Nasca⭐Air Majoro with complete tour of Nasca Lines Peru ?

Let’s explore the Nasca lines with
Majoro Airlines. Hello and welcome! Today we are going do a trip report of air Majoro, which is a small regional air carrier located in southern Peru. Air Majoro offers Nasca lines flight tours. I’m interested to see what this is all
about. This is Kuma, let’s go! Nasca lines is one
of the more popular tourist destinations in Peru. It’s located about seven hours
driving distance south of Lima. According to our tour guide, the lines are believed to have been created by the Nazca civilization and why they were created
is still a mystery. We have a couple of tips for you to ensure that you enjoy your Nazca lines experience. Make sure that you have your passport. You’ll need it in order to board. You have to have proper identification even though this
is a small regional airport. And next we suggest that you don’t eat very much
before the flight because the pilot will do quite a few turns to ensure that
you’re able to see the lines and there’s also quite a bit more turbulence than
you’d be used to one a regular flight. Here’s the plane; it’s a neat 6-seat Cessna 207A. Here’s my seat. The good thing about this
plane is that all passengers have a window seat to ensure they can see the
Nazca lines. Now let’s check out the legroom. I had a lot more legroom than I
expected to have on this tiny plane. Here’s the air sickness bag and here’s
the headset that’s used to listen to the pilot narration to see what’s going on
with the Nazca lines as you fly over them. It was really neat to be able to
sit right behind the pilot with full view of the cockpit, instrumentation and
controls. They provided this brochure which showed us some of the shapes of the Nazca lines. Let’s see if you can spot some of them. And now we’re ready to go. Sit back and enjoy! If you’re enjoying our video please subscribe! Overall, I really enjoyed this fight. It
was an eye-opening experience and definitely also a once-in-a-lifetime
experience. If you have the chance to visit Peru we hope you consider giving this a try. If you enjoyed our video please hit the like button. To see more of our future content, please subscribe! This is Kuma. Thank you for watching and
we’ll see you next time! Do you want to see our flight experience
to Peru? Please watch our American Airlines video!

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