Naughty or Nice | MyStreet Holiday Special! [Ep.4 Minecraft Roleplay]

Okay.. Aphmau: Everything looks perfect! Aaron: Babe, are you sure you wanna go through this Christmas Party for, everyone? You’ve already done so much for me and my family… Aphmau: KEHEH! Nonsense. (ᵔᴥᵔ) There still more to do! Aaron: Aren’t you tired? Aphmau: Haha NOPE! I’m pumped with “HOLIDAY MAGIC!” (ᵔᴥᵔ) Aaron: What does that mean? Aphmau: HEH ME? I GOT A SIX OF COFFEE I DON’T KNOW HOW TO STOP HAHA…. Aaron: Oh uhhh… I thought you didn’t like coffee. Aphmau: HA I LOVE COFFEE! I JUST NEED LIKE SIX PACKS OF SUGAR AND before I could actually consume it! Aaron: Oh boy, I see that we’re going to be in for quite a day. Aphmau: HAHA! Aaron I’m fine! I’m just more productive this way! Aaron: You stayed up most of the night making sweaters. Are you sure you’re gonna be okay? Aphmau: I’m fine, I’m fine! Now let’s see… What else do you think is needed to make this place JUST PERFECT?! Aaron: Hmmm… Well we have uhh… Tinsel, Lights, Gingerbread House, Tree, Umm.. Or we missing anything else? Aphmau: Hmm… Nothing really… Aaron: Mistletoe? *Aphmau Blushing* Aphmau: Oh right… Umm… Do we really need that? Heheheh… Aaron: Well, if you’re sure. Aphmau: Heh. Well it might be funny, haha! Go ahead! Aaron: I think YOU should do it. Aphmau: *scoffs* Are you kidding me? Have you seen how short I am? Aaron: Eheheh I get it. But, last time I put it up… Remember? Aphmau: Thank you, Aaron. I really appreciate it. Aaron: Not a problem *Aphmau Giggles* Aphmau: GRRRR… HEY that doesn’t count! Aaron: Come on. I’ll help you. Aphmau: HA! There! Aphmau: I guess we are under the mistletoe… *GASP* Aaron: Aph? I, FORGOT, THE, Aphmau: AH! I FORGOT THE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FROM US TO EVERYONE! Aaron: Really? Aph, I don’t think anyone would mind. Aphmau: NOO! IT’S A PART OF THE SEASON! Aaron: Aph, Santa is gonna take care of it. Aphmau: Yes but that’s on Christmas Day! Plus, Santa is a busy man! He’s got everyone on the world to worry about! But..! I want to get gifts from us to everyone! Especially for your parents! They’re coming around to the idea to being with family! And I want to be it memorable! Aaron: I see… Well, if it’s that important to you the mall is still open now. I could finish getting things ready for the party tonight. Aphmau: Oh you’re the best Aaron! I’ll be right back! Aaron: Aha, she’s doing so much for everyone..{Mr.Lichen} You know, {Mr.Lichen} I couldn’t help it over here what you said about mistakes. {???} Oh? {Mr.Lichen} I understand we all make them, {Mr.Lichen} but {Mr.Lichen} you have to admit there are some mistakes that can’t be fixed {Aphmau} Mr. Lichen? {Mr.Lichen} Nevermind {Mr.Lichen} Sorry. (Mr.Lichen} Come on Aphmau. {Mr.Lichen} Let’s head back. {Aphmau} I’m, {Aphmau} sorry about that sir. {Aphmau} He’s upset over something that happened a long ago… {Aphmau} Something I wish he could get back…. {???} I see. {???} Well it’s perfectly understandable, {???} but with your patients and his handiness, {???} I can get to where I need to be in time! {???} Thank you both so much! {???} I’ll never forget what you two have done to me this night! {Aphmau} Eheh I’m glad. {Aphmau} It was great to meet you sir! {Aphmau} Happy holidays! ♪Music Plays♪ {Sylvanna} Weeeelll??? {Mrs. Lichen} Fine… {Mrs. Lichen}} That was an okay party… {Sylvanna} AHA!!!! {Aphmau} Ahhh… It’s great to have everyone here {Melissa} Sorry if we are not sociable. {Melissa} We’re still getting used to Aaron’s lifestyle. {Aaron} I understand *Scratchy sound at the door* *Door opens* RUFF! {Aaron} ALEXANDER!? {Mr. Lichen} It can’t be! {Aphmau} IT’S A HOLIDAY MAGIC MIRACLE!!!!! {Melissa} How did he find his way here of all places? {Aphmau} *whispers creeply* HOLIDAY MAGIC….. {Sylvanna} Sweetie that doesn’t- {Aphmau} HOLIDAY MAGIC MOM {Aaron} I MISSED YOU SOOOO MUCH! I NEVER THOUGHT I SEE YOU AGAIN!!! ♪Aphmau’s Outro Plays♪ {SANTA} HO HO HO HO HO!!!! {SANTA} HO HO HO HO, {SANTA} HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!! Also watch Aphmau’s Previous Video


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