Nightmare on Camp Crystal Lake at Warner Bros. Studio Tour Horror Made Here A Festival of Frights

Hey guys we’re about to go into the Nightmare on Camp Crystal Lake This is kind of like Warner Brothers version of the terror tram. So I’m really excited to see it. Welcome campers we’re headed towards Camp Crystal Lake. Let’s say we meander first? After you kind sir. I would suggests keeping your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times There might be some hungry folks along the way. Might get chopped off otherwise? We’ll see about that. Look its Hennessy Street everybody. Wow, That’s the old orphanage right there. Legend has it that in orphan with beady black eyes and red hair used to live in there by the name of Annie. She would not stop singing, constantly singing. By the way, do you know how she became in orphan? She killed her parents. Wow Watch out for the bump. The sequel to Annie, Warbucks next. Well he does have a Q Ball so the target is there. As we make the turn, oh it’s the house of wax. That place burned down, you know at night they see the wax figures come to life Over here to our right some steps down there is where a Mogwai was sold once if I sold that means Demon it means It’s kind of funny headed towards a campsite it’s rather urban don’t you think You make our way down the Christie family brought us Camp Crystal Lake way back in 1935 Anybody here remember that? too young They founded this beautiful spot for all this campers going here for many many moons We’ve had a few issues The average stuff beheading Bailey All sorts of murder But hey water do ownership now Working with Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hollywood everybody. So we’re in good hands Although it looks straight ahead. Like we may have an accident. This is why you should never drink and drive everybody Speaking of which when you head on to the campsite do me a huge favor Do not drink Do not do drugs and whatever you do don’t be promiscuous It just makes you a target. I mean you might have a great time the consequence You know what I’m getting word now, I’m gonna have to cut through s. Yeah, we gotta go Dolittle deeds were here. Assuming the gentleman in front of us is in fact not drinking while driving Yeah won’t have to go through lot s because we’re on our way to what’s that Elm Street we’re going to Elm Street That’s odd isn’t it rather ironic and rather convenient that a noun Street would be right next to Camp Crystal Lake You know what I grew up on Elm Street had a friend well had because unfortunately he was burned alive It’s always a good tour God As we make the turn welcome to Elm Street everybody I Wouldn’t be too enthusiastic, you know, it’s quite interesting they leave all the lights on I think they’re trying to stay Up all night or something You know, there’s a camp song that I like to sing heading into Camp Crystal Lake goes well something like this One two Freddy’s coming for you three four better lock your door five six grab your crucifix seven ain’t gonna stay up late nine ten never sleep bug and Always mated everybody. Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake. You may exit to your right. Enjoy have sex You outlook time Oh my god, I know you will gonna be seeing that all night What are you doing Just enjoying some s’mores Oh Jenna Did not think that was so pretty Was that you Okay, so we just ended the tram ride I’m so cool camp for Crystal Lake it’s probably the highlight of the whole thing cuz it’s so Scary it was it was just like being in the movie. It was it was terrifying even when you first wake up And Jason is right there. Oh my goodness Oh

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