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can you tell I’m going out tonight yeah I haven’t curl my hair inna way hi guys welcome to another Thursday update I haven’t done these many Thursday updates in a while but you know I really needed to talk to you a lot of things and I feel thirsty updates are the perfect opportunity for us to catch up and to tell us tell us tell each other the things we have been up to um I guess I really wants to talk so yeah oh my god no first of all I finally got a peel box I got it mainly because of my at C shop but since you guys were asking like insane people when on earth am I going to get a peel box I am going to leave the address down below in case you are curious about my PA box address or something like that second of all this is really sorry and I are doing a book together I know this is insane this is really insane and awesome and cool but Anne and I are working on a book together and the book is about a friendship so I decided to do a book about friendship a year ago and I’ve been wanting to do a book about friendship mainly because I feel it’s so interesting that no one as an adult talks about friendship in a book I know there’s a lot of novels talking about friendship in some way you know how many Harry Potter talks about friendship and there’s now a lot of people well there was a lot of people obsessed with My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and in some way that it’s all of our friendship but it’s there’s not a lot of books talking about friendship in the nonfiction literature in the nonfiction section so I feel like when you’re a kid I don’t know if this happens to you guys or this happen to you guys but when you’re a kid everyone talked about friendship and they were books about how to apologize to a friend and how to create new friends or how to be a good friend and I feel like when you’re an adult there’s not much actually there’s no books there’s no many books maybe there is I don’t know but I haven’t seen one and I get it when you’re an adult or when you are a grown-up and you are out of university and you start to be worried about where to live and when to flower or maybe buy a house or finding your partner and finding the perfect job and so on that’s there’s so many things you’re so worried about that of course you’re not worried about our concern about weeding about friendship because as an adult maybe you already grasp the idea of how to be a good friend or how to have good friends but the truth is as an adult you how can I say this you have indeed crisis with friends you still have breakups with friends and I feel is so fascinating that no one is talking about this so Anna and I are working on this book together and I’m going to be honest with you guys because I’m always literally honest with you that’s that’s it I think it’s a problem because I’m too honest but I am doing the book in Spanish first you may wonder from what is going on with your books in English which I totally get this concern guys so as you guys know on December last year I published my first graphic novel and it’s my baby I’m so proud of this book the thing is I sent this book to a big publisher and even though they say they were really interested they haven’t replied me yet so if I can be honest I don’t know what’s going on I wish I can publish more things in English here in the UK and hopefully in the u.s. listen I have talked to a lot of people hearing the media and the publisher media and everybody tells me that if you don’t have an agent the chances are that publishing a book is going to take a while because the agent work as a medium so if you don’t have that medium or that person that is like an in-between of you and an editor chances are things are going to take longer than usual and since I don’t have an agent I don’t have any news about publishing my books in English yet I hope I can publish my book in English soon I hope I can publish a geun-tae party in English soon and I hope I can publish the friendship book soon but I don’t know honestly what will happen or how long is it going to take I am doing my best here by translating and there’s a lot of people helping me with the translation but yeah I needed to tell you this guys because I know you’re really curious and you’re and you really want to read the book I get emails and messages every single day about this so it’s nice to finally give you an update about it the thing is there’s the good news for all the spanish-speaking people out there I’m going to do a podcast in order to promote the book in Spanish and then I are going to do a podcast and we’re really excited because we we’ve been wanting to do podcasts for such a long time and is it will be a very nice opportunity to tell you what are we working on on the book and our friendship experience as soon as I have the first episode I am going to let you know because we’re really happy and yeah I wanted to share that news with you and last but not least and I are going on to Amsterdam I am so happy so when you’re watching maine’s and and I will be leaving to Amsterdam tomorrow and we’re going only for four days it’s going to be a very quick trip a friend of that leaves there so we’re going to stay with him and it’s going to be a very very quick trip but I need your help guys because I don’t know nothing about I’m Sturm I only know it’s a beautiful gorgeous city I’m certain past the best museums ever and I feel like I’m going to go there only because of the museum’s since I don’t know anything about Amsterdam I need you to tell me what to do there so if you know any good veggie cafes or restaurants if you know any amazing museums or places to visit please please please let me know the good news is that I’m going to do a travel journal of this experience yay I haven’t done the troll dude only in a while so I feel this could be a really really good experience I am going to share all the process on my patreon in case you’re wondering and that’s it guys thank you so much for being subscribed to this channel if you’re new welcome my name is Fran and I am a trainer in London and I have cats and I love coffee thank you so so much to all my patrons because they are the ones who are allowing me to be here with you and I hope you’re having an awesome Thursday a wonderful week and I will see you next week bye guys you


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