food. This is really good. I thought that in Korea, you have to get close as you work together. If you don’t get close first, I thought that it’d be impossible to have business here. They give us work first and they go, “Tumul, let’s have a meal together. We will treat you.” I’ve never seen that culture in India. That’s what I really like about Korea. Let’s drink. Falling in love with the warmth of Koreans, Tumul now enjoys these get-togethers. I always feel thankful for you, sir. We made it here thanks to you. After starting India tour packages, you gave us so much work. And you too, assistant manager. We get so many things wrong but you always tell us not to worry and that you’ll fix everything. We truly thank you. Atul, why aren’t you paying attention? Did one of his partners call? Excuse me for a second. Hello? Okay, alright. He always leaves before the 2nd round. No, no. Let’s drink. – Let’s drink slowly. / – Alright. One more? Sir, my wife is… Have another drink. Oh, it was a call from his wife. I’m sorry. I really want to drink more. But my wife is worried so… Thank you. Tumul, take good care of them. Take care. – Good-bye. / – Good-bye. The difference of a bachelor and a married man is so clear. (Tumul is always the one who stays until the end) In the end, Tumul is left alone. (I’m here, honey) Oh, your wife came to pick you up? You must be really happy. (Bitter) Why does the alcohol taste bitter today? The person who is in love… Is the happiest person. (I want to love too, not drink) (I Feel Lonely) This is an apartment where Tumul is living. While he was battling with work, the house became a battlefield. Tumul, aren’t you going to work? (Is he finally waking up?) I thought he was waking up but… He doesn’t even budge. I feel dizzy. I drank too much yesterday. I don’t remember anything. (Half asleep) You shouldn’t have drunk so much. I will make you the Indian-style porridge. – The one where you put everything in? / – Yes. Atul’s morning is very different from his brother’s morning. He wakes up early and even prepares breakfast himself. He left home when he was 17, so he became a pro at housekeeping. Today’s breakfast is the Indian-style porridge. It tastes better if you eat it with your hands. Honey. I’ll feed you with my hands. The morning of the lovey-dovey couple begins by eating with hands, the Indian way of eating. (Sucking) This is good. It looks like the mother bird is feeding the baby bird. They first met as a guide and a tourist. His wife fell in love with Atul that she went to India four times. After getting married, they settled in Korea 5 years ago. My wife’s parents were strongly opposed at first. You have to love more and be nicer than a Korean man. Also, if you show them that you are working very hard, you’ll be acknowledged one day. It’s been a long time since you did my tie. His gaze is so sweet. Fix my collar as well. The couple is still like newlyweds as they respect and care for each other. It’s so nice to look at them. Did you spray it? (Twirl) What? What are you doing? (Twirl) What are you doing? It’s not good to spray directly on your clothes. There is another thing he can’t miss in the morning. It’s to pray to Hindu gods. He’s the God of Monkey. If you pray to him, you get strength. And this is Shiva. If you pray to him, you become smarter and stronger. And this god gives good luck. I bet Atul’s wish is for his business to flourish in Korea. At the same time, Tumul is also getting ready for work. Is it just me that he seems a little pitiful? Atul’s wife does everything for him. But I have to do everything on my own. Geez… He feels especially jealous of his brother today. Since the brothers live in the same neighborhood, they always go to work together. – Did you sleep well? / – Yes. You look tired. I’m tired. Don’t you go on dates these days? No. You do. You go on dates with dramas. Honey, touch me here. Where? – Under my chin. / – Here? No, more up. (Stroke, stroke) – Is it ticklish? / – It feels nice. Like a puppy… I love you so much, honey. I love you to the moon and back. It’s so annoying. He does that all the time. I’m right at the back. But he asks, “Who’s more handsome, me or my brother?” That’s the most annoying thing. Of course she’ll say her husband is more handsome. I feel offended because I’m actually more handsome. I have to make him feel offended and annoyed… – So he gets married soon. / – No! (Making a Guide) (Incheon International Airport) Atul came to the airport. (It looks like he’s waiting