NYC Apartment Tour: $10.8 MILLION Historic Tribeca Luxury Apartment

This is a one of a kind designer
penthouse loft in Soho! and I’m Ryan Serhant from million dollar listing New
York and author of my new book ‘Sell it like Serhant’ and we are about
to give you a tour of this luxury apartment in New York City welcome to penthouse one at 500
Greenwich streets this is a four-bedroom four-bathroom 5,400 square feet
duplex loft with an amazing roof deck on the market asking ten point eight
million dollars this is very different from anything else we’ve seen like this
is the definition of a downtown New York City loft with exposed brick like these
old cool massive doors that like came with the space never move you’ve got the
exposed beams that run out for everything the initial building was
built in 1890 and this is the extension of like the Meatpacking District like
when I think of New York I think this apartment and then a flip side I think
of your apartment like super huge and awesome and then whatever you live it alright alright kicking this tour off
you have a beautiful entrance foyer and on the Left separated from the main loft
by two gigantic glass and steel doors a skylit classic reading room like just
even that these are real this is real steel this yeah it’s super heavy but
it’s cool because it separates the space it creates total sound insulation if
you’re actually in here we’ve got like this really cool these industrial
bookshelves in here kind of a classic Eames chair one of the tough things in
these loft buildings is that you just have windows at the front yeah but
what’s cool in this apartment is you have windows at the front you also have
windows in the back and the bedrooms that will show you and your these you
skylights now from the reading room the loft flows into a massive open-concept
living room dining room and the kitchen nuts you could literally be in the same
room in different parts of the room like a five all the way over here and you’re
in the kitchen no oh oh now I hear you oh hey you must be in the kitchen yeah
this space is the space is back again they’re 5,400 square feet in a penthouse
in West Soho you need to have areas that are just for
sitting and then you’ve got this like you’ve this under pass through this
old-school wood and then you’ve got this like original you know metal door on the
other side which doesn’t work anymore but it’s cool because it’s like this
backdrop to the shelving space from the extra cozy corner sitting area the flow
of the loft leads us in through the dining room this is the owners actual
dining table which is cool cuz it kind of looks like a big surfboard we staged
it with these chairs cuz I needed stick chairs that had a pop of color to them
and so we got these pink kind of velvet chairs and are nice just because there’s
so much like there’s so many dark colors and a big loft we wanted something that
was a little fun and the color when you’re staging especially a loft
apartment it’s really really really really important and then we got this
photography in the bag that had some blues in it which then leads us into the
beautiful open custom kitchen which is lit by an oversized skylight the kitchen
features a breakfast bar those sleek white countertops and of course those
luxurious looking high-end stainless steel appliances little things like this
it left all this exposed or all everything else that I’ve shown you this
would be boxed up covered plastered you know with a little Klingon so it’s
really embracing just New York and the grit in the 20 is like who do you think
this buyer it’s actually funny because I post an ill-made scram story yeah and
everyone’s like oh my god that’s Taylor Swift’s apartment and she doesn’t live
that far from here so much from the west coast who just
wants a New York pad that feels like New York they love this place back even just
30 years ago no one would buy because this is 11 million dollars right now
this apartments for blocks okay for blocks that way into Soho like 69 down
the hallway from the kitchen we have the first guest bedroom this is nice because
it’s separate from the other three I’ll show you later
there on the other side of the apartment so this is behind the kitchen behind the
living space it’s a good guest bedroom nanny’s room you actually turn this into
a gym we had one buyer it was like over for Mike gym back here we were like the
old fort man then you’ve got a full bathroom here across the hall with
laundry and extra storage and finally we get to the other half of this
yes there is a back half through this beautiful brick archway to the private
family room of /tv room which even has its own full bathroom which is cool
because you could be sitting here watching TV close those doors and the
whole living room kitchen sitting area and that other guest bedroom they have
no idea what you’re doing in here but then you have two guest items that are
over here I can be guest bedrooms or kid’s bedroom so this is bedroom number
two big window kind of rainy and gross outside today you can see a little bit
56 Leonard that’s there a little bit of the Woolworth the Gehry building and you
get a lot of natural light this is basically one of the kids rooms so
you’ve got still like a barn door right there on the closet space that’s the
other side of that metal door that we saw this on the shelf and what’s cool
about these old buildings is you get super high ceilings and big space this
third bedroom is an entire apartment for somebody oh man dead parole by Ryan
Serhant about your apartment Eric and then you’ve got master bedroom here and
this huge room it’s nice and quiet because it’s also in the back but you’ll
see you like see that sailboat going by right there no way you see no not with
this lens I see the big walk-in closet over there
ensuite master bath and from the spacious master bedroom
well now we’re get to the good stuff up the beautiful floating wooden staircase
to the solarium which the current owner is using as his office which I mean this
is a pretty sweet king of the castle control center of an office and then you
can sit here have your big glass doors open
and you’re surrounded by nature it’s a little rainy but you drop ten point
eight million dollars on an apartment you want a nice place to have a cup of
coffee and you can do it right there or if you want to sit over there you can
sit over here and your other sitting area which is huge and you’re totally
protected from everything because you have all these bushes everywhere and
then you’ve got this cool canopy where you can see the ivy is really starting
to grow like that’s new New York all the glass and then you’ve got old New York
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