My Teaching Impact: Ross Montague, Highly Accomplished Teacher

The best part of my job is building
positive relationships where students and teachers feel valued and it’s very
important to provide opportunities so that people can grow and continue to
develop and I think I do that very well as a teacher. I would describe Ross as
someone who is very keen enthusiastic, very motivated and quite driven. I’m really passionate about my job. I love my job and I love working with
students. It doesn’t surprise me that Ross has achieved his Highly Accomplished
accreditation, just the way he operates the way prepares. Like I said his
enthusiasm for teaching and his passion for teaching. It was a fairly long
process and a fairly tough process particularly with a young child and you
know there’s a lot of work involved yet he managed his time really well and was
very very motivated to get it done. For me being a highly accomplished teacher
is a great achievement and I feel privileged to have been able to achieve
that status. I’ve worked very hard over many different years across a number of
different schools and I believe I have enacted a positive change to both staff
and students and I feel that I want to share my experiences so that other
teachers, again who might be interested in going through that accreditation
process, can get some information on how best to apply. It’s really really
beneficial to students that they had teachers that are doing their best at
all times and obviously providing teacher quality and I think if I can
help in any way I’ll definitely put my hand up to help out. It’s funny, he seems excited a lot of
the time, he’s just keen, enthusiastic yeah and that’s that’s the first
impression you sort of get.

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