for someone) Is an important guest coming from abroad? Oh, the guest must be here. Nice to meet you. How have you been? It has already been a year. – We met in India. / – It’s hot over there, right? Yes, it’s so hot. Rahul wants to be a tour guide and he came to get training. It’s your first time but you have to eat well. It’s alright. This is Korea so I should eat Korean food. It’s his first time in Korea. Their first meal is pork belly. Can you slice the meat thin? Also… One bottle of soju and two bottles of beer, please. Which brand for soju? (A big smile) Look at me. The youngest person should do this. (The youngest person lays out the utensils) Oh, wow. Did the training already begin? But Rahul’s attention is all on the meat. Do you know what this is? Soju. – I heard a lot about it in India. / – This is soju. Since it’s your first time, I’ll just put a little bit. Originally, you need to put at least half a shot. This is Korean culture. Atul’s special skill kicks off again. I’m older than you. If you drink while facing someone who’s older, that’s not Korean culture. You are still young. So you have to turn like this and drink. That’s Korean culture. Got that? Nice to meet you. Rahul follows what he just learned earlier. You turned too much. After you drink, it flows down to your stomach. If you eat the meat then, it tastes great. Here, try it. It’s Rahul’s first time trying the pork belly. How will he react? (A whole new world) Koreans eat a lot of garlic. It’s good for blood pressure and for diabetes. Using chopsticks is a bit hard, right? He has no idea what they are saying but the brothers’ explanation sounds plausible. Thank you. We don’t really have the get-together culture in India. After work, we just go home for dinner and we pack food for lunch. So we went there to teach him about the Korean get-together culture. To become a guide for Korean tourists, they say you have to learn the culture first. The brothers’ special training began. Sir, I talked with person from the tourist site. They can’t work it out with just domestic flights. (How can he be so good?) Tumul speaks fluent Korean and he can even type in Korean perfectly. Rahul majored in Korean in college but Tumul’s Korean skills are a whole other level. Rahul must be motivated after seeing Tumul. (After graduating college) (He has been studying to become a tour guide) It’s better than a regular office worker. In India, the best occupation is a teacher, then a public officer, and then a tour guide. In India, tour guides are beginning to get center stage. The brothers took Rahul to Gwanghwamun Plaza for some on-site training. Why did you come here? There was a general named Yi Seonggye. His’s son’s son. His name is Yi Do. He created Hangeul. What did they use before Hangeul? – Chinese characters. / – Right. The commoners couldn’t read or write. So he made alphabets so that anyone could read and write. Those alphabets are Hangeul. And thanks to him, we can make a living. – He’s very famous. / – Okay. Think of him as Mahatma Gandhi. Can you explain about Mahatma Gandhi right now? – Now? / – Yes. (Panicking) Will he be alright? – Come this way. / – Okay. I will explain about Mahatma Gandhi. Like Mahatma Gandhi, India became an independent country. Mahatma Gandhi is a great person. Mahatma Gandhi… Mahatma Gandhi… He studied in Africa and then he came back to India… When was he born? He was born in 1869. What month? In August. I thought he was born in October. On October 2nd. Yes, he was born in October. I’m sorry. He was born in October. Mahatma Gandhi is a great person. (Lacks information, needs to study history, repeats) You did great but first, this is not the army. Relax a bit. Stand comfortably, not like this. Second, you need to study history more. If you don’t know about Mahatma Gandhi, you know nothing about the history of India. It’s important to explain. If you keep repeating, people will complain. Look. Welcome. Come this way. Gandhi was a peaceful independence activist. Wow, he’s amazing. I’ll try my best. Don’t bow to me. Bow to King Sejong and then let’s go. Yes, okay. I’ll do my best. Rahul will become like them one day. Rahul, you can do it! (Too Much Pressure) It’s a busy afternoon. Anyone here? A guest has come to their office. (General manager from a partnering travel agency) It’s been a while. How are things going? It’s off-season for India right now. I think after June, people will send in inquiries. You can make it up with doing sales. It’s hard for us if