Nürburgring World Tour from the eyes of Matt Simmons

Alright, so we’re at Melbourne about to start the trip, pretty excited to get to Nürburgring for the next World Tour. I am here with Nick and we got our parmies,
like true Aussies so. On our second flight, we are ready to go.
Looking forward to Nürburgring with everyone. And we’re all racing as you can see. Getting our rally in before. Perfect. The Aussies and Kiwis have landed in Germany,
few of the boys here, pretty excited. And the rest are coming off the plane now
so get our bags and we’ll head straight to the hotel. Hey guys, so we’ve arrived at the hotel after
a big day of travelling. Just behind me there I’ll go into that room very, very shortly
and get my uniform on so really cool. Shirts, uniform and boots and gloves and so
forth which is pretty cool. All feeling pretty real. I gotta a man quickly now to show you what’s going
on and get some photos taken, getting ready for tomorrow. We’re all pretty pumped for the first Tour. First time I’ve been back since the regional finals in Tokyo last year. So, looking to continue the excitement and
seeing how far I can get this year. Excited tomorrow morning, first up, the Nations competitors, including myself, we head straight over to Nürburgring, get into the arena for the first
time and have a go at our practise and qualifying. So a bit of an unknown for us, we’re doing
Red Bull Ring but this time in wet weather conditions so no one’s had a chance, I guess,
to practise which could be a good thing, could be a bad thing, we’ll see how it all goes. But it should be pretty exciting. Looking
forward to giving it my best crack, The first time I got to race against a lot of the Europeans
and some of the top guys around the world, so fingers crossed I can do alright. So, first day of Nations Cup competition and
also the first time to get on those sims which was really cool. But the most interesting part for practise
and qualifying was the first attempt at wet weather at Red Bull Ring. Definitely a challenge, the biggest thing
was braking, making sure when you’re on your own, where the limit was. Matt Simmons there in 5th position, of course
former GT Academy winner and it was his birthday very recently, Happy Birthday Matt! Yeah absolutely, really good to see Matt here at
these World Tour events and as you said, very Happy Birthday. Because when you were close to someone, if
you went beyond that, there was contact so all I know is later on, if I’m in the Repecharge
race, it’s gonna be chaos there. But it’s definitely gonna be exciting for
everyone watching. But happy with my qualifying for my first
time and hoping I can get through from the semi-finals straight to the final race and
see how we go. But tomorrow’s Manufacturer Series, I’m looking
forward to spectating that for the first time. One thing I’ve learned from this World Tour
already, even if your not driving, but you’re spectating, the atmosphere is unreal. And obviously you couldn’t have scripted that
finish to the series. You know, final race Nürburgring … 2 Manufacturers … Toyota/Mercedes … both Aussie’s in the car which is really cool and it came down
to the last corner. Erm, as I said, the atmosphere was unreal
and everyone was cheering on whoever was gonna win but that was just crazy. Back at the hotel now, ready for Nations tomorrow
and I’ve got those butterflies and nerves building. First time at this World Tour so
hoping I do a great result but yeah, getting ready for competition tomorrow. Now finishing off our grid is Matt Simmons
in the Focus, Group B. So, Nations Cup is done and for me the Nations
Cup was summed up for me as eventful and ultimately I had some luck as well in that Repecharge race. It was absolutely chaotic. Being able to go
from 12th up to 4th. Simmons there caught up quite a lot but then
picked up a 0.5 second penalty so it looked like he was coming into contention. Matt Simmons … from last will go through
to the final in 4th position. And having an awesome battle with Sugwara-san
for 3rd, had opportunities where I was able to really make some cool overtakes. Here comes Rubilar … that’s a late lunge,
that’s a very late lunge and there’s contact between himself and Andrew Brooks. That was biting off way more than he could chew,
Nicolas Rubilar, head in his hands and rightly so as well. There’s surely going to be a penalty
that results from that. Oh dear, oh dear. Disappointment there for
Nicolas Rubilar and it has ruined Andrew Brooks’ race but somehow he’s managed to recover
into 5th place. But the upshot is that Matt Simmons has profited from that, Jimmy, and he is now into the Grand Final here tonight. The unlikely goal, I guess, of making it to
the final race and having a go there and seeing how far I could get up from 12th. Matt Simmons in 12th, let’s see what the
Australian driver can do. I was happy to finish 11th. One thing I did
notice was, you know, the guys at the top weren’t outside of the racing, they were always
here to help so it’s one big community. Igor Fraga taking out the World Tour, big
congratulations to him. I’ll be working hard to get ready for the
New York World Tour, look forward to the future with the FIA GT and hopefully get to do more
World Tours. Nürburgring 24 Hour was amazing and everything
we got to experience was unbelievable. It was a moment of a lifetime. If you’re in the Oceania region, I look forward
to racing you online. Cheers guys.


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