– And we have a giant bookshelf. – Ta da. What? – When did this happen? – In today’s video, we give you guys a sneak peek tour of our brand new house. But before we get started,
give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. Hi, SOTY family! So, guys, I am in front of somewhere pretty special. Where I am, I’m just really excited to finally be making this video. It’s been a long time coming, guys, but I am in front of my
brand, new front door, guys. And, you guessed it, we are gonna be doing our very first house tour. Our empty house tour, guys, of our brand new home! But, one thing I need to mention, we are technically not in this house yet, but we are so close, guys, we are just days away. And so we thought, why not show you guys our house completed before
we’re actually moved in so you guys can get a feel for what we’ve been working
on for so long, guys, it has been over a year since
we started building this home. And we are just, we’re so
excited to show you guys and so excited to finally move in. So, let’s get to it. Let’s do this house tour. And hopefully you guys enjoy. (energetic music) – Um, we’ll take it from here. This is our brand new home! (cheering) – Ehem, and don’t forget
to take off your shoes. – It’s a rule in our brand new home for everyone just take off their shoes. Look. – All right, let the
shoeless house tour begin. – Okay, guys we’re gonna first cover the upstairs then the basement. – Um, okay, this little
room has French doors that you can open up. (energetic music) – All right, guys, so one
feature that I absolutely love, I’m super excited about, are these crystal knobs that we have everywhere
throughout the upstairs. I think it’s just perfect. And it kind of brings in the whole modern, farmhouse feel
that we have going on. – Hi, guys, we forgot
to mention the foyer. – Woo! (upbeat music) – Guys, we have the
heaviest door in the world. – Yes, it is made of iron, guys, and I really hope that little fingers are not gonna get pinched in there. (energetic music) – All right, this is
gonna be the piano room, but we need to get a piano and learn how to play it. – We’re just in the music
room where we play every day. (singing) – I should have sound-proofed
that room, guys. All right, guys, so we do
have a little coat closet that’s right here. Just a tiny closet with a humongous door. Awesome. – And a tiny bathroom. It’s so little. – And, technically, guys, right now, we have no mirrors in
any of our bathrooms. They’re all right here. I took
a long time to pick ’em out but finally I got ’em. Now we just need to get them on the walls. And this, guys, is our family room. – Our fan looks like an airplane, guys. Look at it. (energetic music) – All right, guys, and
finally we have made it to the kitchen. – [Together] The kitchen. – Complete with an
enormous countertop, guys. So big. – How can people pass the salt to me when I need the salt? How? Everyone’s so far away. – So, we have our dining area, complete with chandelier, we have some floating shelves, marble back splash, a
giant picture window, more floating shelves, some cabinet space with some glass, and we have our stovetop
with a pot filler. And we have double ovens
and a giant fridge. – How much food are we gonna eat? – But you guys, the
coolest part is the pantry. (singing) Wait, where are the snacks? (shocked gasp) – All right, guys, so this
is our upstairs laundry room, and I love this light so very much. And the floor, I just love it. And so this is our upstairs laundry room, and we have a downstairs laundry room. So, two laundry rooms, more
laundry for Taylor to do. – Say what? And these are our lockers. – Or should I say, the best hiding spot in the house. – Oh, snap. – Now to the homework room. – [Together] Ew. (energetic music) – All right, guys, so we
have big plans for this room. We’re not gonna tell you too
much about what’s going on in this room because we want
to surprise you when we get all of the stuff inside, but let’s just say the kids are gonna be spending a
lot of time in this room. – Really? Guys, it’s almost time for the basement. We just need to show you a little bit more rooms upstairs. – All right, guys,
welcome to Blake’s room. – Aww, little Blake. – Guys, Blake is getting her own room, mainly because she is
a crazy sleeper, guys, and we have to put her in her own room, but she is gonna be sleeping in this room, upstairs right next to the master bedroom. – But look at her closet guys. Push. Whoa. – We need to buy her more clothes. – All right guys, and now it is time for the master bedroom,
which means no kids allowed. (disappointed groaning) – Um, where’d you come from? – Hey, how’s it going? So, this is the master bedroom. Full circle. That’s the whole thing. But look at the beautiful trim work here. And up on the ceiling. We love this room. This is the master bathroom. – [Mom] With no door. – And heated floors. – All right, so guys, we
have marble on the floors and in the shower area. The floors are actually heated, which is really important, guys, because in the Wintertime I get cold. And my feet get cold. But they won’t get cold in my bathroom. – And they have a heated tub. – [Mom] For Parker to bathe in. All right, guys, how many Yeager kids do you think we can fit in that bathtub? – Only Parker. – Everything else is pretty standard. We have our bathroom here, with a door, thank goodness. We have two sinks there. – A mirror. – A mirror that we need
to hang up right there. And a pretty decent-sized closet, guys. For all of my clothes and shoes. Right here guys. All my shoes.
