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Room tour! You guys have been asking for
a tour of my room, so here we go! My room. I love it. Pink is power, right?
Makes me happy. I have lots of it in my room.
(Laughs) PINK! I also love blue. I mean I love lots of colors. My puppy, Taffy. So shy, so adorable. You guys never get to see
this direction. My bookcase! We’re book people. I have kept every book. Never throw books away. Oh, here’s my favorite book
from childhood. And here’s my favorite book of
fairy tales. Awe, I used to read these
to Chelsea. Oh, this is good. My nail polish collection and
nail design pens. See, we love making art on
our nails. This is a little strange but, my collection of hair barrettes
from forever ago. And then… shell collection. We do live near the beach but, I’ve collected these from all
over… Australia… Hawaii… I guess I like collecting
things. (Laughs) Here’s all the stuff I use
for making things. (Hums) Um… oh this is good. Check this out. My Origami collection. I’m getting really good
at this. Here is my telescope. My mom and I like to check
out Mars. You can see the sky super
clearly here at night. Oh, this is good. I’m going to show you something
but don’t tell anyone… Ahhh!
Who knows what’s in there. I actually have two,
I’m not as tidy as I look. My closet… Oh…
Hey… what’s that? Shhh… we have to be quiet… Taffy:
(Barks) Barbie: Taffy! She likes to sleep under my bed. I think Chelsea has been
feeding her under here again. Skipper: Barbie! Barbie: What? I’m in my room…
filming… Skipper: I want to play you
my new beat. Barbie: OK, I’ll be
right there. I hope you liked my room…
more later! P.A.C.E.


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