Hey guys!
So today I’m going to be doing a room tour and I have my very own room now, I don’t have to be sharing
with my sister anymore. (upbeat music) As you know,
we moved a few months ago, and I’ve finished my room, you guys have got to
pick some of the stuff like the rug and the light and also when you walk in you can see the beautiful view, which I really like cause in our old apartment it was literally two stories and I get to wake up to it which is so cool and also my room is really bright. Let’s start on my bed because you know the bed is the
best place in the world. So over here I have a night stand and it’s really small but I just think it looks like of cute. So I have this plant and my phone. (giggles) And I have some books
and this donut thingy because donuts are super yummy and then a pineapple like LED light thing. And this room is going to be
like plants and pineapple. Then I decided I want to
do more like blush theme with plants so ya we finally put the pineapple thing up today and I think it looks really good here. And then my bed, the best place (giggles) I have this little pineapples because I like pineapples and then
I have Tuna the cat and Mango thinks she boss
of it but no she’s not. Mango is bossy and then I have my pillows and I have like llama I have llama pillow case and also like under this thing, which is a ya. And I have this and your
going to laugh at the name, I will explain really quickly, this is Poowee and no not related to poop. It’s so when I got this, I was two when I got this, I didn’t know how to
say pillow so I said Poowee and that’s her name now or his or it’s. I have this fox and I just really like it because it matches my room. And then I have the best plushy well actually Poowee is the best plushy but this is second best one and this is Mr. Sloth and Pusheen and Mango, he wants to
take over the Pusheen but I’m not going to let her, so ya. There’s that and then I have a Pusheen eating a gingerbread because I’m collecting Pusheen right now and I got the Christmas one and then this pink blanket. But that didn’t come over here, this is the next one I want to show you. I have this Pusheen blanket and I will show you what it
looks like right here. It looks like Mango’s little tiny like lounge bed except that it’s blush or pastel pink instead of white. But ya, okay I’m going
to show you the desk. So I have my laptop and it
had it’s one year anniversary with me a few months ago but
okay actually one month ago. (giggles) I said I really like plants so I have a bunch of plants over here and this little squishy which is now going to haunt you, not it’s not. And then a book because
I kind of like to read. And so I put my book there
and this Little Petshop, I like to collect Littlest Petshops, I just think they are really cute and I got this one today and ya she’s cute. Oh my dog, it fell. Okay. I have more plants and the best snow globe in the world it’s a sloth and with a coffee mug and then it says slow down. So basically just like calm down having hot chocolate and be a sloth. I love that mug and it’s really cute like lama thing with a scarf and I just really like it and I have all these interesting pens and pencils this one came from Japan. Evelyn just closed her door, okay. And then I have like a bunch of slime that I don’t know where to put them so I just put these ones because I was playing with them and I just put them here so basically my three favorites. And this big plant which is not real even though it looks really real And then this plant which is also not real and I just really like this plant I got it from Target but it’s still so cool. And then up here is my shelf, I just I don’t know what to do with this shelf. I just really I just put all my nice things up here so I have my okay this guy I know he looks a little bit weird, he’s blue and he’s a raccoon but I got it so when we went to this pier thing in Santa Monica and we actually filmed the video of that and that was really fun. And my dad, he decided
to play one of the games it was like soccer ball so he got this and I really like him, I just, I use to when I got him I slept with him because I didn’t have any other plushies but now he goes here so everybody can see how cool he looks with his blue coat. And then a pineapple
candle which I can’t open because I’m to short but
it smells really good. And then I have this,
which I got a few days ago from the mall and it’s just so pretty. And then my ins tax camera, I just really like the colors and it kind of matches with my room. And then my Zombie Pusheen
I got in California and Halloween pasted but I’m still keeping it up there because
it’s cute. There’s this. So here’s my desk chair because you know you need a chair for your desk it’s fluffy white and I just
really like this chair. And then here’s the blanket
with the Pusheen on it and it looks like the bed. (giggles) Oh by the way, that buzzing so the people upstairs that
bought the apartment and now they are kind of redoing it and putting closets in so that’s what the buzzing is for. And it’s kind of annoying but they are going to be gone soon. Here is my big fluffy light and I’m not going to touch it because I’m scared that I’m going to fall but it’s so cool and feathery, it looks like a big fat bird. And then here’s Mango which is a pet and don’t worry she growls
when she wants to play. And I think she likes
my room a lot because she can bark at the
squirrels in the trees. There’s some trees right there, ya Mango’s akward, so then here is Mango’s favorite sitting place, it doesn’t really sit on but anyway she likes to stroll. It’s really fluffy and it’s probably like my favorite piece of furniture in here because, why not. It’s so furry and then this thing Mango doesn’t really like this lama. I really do but I don’t
think Mango does, see. (giggles) It’s for Christmas and I just love it. Mango are you going to bark at it yet? Oh look at her, awww. (dog barking) See. And then the last part of my room have this cubical here and then it says This is my happy place cause I put all my like Christmas decorations or like Halloween decorations or Valentines decorations or whatever season it is or holiday
and I have this polar bear and this Christmas tree and it is so cool the polar bear is so big, but ya Then I have these fluffy pompoms and we got this glass thing to put them in. I think it looks so cool and then the best smell of all,
the coffee smell. So. I really like this coffee
scented candle thing. And I keep it next to my
bed so I can smell it. And then this light, I
don’t know, I just wanted, it had gold on it and I kind of wanted to put more gold things in my room. So I put it in here and I
think it looks really good. And then like a bunch of
random stuff down here. So some of my Pusheen collection a lot of it is in my closet but ya. I have this little Stormy super cute and I have another fat Stormy, I can’t believe Mango hasn’t taken it off the cubical yet. And then this plant, unicorn light and then this plant and I don’t know I think it’s looks so cool. And then this and then
