No Cost Travel Agency Marketing Ideas

If you’re looking for some travel agency
marketing ideas stay tuned because in this video I’m going to share with you a
free strategy for getting in front of your ideal client that works like a
charm and not many travel agents know about it. The travel agency marketing idea that
I’m giving you in today’s video is something called guest hosting. Guest
posting is when you write an article or hire someone to write it for you and
then that article gets published somewhere that your ideal clients are
already hanging out. It can be either online or offline. For example, it could
be on a blog or in a local magazine or in a newspaper or in a bulletin like
this one. This is a bulletin of a country club that my husband and I are both
members of and inside there is a guest post from a local personal trainer.
He wrote a nice article giving helpful tips and then at the end of the article
like this there’s typically something called a resource box which
includes your photo, contact information and a blurb about your business. In your
resource box you always want to have a crystal clear and compelling call to
action. This guides people into taking the next step towards working with you.
This personal trainer figured out that many of the members of this Country Club would be ideal clients for him so he pitched them the idea that he would
write a really great piece with helpful tips for them to put inside their
bulletin so that they’ve got great content in their bulletin. Now I’ve seen
him in several of the bulletin so he probably pitched them an idea to write a
series of articles and then they would print one article in each bulletin which
is a really smart strategy because it keeps him in front of the members on a
regular basis. They’re seeing him over and over again in different bulletins
giving different helpful tips and information and of course his
contact information and photo is there. Now in some cases these are paid
advertisements however, usually when it’s a paid advertisement it says so in small
print at the time and in this particular case it didn’t say that
so my guess is that this is a guest post that he just pitched them this idea and
that they liked his ideas so then they’re running a series of his articles. If there are quarterly bulletins publications like this one are always
looking for good quality content to put in their publication so if you provide
them good quality content, they’re happy to run the article and then you get the
exposure to your ideal clients which are their readers so it’s a win-win. You get
great exposure to their audience and they get great content for their blog or
publication. Now I want to hear from you. Have you ever been featured in a
publication online or offline and more importantly what are some different
publications that you could pitch that your ideal clients are reading or
different blogs that they’re reading? Please share in the comments below and
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