Oaxaca Mexico! Welcome to Oaxaca. This is one of Mexico’s most unique and beautiful states located in the Southwest part of the country. It is filled with artistic and cultural treasures including UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Let’s go check it out. The tree where Oaxaca got its name is called “guaje” or Huaxyacac. It is a spicy fruit. And they named the city after this. Bienvenidos a Oaxaca! I am about to see a 2,000 year old tree called Árbol del Tule Check this out. This tree doesn’t even fit into one snap. It’s huuuuggggeeee! wow It is the 2,000 year old tree. I was hugging the tree. Tree hugger. Next we ventured outside of the city to see how the famous textiles are made with natural dyes and a hand-woven process. This plant’s called Indigo plant. Rock moss from the mountain. Those white things on the cactus is an insect, a parasite. Not blood from an insect, insects don’t have blood. Becomes like a little rock. It was amazing to see all of the colors extracted from nature to create there beautiful textile rugs. But we couldn’t visit Oaxaca without seeing how one of its finest exports, Mezcal, is made. Cut off the leaves Three of five days in the fire. Wow. The put the plant adding only water, that’s it. Well here is how we make it in Oaxaca, the traditional tree which is Mezcal Only the six month has worms Mike what’d you think? I’m at this mezcal factory, I just bought way too much mezcal but it was amazing. Next we visit Mitla which is a famous archeological site built by the Zapotec people, one of the indigenous groups of Oaxaca. Right in the middle used to be the altar So the ceremony took place right there Right in the middle That’s the funeral ceremony? The funeral Mitla means place of the dead and it was a sacred burial site for the Zapotec people Hi we’re in Mitla and we’re by the church This was made incorporating the ruins including the stones The Spanish ordered the obliteration of the Zapotec temples, and in their place Catholic churches were constructed using the materials from the original temples I am at Hierve el Agua This is a petrified waterfall We travelled about two hours outside of the city of Oaxaca to visit one of the most surreal landscapes Hierve el Agua which translates to place where the water boils Look at this view, this view is amazing Only problem is I couldn’t bring my DSLR because the rain is coming Now it’s time to head back to the city for food and local festivities at night So this is Basilica Santo Domingo de Guzman We couldn’t go inside because there was a wedding While the wedding was in session, we decided to get dinner. Oaxaca is regarded as one of Mexico’s culinary destinations Noted for it’s seven moles. We decided to try it at a restaurant called Zandunga in Oaxaca City After dinner, we stumbled upon the wedding festivities What do you think of this Kristen? Amazing Hi Mike. The wedding just got over and now there’s a huge celebration in the streets There were fireworks and everything We are in Oaxaca City Just made it to the top of this hill to see Monte Alban the famous UNESCO archeological site. hola! Zapotec people leveled four mountains in order to build this That’s why they have been called the cloud people This is where the government officials lived Monte Alban! About to walk up these steps Alright I made it to the top Look at this view wow. took two centuries for them to build this This building right here is shaped like an arrowhead and the point points to southwest and when the sun lined up, it was the perfect time to plant seeds This is like being in Indiana Jones! Look at this These are hieroglyphs. This illustration shows you the before and after These are the mountains this is after it was leveled to build Monte Alban This Oaxaca city, you can see all the farms This is a city of 500,000 people. Mexico city is 30 Million people In Oaxaca, this is Guelaguetza auditorium This is Santo Domingo bascilica Where are ya? Plaza de Santo Domingo! This is Guelaguetza auditorium! Plaza de Santo Domingo! Sombreros Walking through the heart of the city called the Zocalo we came across the Basilica of our Lady Solitude which is built in Baroque style architecture The historic center of Oaxaca is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site noted for its Spanish colonial architecture and colorful facades. let’s go inside here Today the city is filled with numerous restaurants, art galleries, and shops. Look at the design on this. This is crazy. Every single door is like a different color. So ornate. So beautiful here. I am in Oaxaca, this is the downtown. It’s all colonial buildings, no billboards. And the buildings are only allowed to be a certain height. Our tour of Oaxaca has come to an end. I did not want to leave Oaxaca, it’s so beautiful here. It is definitely one of my favorite parts of Mexico. I hope you get the chance to travel here soon. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more travel videos! Adios Amigos!


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