– Hello, hello, hello? – Steve’s stuff is right there. The rest is for me. And, guys, right here, I have my very own vanity
to do my makeup and stuff. Another mirror that is lit that will go right here. I’m actually kind of
really excited about this. So I’ll have my little
spot to do my makeup. And I won’t be bothering Steve. – Yes! – And here’s our floor thermostat. It’s set for 83. Nice and toasty and warm. (singing) – The acoustics are amazing in here. – We have a full bathroom upstairs. And now it is time to head downstairs. ♪ Strange brew is what we’re used to ♪ ♪ Get high on life that’s me ♪ – Hey! I’m taking over this house tour. All right, I got this half
of the basement covered ’cause I’m gonna be spending
most of my time down here. All right, we have the second family room. We’ve got a lovely fireplace and a big TV right here. Just pretend there’s
gonna be a TV right her. And a big comfy couch, ’cause
we’re gonna be spending most of our time down here. – So, we have a large
window seat right here. I’m gonna put some pillows, blankets lots of things down there. So we can cuddle up, look outside, just relax. Lot’s of seating. – I picture a ping pong table right here. – Spike, oh! – I’ll getcha next time. – All right, guys, so,
we have another half bath with my favorite tile once again. I know some people
don’t like it that much, but, guys, I love this tile. I don’t know why. Just awesome. – But not as much as I
like this brick tile. – And, yes, I did pick that too. And we have a little kitchenette here where we can put drinks and? – Candy.
– Candy! There will be a lock on it
so the kids can’t get to it. – [Together] What? – Actually, guys, it has
a little window box here so we can put fake candy in the front with vegetables in the back. – Boo. Who do you think you are? – And, guys, we’ve finally come to the best room of the house. What’s behind door number one? (energetic music) The theater room! Room, room, room. – Don’t you mean the performance stage? ♪ Ooh, free to meet you ♪ – What is happening to my theater room? ♪ Gonna met you there,
take another chance ♪ – And we have a giant bookshelf. – Ta da. What? – When did this happen? – Charge! – Wait, there’s a secret room? Why did I not know about this? – Wait, what is this room for? – It’s a secret. – I don’t know, guys, you may just have to watch more of our videos
when we move in to this house to see what we end up doing
with this secret room. (beeping) (surprised gasping) – Where do we go now? – All right, guys, so the
next part of our house, Parker is super excited
to share with you guys. But, first, check out our game closet. We need to get some games. – Does that include video games? – Welcome to my play room. Come on in. It’s the perfect size for me. (door knocking) – Can I play? (giggles) It’s the perfect size for me. – All right, guys, so I
imagine Parker and Blake spending most of their time in here, fingers crossed, they
can just play in here and have fun with all their toys. And this can be their little hideout. All right, guys, so this
is the second laundry room in the house, the downstairs laundry room where some of the older kids will be doing some of their laundry. This is our cold storage. It’s the scary room, guys, there’s monsters in there. I think we found some creepy things, you know, a spell book, a bunch of different things. So we try to stay out of that room. (girls yelling) – And welcome to my craft room. – Where I will be spending all of my time. (energetic music) (upbeat music) (door knocking) – Well hello, and
welcome to Taylor’s room, the best room in the house. I want my bed right there maybe like a desk with stuff on it. And over here, I want my
stuffed animals over there. And right here, a carpet. I have my own room. I don’t have to share anything. Well, except my closet. – So, one thing that
we did with this house, was that we took both closets and we cut out the wall and we did a super large closet. So, all of the girls are sharing a closet, ’cause, guys, the other girls’ room is right through that door. – [Together] Welcome to the bunk room! (energetic music) – All right, guys, so, the
girls’ bunk room is pretty cool. They have a full bed on the bottom, twin bed on the top. And every bed has their
own little night light so they can stay up
all night reading books and doing homework. – What? – Hey, guys, finally it’s my room. Picture this: Star Wars. Fortnite. More Star Wars. The best room in the house. And I have a pretty cool light. – All right, guys, and the last few things in the basement are this bathroom with the pocket door. This is where all of the kids are gonna to be sharing the bathroom. We have a closet right here that has lots of shelving just to put toys and stuff. – Toys? – Guys, and that is pretty much it for our house tour. – Wait, we have like a whole
guest room in our backyard. – Don’t you mean guest house? – Yeah, guest house, that’s what I said. – You’re right. – Mom.
– You guys may just have to stay tuned for when we
do the guest house tour. Thanks for watching today’s video. – Subscribe to our channel.
– Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up. – [Together] And we’ll
see you guys tomorrow. Bye! – Oh, snap. (upbeat guitar music)

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