things get taken away at once. And there are many agencies like us. Let’s take things slowly. If you rush, you’ll fall. In India, they say if you do things fast, you’ll fall. But in Korea, they say if you don’t do things fast, you’ll become homeless. He’s totally a Korean now. Another member of our agency is on a business trip to India for a month so I’m a little anxious. And we’ve lost a team to another agency once. If he was here, we could’ve taken that team. If I could do the job, I could’ve taken the team instead. I thought that I’m very lacking so I felt bad. Recently, the number of tourists going to India has reduced greatly. Even at home, all Tumul thinks about is work. (Still working at this hour?) You said it’s off-season. So why is there so much work? Oh, he’s already planning a trip for next winter. I was on my way back home when I got the request for quotation. If I send now, it’ll get confirmed right away and then we can get a team of tourists. If I don’t send this now and another company sends first, we’ll lose the team to them. Tumul! I brought it. You work in the office and you work at home too. You work so hard. – Did you have dinner? / – Not yet. Tumul often skips meals and just works. As his younger brother, Atul can’t help but worry. I thought you were just resting. But you’re working here too. I have a headache since we have no work now. So many people depend on us. All the employees in Delhi have faith in us. They started, trusting us, although they couldn’t earn money for a whole year. What if we have no tourists next year? What will they think of us? They’ll think that we’re not trying as we did in the beginning. So we have to keep our hearts, like this is the start. Everything is unstable. If we don’t do it, the deal might go to another company. We came too far already. We can’t go back now. I’m always thinking of how to pay the employees and how to do better than others. I think we need to focus more. If things go wrong, no one would want to work with us. Well, I heard you in the office when you were calling many people. You can do it if you put your mind to it. No, it doesn’t work that way. I have to go around a lot. If you think it’s embarrassing, you can’t do business at all. Whichever business it is. Even when people say not to come, you still have to go. If you call them a few times, they’ll eventually tell you to visit. That’s the chance. Let’s go around more. Busan, Gyeongju, Changwon… Let’s try hard and go to all the places. Don’t worry too much. – I’ll try harder. / – Everyone should. We should all try harder. (Get the Countryside!) I’m going to the countryside with you. I can learn more from you. Today, the brothers are going to Daegu and Busan to find more business. Out of Seoul, they are trying to find new partners in the countryside. Hello. I heard a lot about you. (To Koreans who are unfamiliar with Indians?) Thank you. It’s my first time talking to Indians. Wherever we go, people get surprised. When we say we’ll visit, they think Koreans will come. Their goal is to make a good impression in a given amount of time. The location of the office is really nice. You can spot the office from everywhere. I heard that you can get many tourist groups to go to India. (Win the favor of travel agencies!) People rarely want India tour packages. The infrastructure has improved greatly so if you send a tourist group, they’ll say it was a great trip after they come back. Also, the food is a bit of a problem. We usually get 5-star hotels. Even if it’s a 4-star hotel, we get the good 4-star hotel. People perceive that everything in India is very lacking compared to Korea. If India gets too developed, it’ll lose its charm. (Get rid of the stereotypes on India) If you look at the profiles, there are photos and names of our guides. They all belong to us. They only work with our company. (Emphasize the human resources) We will make you into an expert in India. You speak Korean very well. I think you’ll get all the gigs here. If you get more business in Busan and learn the dialect, I think you’ll get lots of work. Thank you. Making a good impression was a success. All they have to do now is wait. (Sigh) You must be tired. So tired. You are too tired. – You sleep here, I’ll sleep there. / – No. – I’m your younger brother. / – Alright then. I’ll sleep here. I’ll just sleep here. Atul, let’s go to bed now. – Yes, brother. / – You worked hard today. By the way, feel the atmosphere. I don’t feel anything. Let’s sleep. Their ambitious