NYC Apartment Tour!! 300 sq. foot Minimalist Studio

my name is Erik Conover and welcome to
my studio apartment in Manhattan this YouTube channel is all about documenting
my journey to becoming better every single day and living your best life and
I can’t stress enough how important your living environment is to your well-being
I live in a cozy one-room studio apartment in the heart of Chelsea I
choose to live in a tiny apartment because I’m a travel filmmaker
my philosophy less is always more I mean sometimes more is more but less is
usually always more a long time coming especially for the og viewers this is a
tour of my dream New York City studio apartment you walk in there’s a nice
little hallway here to the right you have my closet this class is actually a
very very large closet I have almost everything I own in this closet maybe
some stepping that’s not the full walking but it’s a step in across from
the closet is the bathroom and it’s actually a fairly decent-sized bathroom
nice clean white tile walls big tub you make your way into the apartment and
this right here this is it this is the main living space in the
apartment this is where everything happens this is where I live this is
where I sleep this is where I work I would describe the style of my apartment
as a mix of a bohemian vintage traveler meets minimal a unit like this will run
you about 22 to 2,500 per month in a classic luxury building built around
1920 before I get into this video I need to give credit to the person who did
help me with the decor my mom was the one who was on Pinterest every single
night sending me things little knickknacks to make this apartment look
how it is so mom if you’re watching there you go there a little shout out
one of the things that most attracted me to this apartment is the unique molding
there’s 12 foot high lofted ceilings in here
which gives the appearance that this place is actually much larger than it is
when it’s one room you kind of have to like divvy it up into corners you know
so this is the dining area corner I have a pub table it’s a 24 by 24 pub table a
guy named Tyler Kingston made this I found him on Etsy two black barstools I
got those on Etsy as well but this is where I spend a lot of my times this is
my breakfast spot this is where I wake up in the morning I make my cup of
coffee I come here on my phone so let me just say this it’s
not tiny it’s cozy you may say this is the tiniest kitchen
I’ve ever seen you may think Eric you can barely even fit in this kitchen
yourself but this is the coziest kitchen in New York you cannot have more than
two people in this kitchen as you can see there’s barely enough room for me
you walk it you can’t go left you can’t go right there’s actually a
lot of cabinet space as you can see which is nice because I do cook all my
meals and honestly having a kitchen is very very important you know lots of
people in New York they they eat out every meal they have seamless I work
from home I’m a youtuber I’m a freelance filmmaker I make lots of travel videos
and this is my office this desk is from West Elm
it’s basically a file cabinet desk super large desktop space for editing videos I
have a 27-inch Dell desktop monitor couple journals a journal every single
morning I’ve been doing it for the past four years from the office we head to my
transportation yeah I mean you know this yeah the best way to get around New York
and it comfortable is my bike I go buy it but seriously Viking is the best way
it’s faster than the subway is faster than a cab and as you can see I have my
bike mounted here on the wall it’s a hook made out of some cool industrial
piping with some leather accents and a piece of wood mounted onto the wall
really convenient just come into the apartment put the bike on the wall and
you must forget that you even happen the reason why I chose this specific
apartment yeah is for the view you have one of the best views of lower Manhattan
you have the Freedom Tower your financial district when I wake up in the
morning and I look out my window and I see that view that’s what gets me going
and that’s what makes me realize I’m here I’m in New York I’m here to make it
happen you’re you’re hurt that’s just gonna shake Mike’s herd man I’m gonna
put this in the nineteen minute I’m putting this in the video he put in this
is Mike shepherd he’s been filming this but his shoulders are a bit sore so I’m
gonna take over into little vlog action probably notice the plants but because I
travel so much I can’t really have real plants so I have these two big fake
plants they break up a studio really nicely this guy back here his name is
Rico then this guy is Jafar I have one real plant in the apartment and this is
a snake plant the snake plant is the perfect low-key low maintenance
apartment plant if you travel a lot you only have to water once per month having
a huge coffee table in a tiny apartment isn’t something you really need so I
have two of these tables they are handmade reclaim the wood again just
recycling you’ve got to be good to the earth gotta be good to the environment
the tables are perfect for putting little decorations like this whole
camera I found little knickknacks candles plants I’m all about vintage and
when I saw this on the internet I’m like yo I have to get this so this right here
is a 1950 antique Hollywood studio movie light now we come to the crimson
shoulder this is the centerpiece of the apartment
this is the lounge area this is the place to just come to read a book to
write in your journal you know have your morning cup of coffee take a nap this
couch is by article I just love the rustic feel and then if you look above
the couch this is the world map this is another piece of my inspiration seeing
the world and seeing all the places that I’ve been to in the places that I
haven’t gone to yet that’s what gets me fired up the map is made by holy Cal
canvas I have a question where is the bedroom
where do you sleep where’s the bedroom yeah where do you sleep because I
haven’t seen a bed you’re looking at it I’m looking at the middle you are that
you’re actually staring at the bed right now is it is it this do you just sleep
on the carpet do you want me to show you the coolest bed in New York the coolest
bed in New York literally like it’s probably the coolest bed in New York
City and you’re talking a big game let’s see let’s see do you got this Murphy bed
is the biggest game-changer for tiny living in New York a Murphy bed is more
or less a fold-up bed and a lot of people when I was getting this are like
oh why would you want to get a Murphy bed what’s the point of that is the
dangerous is it gonna fall on you when you sleep it is the best space-saving
tool in New York it folds up super easy it’s so lightweight this one is by Breda
beds again this is another company from I think actually Idaho there’s a strap
that goes right across to hold the sheets on and you are set you’re
probably also wondering Eric where’s your TV I have something better than a
TV I have a home theater of what you like some candles make a nice dinner set
the plates out you know get the mood right this projector I got for $100 on
Amazon and there you have a home theater in your tiny New York studio apartment
another thing that attracted me to this apartment is the fact that there is a
rooftop that has a 360 degree view you can see a perfect view of the Empire
State Building you see One World Trade looking down to the South all the
Chelsea basically every neighborhood south of Chelsea I think when you live
in a city like New York it’s very important to have that space that you
can go outside and just breathe and feel open hopefully this video gave you some
insight on what it’s like to live in a New York apartment or maybe even some
design ideas if you enjoyed the video make sure to subscribe to my youtube
channel I’m going on some ridiculous adventures over the next month but I
hope you’re out there living your best life and I will see you in the next
video so until then as always remember to smile more worry less and live your

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