No puedo creer que comió ESO…ft. The New Travel (with English subtitles)

Good morning amigos from the very pretty city of Querétaro….Querétaro! We have found our best friends in Mexico…Dan and Nari! What’s up amigos? Dan and Nari are in Querétaro. What do you all think of Querétaro? Really good, really hot… It is really clean, right? Yes, of course! Okay friends, we are going to walk, we are going to take a tour with Dan and Nari Because I am speaking Spanish so….that’s why! I feel really, really Mexican because our friends are here in Querétaro And we are really proud of Querétaro and we want them to like the city And this is like how many of you all feel about all of Mexico! And today…I feel Mexican. And I think Dan is feeling Mexican too because…what are you going to eat, Dan? Chiles en nogada! Okay! How great, how Mexican! Okay friends, the food was really delicious But, when you have a friend in Querétaro, you have to eat….”farts of the nun” This is the biggest “fart” I have ever seen in my life! It is such a big “fart”! Have you eaten “farts” before, or no? …of course not! Okay, we are going to try “farts of the nun” with Dan I have tried “farts of the nun” but today, Dan is the star. Oh, it is big, huh?! Oh, how big these “farts” are! How does it smell?…Delicious! This “fart” smells really, really delicious. really good! That is the best “fart” you have ever eaten in your life, right? This “fart” is so delicious! It smells incredible! Now, we are going to eat a chocolate filled with mole Look, friends—how shiny! Because this cost $18 pesos… It is like silver! It is not spicy? No, it is smooth. Yeah–it is really delicious. But, my favorite is this…”farts”! And now we need to have “farts” with mole. The city is so full! Jazz is so confusing, no? Very, very confusing….very interesting! Before we listen to jazz, we need energy in the form of a crazy malt! They are SO big! Look, friends!…..GIANT SATURDAY! It is giant! It is huge! It was a very interesting day with “The New Travel” We ate “farts of the nun”, cheesecake, pizza, hamburgers, malts…crazy malts! A little bit of everything I do not speak much Spanish, but, I like the Kinetic Kennons, and I like Mexico! Thank you so much for watching, friends! It was a very interesting day! If you like this video, share with…. …all of your friends that like gringos speaking Spanish and all of your friends that love “farts” and tell them… Those gringos like to eat “farts” too!! It is really, really late my friends. …We need to sleep!


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