business trip finished and now they’re back in Seoul. What are you doing in front of the computer? What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? (Learning the Busan dialect) What are you doing? What are you doing? Did you eat? Why are you practicing Busan dialect? If you learn the dialect, I think you’ll get lots of work. Hello? Someone said that it’d be good if I learned the Busan dialect. It’s faster to learn from a native. The end part goes up a bit for Busan dialect. The accent. The accent has to go up? I will do my best! Please help us! Like that. – I’ll try. / – Okay. I will do my best! Please help us! Do, re, me, fa, sol! Go up like that. Please help us! Please help us! It’s so hard. Yeah, just like that. Please help us! Say it like this. And be bright and energetic. Okay, take care. Did Atul really say it right? You have to go up and down. But for Busan dialect, you have to go like this. That’s a bit hard. What are you doing? What are you doing? (Brother, Please Get Married) (It’s the weekend) Finally, it’s a precious Saturday! Tumul, are you in your bed again? I love Saturdays. No phone calls, no work. I love Saturdays. He slept well yet he feels so tired. But he should still eat. I don’t want to cook since I’m alone. He must be going out to have a meal. Why did he suddenly stop? I was wondering what they were. Wow, they are all delivery food flyers. He must really love staying at home. I don’t like seafood, so no. One half-fried rice, half-black bean noodles, Black bean noodles? Not spicy seafood noodles? Black bean noodles. Half-fried rice, half-black bean noodles, Thank you. (He ended up ordering Chinese food) Why did you pick so hard if you were going to order Chinese food? As soon as he sits, he looks for the remote. Now, I can’t tell if he’s a Korean man or an Indian man. He’s really enjoying it. Korea is great. You order and the food comes faster than an ambulance. How great is that? Doesn’t he have an appointment? Right after eating, he goes back to bed. I’m not lonely in Korea. The Korean drama is my friend. My friends sometimes tease me that I’m like an old lady. But I learn a lot from it. When I watch Korean dramas, I get to learn about Korean culture and language. I learn a lot from it and it’s fun. That’s why I watch them. What was the very first Korean drama you saw? – “Stairway to Heaven.” / – How was it? I cried so much watching that drama. You cried? Even when my father passed away, I didn’t cry that much. That afternoon… Atul came to visit his brother. Hello. How can you be still sleeping? Why not? I have nothing to do. And it’s boring. It’s already 4 p.m. If you are going to nag, leave. I finished cleaning. What? This is what you call cleaning? How many days has it been? Oh, dear… I’m going to go nuts. Smell this. It’s alright. Want me to cook with this for you? This is rotten! Look at the color. It’s okay. Just throw it away. If you eat this, you’ll die. He’s really something. Geez. I should move to somewhere far. Atul keeps complaining but he cleans everything for Tumul. I need to sleep a bit more. Sleep? I need to sleep a bit more. I’m so busy so I don’t feel like doing housework. And I go home late at night. Who cleans at late at night? And I have to leave early in the morning. It’s because there is no one to nag. Whether the house is clean or not… “This is clean!” “So dirty!” – There’s no one to say that. / – Except Atul. I’ll cook it for you right away. Just wait a bit. Alright. (So skilled with the knife) Wow, the way he handles the knife is amazing. It’s an Indian homemade meal that he learned from his mother. Mom cooked this for us in the past. Tumul should learn this stuff. If not, I want him to get married. His wife would do everything for him. But he has a brother who does everything for him. Why does he need a wife? Fried vegetables from their mother’s recipe and bean curry. My mouth is watering. – Enjoy. / – Thanks. It’s so nice of you to cook for me. It’s nice but, Tumul. I can’t cook for you like this forever. You should realize it. You need to get married soon. You always tell me to get married but have you ever introduced a girl to me? Your personality… Not a Korean woman. You should marry an Indian woman. Why? Do I have a terrible personality? No, but… (Tumul thinks differently from Atul) You want to eat Indian food. In India, the husband works and the wife just waits for him and does housework all day. I don’t think that’s a married couple. Good thing about Korea is that the