NewportFILM Annual Picnic Contest Newport RI with with Newport Living and Lifestyles

Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles. I’m Christon and I’m here with Becca Bertrand of NewportFILM and she’s gonna tell us a little bit about why we’re here today and why we’re dressed in theme. Hi, Christon. Hi everyone. Thanks so much for being here tonight we’re at NewportFILM outdoors presents the film “Two Trains Runnin” Newport film is a documentary film series and in the summertime we show films all across Aquidneck Island at different locations, and this is our fifth annual picnic contest I love it. Yeah, this year the theme is peace love and music. The best of the Newport will be out tonight all decked out in themes and they are some amazing prizes too local shops and restaurants and we are so glad you are here! Join me while I walk around exploring the picnic tables. Madewell is our incredible picnic contest sponsor this year. I’m also thrilled to welcome Jess Ann Kirby a fashion blogger and Kristen Coates, the owner of Kristen Coates Art and Home and representing our presenting sponsors We have Brandyn Brunelle and Ryan Elsman who are going to announce the winners So that I don’t have to. They did the judging! Hello everybody! Such a fantastic job with your picnic spreads this year. It was so so challenging to decide who the winners are. So first and foremost we wanted to call out a few honorable mentions and please give a round of applause for each and every one. So first and foremost, “Newport Out and Crew” Fantastic message, great spread. We loved it guys a A Netflix favorite are “Mad Men and Women” at Sterling Cooper. Martinis included. “Karina’s Commune”. We have edible flowers and they made everything. We loved it all. And Last but certainly not least and the honorable mentions “Wish Newport”. We loved the painted table, beautiful spread! Great chatting with you. I’m gonna hand it over to Brandyn to announce our winners. Hi guys. So again as Ryan said so many great setups. So in number three Everyone’s waiting for this this weekend “Folk Fest Fizz” Great job guys in honor of this theme also doing an amazing job in second place “Hippy Dippy” They have their own dip competition within the picnic. Talk about inception people. First place and dips. So number one the winner of the 2018 picnic contest “Pearl Power” ! Thank you everyone for coming out and participating we loved everybody spreads and we are so happy to be here with you all Thank you. Thank you so much. Everyone for participating thanks guys are amazing judges, and thank you Madewell for sponsoring this contest. If you are a winner at first second or third prize your Picnic baskets and prizes are over in the NewportFILM tent so definitely stop by and say hi. Hi I am Patty Watson from Taste. We’re so excited to be here at NewportFILM. This is our first time here. We’re the popcorn tent sponsor. So for us that’s great because we have so many clients with families and children here with us tonight So they’re gonna join us as well. Our team is here We’re hanging out in our tent inspired by the Bohemian theme that we’ve got going on tonight So we brought our entire sort of interior spirit here with a little bohemian vibe. So we’re so psyched to be here Hi guys, welcome to NewportFILM’s summer picnic contest, I’m Brendyn Brunelle Creative Director, Lila Delman Real Estate And I’m Ryan Elsman manager of marketing and brand experience here at Lila Delman. This is Lila’s lounge and our picnic which is peace love and music. Great film and “Two Trains Runnin'” tonight So we really tried to do the best with some tie-dye and some fun sixties wear. Check out our cupcakes peace love and music theme and this is our fourth year sponsoring is presenting sponsor for the summer series And we’re really just so thrilled to be working with NewportFILM It’s great for the community and for Newport and Aquidneck Island bringing everyone together to really celebrate summer. It’s an amazing opportunity for us to interact with the community and them to really get a sense of what Lila Delman is and the Lila Delman difference. And the venues are terrific every week. One better than the next. We are really truly looking forward to the rest of the season. Cheers to a great season! Cheers!

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