this little light box which I have to put batteries in. And these three plants and then I have hidden some slime charms behind this plant and ya. Those go there and then this and then this Choose happy which I haven’t put batteries in either. And this cute little squishy, I really like this squishy and I’m happy I found it. And the store in California. Okay and then this thingy it says dreaming of Paris because I always wanted to go to Paris. Ya I just like this so it’s a lap desk I use it sometimes but sometimes it makes me hot and I have a desk. But sometimes like, ya,
I just like to use this also this is for your Ipad and my Ipad needs to charge. (giggles) And then this adorable puppy and the Eiffel tower and it has really big weird sun glasses. But you know, that’s in style. And then under here is squishy. Here are my favorite
squishes, no not the bin. But under here are my favorite squishes I own and most of them are from Japan. Actually all of them are, and ya. This is probably my favorite, it’s getting a little dirty here but I’ve had it for months. And I just love it so much, it’s a unicorn and I really like it. And I also like this cat. It’s Mango’s new best friend. No she’s staring at it
like, what is that thing. And then this the little peach Ya, those are my three
favorite in here. Hi. Now we are going to look in my closet and it might be a little bit messy but that’s because it’s
basically my storage because I have two walls and one is taken up by a self and a desk and the other one is
for my bed and all that and I don’t want it to look messy so I kind of just cram
everything in there. But we are going in there anyway so it’s not the messiest
thing in the world. But ya, it’s a walk in closet, which also adds lots more space. So here I have like pants, books and a giant pickle up there. And then I have stuff you
don’t need to see, underwear. And these bins for storage because I wan to do skits with
my Littlest Pet Shop on my other channel. But those are like props and stuff. And this mess, I don’t want to talk about. And then my shirts and
not all my shirts are here because they are actually
getting washed right now. And here are my LPS and my other LPS I just really like them and think they are all so cute. Well I have other LPS but
these are my authentic ones. So, oh my dog, now they are all falling. This is Mango by the way. Um okay. And these two I got today
with that Cocker spaniel So this is a box, I don’t know , I had squishes in it but now
those are in my squishes. And now I have my wallet in there (giggles) I only have two dollars okay. And I have like a
caboodle which stores all my Littlest Pet Shop accessories if you want to see them I don’t know. I don’t really have that
many so I will just show you. Yes so here are like my
food and then my clothes and a big mirror to see yourself. And my bigger accessories which
are in that house right now. And then ya just a bunch
of accessories like boring. And then some more props and I had to make space for
my new caboodles, so ya. And then this, I have this
which I made at school. And it’s suppose to be one of those a ziggurat thingis, oh my God I don’t know all of you
have learned about them yet. And we have a ladder. Then this says dream items for animal jam. Ya I don’t really play
animal jam as much anymore. And then a big plant which is really cool but I don’t know where else to put it. And then hair stuff, boring. And then my LPS house which I don’t know, I just, I was just decorating it cause I got a little bored. Ya that one. And some flowers and cute little plants I just love plants so much. And then my LPS house and slime stash. So I don’t know, all of these slimes, they are not really
easy to keep organized. So I put them here as my slime stash. And then all my other
squishies and my Pusheen which I should probably put
them in my room right now but well I was organizing it. And then this narwhal and ya just a bunch of cute little things. And this get to go up here. Thank you. And then notebooks, stationary
things, things I need to use. Like I really want to
do a craft really soon. So that’s going to be opened more often. And then notebooks and markers. Here I just have more
slime, this Santa, a pillow. Mango’s Christmas presents. Mango are you here? Get our of here, you can’t see those. Then this which holds all
the things for my camera. My inst tex one, then
Sumikko Gurashi umbrella because why not, it’s the cutest thing and I don’t really go
outside when it rains. And then this which I made
at school, it’s really plain but maybe one day I will
use it for something. Also I have these weird
McDonalds Littlest Pet Shop right in the back and they are weird. So ya, not my bathroom. So here’s my own bathroom,
it’s kind of tight, a little small but I don’t know if I need anymore space, so it’s okay. So here I have my shower
mat which is really boring and I have my shower and
some soaps over there. A beautiful machine that
you do your business with. And then a sink with my toothbrush and these things and some soap and a plant. Because you know you got to have plants in your bathroom too,
and another plant there. And a random window. Ya. So here’s a little close up of some soaps and stuff, my sponge which is a flamingo. I love it. And then my soap bath soap, this bath slime thing and I have conditioner and I have shampoo in my parents bathroom because the shower is a lot bigger there. In case I just want to move around. Okay guys, so I just
got back from gymnastics so I am wearing my leotard but ya. I’m just going to do a quick clip of all the products I use. So here for soap I use
this twisted peppermint from Bath and Body Works,
I love their soaps so I always have their soaps,
that’s the one I’m using now. And then pure grace nude
rose from philosophy and I love this lotion and the
cute little message here. Ya I just really like that. And then I have Glossier I have milk jelly cleanser and smoothing
face mist rose water spray. I really like these, I have a toothbrush and this Sumikko Gurashi cup and I just love this cup and it
has that. And then toothpaste. Before I end this video I want to insert a clip of the view at night. I personally like it better at night because if you look at outside and the high risers it
just looks so pretty. So that’s my room and I think it’s so cozy and I just really like
it and I have my own room and I am so happy and
we are probably going to be doing a room tour of Evelyn room if you guys want to see that but I think around next week we are going to be doing a full house tour and we will probably be showing Evelyn’s room and ya because we decorated and we have all the furniture and we ordered
some of the furniture so that takes a long time
but we have all of it now and I am so happy and thanks for watching. See you next time,
please subscribe and bye.

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