couple works together whether it’s housework or office work or also raising a child. They think that everything should be done together. So I think I’ll be happy if I marry a Korean woman. (A few days later) (Tumul came to his favorite hair salon) Hello. Tumul puts a lot of effort in his looks. I thought you were married. No. Do I look like I’m married. You look nice and tidy. As a woman, tell me. If your boyfriend has to leave all of a sudden because of work and has to leave in the middle of a date. Then, do you not like that? Well, since it’s for work so you could understand the phone calls. But you could be upset. But you never know when and where you’ll meet somebody. That just depends on gods. Please, gods… You’ll help Tumul, right? I got a call from India. Is there something wrong? How have you been? (Mother) I’m doing good. How are you, my son? Good. Nothing much going on. Tumul doesn’t even call his mother. Get him to marry. Marry? He’s a CEO now so get him to marry. Is it okay for him to get married in Korea? Yes. I have no problem with that. You do what you want to do. Okay, I’ll try to get him married in Korea. He’s here. How’s my hair. Don’t you like it? It’s alright. The hairdresser told me she’d introduce someone. – Don’t lie. / – I’m not. Since my brother won’t do it I’m asking everybody to introduce someone to me. Oh, my. Atul. Are you looking for a marriage bureau? Should I call? (Wary, wary) He ends up sneaking out without Tumul’s knowing. (Calling a marriage bureau) – Hello. / – Hello. Is this the marriage bureau? – Yes. / – Hello. The thing is, my brother is single. So I called to register him. How old is your brother? He’s 37 years old. Which university did he go to? Pardon? Which university did he go to? An economics university in India. I see. But hearing your voice… You’re not Korean, right? Yes, we are foreigners. By law, we are only allowed to counsel Koreans. We can’t counsel foreigners. I’m his brother so I know. He’s popular and he’s tall. I see. If you look at his picture, you might change your thoughts. I think you should call an international marriage bureau. (Sigh) Not here. What do I do now? Oh, no. He must be really disappointed. He called a marriage bureau? I’m sorry. Then, I’d just get married in India. I can get married whenever I want in India. I want to marry someone I like. If I were to meet someone through a marriage bureau… Geez… And get married like that… I would already have 2, 3 babies. (How Much Do You Love Me?) It’s the weekend and the brothers have left Seoul. They came to a campsite in Yangyang, Gangwon-do. This time, people from other travel agencies came together. It looks like Atul will do everything today as well. We are going to make curry with this. Why is Tumul taking care of the ingredients? He even starts chopping onions. Is this the Tumul that we know? Do you need help? It’s alright. Tumul is cooking? It’s hard to believe even though I’m watching him. I should show my wife. It’s amazing to see him cook. He rarely cooks at home. I took a photo to celebrate and to show it around to my friends later. (Plans to relieve all the stress here) They decide to forget about work and worries and to relieve all the stress today. Camping is Atul’s hobby. Thanks to Atul, Tumul got out of bed today. The dish he ambitiously cooked is egg curry with omelet on top. His guests are excited as well. This is hot. It’s my first time eating something you cooked. – Right. / – Yes. Everyone was shocked at Tumul’s cooking skills. I don’t cook because I don’t want to eat alone. Someone should eat and tell me if it’s good or not. That makes my cooking worthwhile. You must be popular. I know, right? But everyone runs away. Another married man is here. Another team joined after some time. – Hello. / – It’s been a long time. It’s the family of Abhyas, their partner. You still don’t have a girlfriend, Tumul? How many years has it been? Then introduce someone to me. Well, even if I introduce someone to you, will you be able to do well? Let’s go. I still don’t know the answer to this question. “How much do you love me?” “How much do you like me?” To moon and back. – To moon and back? / – Right. Sometimes, you can say, “The whole world, except this much.” Let’s say I introduce one of my friends to you. What will you do when you meet her? Practice with me. Hello. Hello. