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Hello friends, this is Youheum. I’m an extreme minimalist and digital nomad. I’ll be sharing how I pack minimally. I’ll first be going to Dallas for a short trip. Starting September I will be living and working as a digital nomad in Japan for 3 months. I’ll be visiting Korea for 1 month. Right now I am packing for a short-term trip but I’ll show you what I add additionally for longer stays. This is what my 1 week pack looks like. And this is what 4 months looks like. The slight difference is just from my filming gear. Right now I am kindda debating if I need a winter shoe when I am going to Japan. My bag is from Pakt. It comes in plastic-free packaging. In celebration of Plastic-free July, I’m sharing a 15% off discount code with you. Feel free to use the code HEALYOURLIVING for your own bag. I am very grateful to receive this as a free gift. I enjoy the simple design and durable material. I do think that this is a Utilitarian’s dream bag. Everything is folded in a Ranger Roll style. I’m taking 2 extra outfits and outer. I also have 3 extra underwear in here and 2 extra socks with me. I’ll also have what I am wearing to the airport. I’m also thinking about taking my laptop bag with me when I am visiting Japan. For personal hygiene, I’m taking my bamboo toothbrush, natural tooth powder, and a bar of soap for washing my face, body, and hair. I also take my reusable utensils and cups with me everywhere I go. I’m also taking my homemade sunscreen. I’m using this reusable zip bag liquids and other personal hygiene products. Because I am low-waste, I also have a menstrual cup in here. I try my best to keep it sustainable and natural but I know that I can never be perfect. I focus on trying my best in the present moment. I also have my refillable fountain pen, sketchbook, and ebook reader. So I usually sketch or read during my flight. Some of you already know that I wash my clothes by hand at home. I currently have 15 articles of clothing and 2 pair of shoes. If you are curious, feel free to watch my capsule wardrobe tour. These are just my everyday carries. I’ll do a whole video on this in the future. If you want to know more about the details of my pack, feel free to read my blog post. I’ll share what I wear as pajama, how I often I was my clothes, and what I think about travel gifts and travel pollution. During my long-term trip, I’ll also be working so I will be adding my gear to my basic 1 week pack. I keep it minimal. I’m just taking my laptop, microphone, camera, memory drive, the chargers, and I’ll also stick my tripod in there too. So starting September I’ll be sharing footages from my temporary home in Japan and Korea. I’ll go through my hiking trip and gear this month. I can thrive and be happy with minimal possession but I understand that minimalism is not for everyone. Feel free to do what’s comfortable for you and if maximalism is your thing, I accept you no matter what. I don’t force anyone to extreme with minimalism. For me, it doesn’t really matter how often I travel. It’s all about having fun and being in the present moment. I also don’t think that I always have to long distance or go somewhere gorgeous in order to find nourishment. If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to my channel. Thanks again for being here my friends. I hope to see you again soon.


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