N. Korea’s Moranbong Band’s planned China tour in December has been called off: Yonhap

North Korea’s most famous musical group
Deborah Bombay and was too toward China for the very first time in four years
next month’s playing several cities across the country but star beast Yonhap
news agency reported today that the tour has been called off as to why it was
cancelled although the exact reason is unknown
something that China might have wanted to avoid provoking the u.s. and made
their strained ties for the ongoing trade war and the pro-democracy protests
in Hong Kong Beijing also seems to have considered the stalled the
denuclearization talks between North Korea and the u.s. the band was planning
to play in China to celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations between
Pyongyang and Beijing and on top of that reports suggest in North Korean leader
Kim jong-un won’t be visiting China before the end of this year


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