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Tumul. I’m Rani. I’m so shy. How have you been? What? It’s our first time meeting. You have to say it’s nice to meet me. Geez. You have a long way to go. You are no good… I feel embarrassed. As soon as you see her, you have to show her that you have fallen in love. You have to teach me. You all just talk about work. From 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after getting off work, let’s practice. – You need a lot of work to do. / – Exactly. Anyway, let’s help Tumul. – You can do it! / – You can do it! I can do it! Well, dating is important but our business must do well for me to date someone and get married. If the business doesn’t do well, nothing will work. So let’s work harder and put in more effort. For our future! We wish you succeed in your travel business as well as Tumul’s love relationship. (My Neighbor, Charles) That was fun. The two of you seems very similar but you have totally different personalities. Atul is very sensitive. Tumul is so brusque with his handsome face. Atul cares for his brother a bit too much. He comes every day to tell him to find a girlfriend and to clean his room. Are you his mother? It feels like my mom is nagging me every day. I bet you are reminded of your mother a lot. I’m sick of it. There was a hint for the brothers’ concerns. Let’s really hear it now. The two of you will introduce the concerns today? “Nothing is more fun than work.” “Bro, let go of me, please.” – I’m the older brother? / – Yes. I’m always nervous. I’m a foreigner and if things don’t go well, we have a lot of employees and other people working with us so… How many employees do you have? Only 3 people in Korea. But in India, we need lots of workers. We have over 20 guides who can speak Korean. – In India? / – Yes. And also at the office in India, there are about 13 people. If our business fails suddenly… We have to earn money to pay for their salaries. Even when I’m sleeping, I sometimes just get up and work. Tumul is always think about work at home and even in his dreams. If he sent the wrong itinerary or if the customers have complaints. I sometimes wish that he’d do something else other than work. Isn’t it tiring for you to take care of Tumul as well? In India, the younger brother must take care of the elder brother. I need to do the dishes and clean the house. It’s like that in India. – Really? / – Really? I want a younger sibling now. So when my younger brother comes, I don’t do anything and he does everything for me. Really? You are worried since your brother drinks a lot. Yes. How many times do you drink a week? We work with so many partners. I end up drinking about 3 to 4 times a week. Can you reduce going to those get-togethers for your health? I can but if I do, our work also reduces. Oh, there’s that connection. By eating together, talking together and getting closer, we can get more work. Since we are foreigners… You like get-togethers, don’t you, Tumul? I’ve grown to like it. – I knew it. / – He really likes it. Foreigners usually don’t like get-togethers. Well, working hard and drinking… Everything is fine but I think you need a bit of time on your own. Tumul, what’s your hobby? I love watching Korean dramas. You shouldn’t. If you keep watching those and the female leads, your standards will just get higher. Right. You won’t be satisfied with just anyone. After watching the drama “Iris.” I fell in love with Kim Taehee. I want to meet her before I die. Before you die? That’s how dramas ruin some people. – Right. / – When they come to Korea… They think those hot girls would be somewhere. But, no way. – Everyone’s just like Sayuri. / – Right! Not all man is like Jang Donggun. There are men like Seokcheon too. It could be that Atul is so nice to him that he doesn’t need a wife. – Exactly. / – Atul should leave him alone. So, Atul… Just let go of me from now on. I heard that Atul has something else to say other than about your brother, here at this studio. When I was getting married, it was really tough. Since I’m a foreigner, my wife’s parents strongly opposed the marriage. I will… Work really hard and I will love my wife more. I will try my best and show you lots of good side of me. (We’ll cherish each other and live happily) But today, after watching you trying hard and enjoying your life… They’ll be relieved. If they see you like this… I’m sure their hearts will open up. Of course. I hope that your travel business flourish in Korea. Thank you for being here today. Thank you. That’s it for My Neighbor, Charles. – Good-bye. / – Namaste. Namaste. Thank you.


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