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seema sayin but still doing with it put it up Okinawa is one of the most popular tropical getaways in Japan but it’s beautiful beaches and cool historical sites and it’s all the way down here well it’s still hard to see so let me zoom in a bit here it is okay now it seems like a small island but in fact it takes about three and a half hours to drive from the bottom to the top of the island so best to choose an area Okinawa can be divided into three parts the south and middle and the north for this video we’re gonna do a one-day plan in the middle area of Okinawa finally we made it to Okinawa we finally got out of Amami which took us about a day and a half to get out of there ping pulling about moss I think was good they can I just know we’re stuck here for another two days oh my god once we got there today we had like a two-hour delay here that it looks like is delayed because they’re doing maintenance in Okinawa on the plane because we finally made it and now we’re in beautiful Okinawa sea life does work out for this trip we rented a car which is a must if you want to get around on your own that’s a little bit different than in Tokyo they actually read the barcode instead of actually putting it through the scanner you just pop it which is really nice if you must know we rented a car a paradise to rent a car at the EON Naha office which is only two stops away from the airport we took the monorail to get there so let’s sit back and enjoy the view so we’ve got a rental car that wasn’t so bad the rental car place good we got a car now but it’s a bit too late so we’ll start our okinawa adventure first thing in the morning but damn look at that beautiful sky we’re gonna start at Ryu qmodem it’s a huge cultural theme park where you can enjoy a nostalgic Okinawan world by seeing authentic nationally protected cultural properties that were really located into this theme park it’s cool you can actually wear these kimonos and like dress up this should be pretty fun Lena’s like definitely worth it now I’m just like looking around and there’s like a lot of things to do so essentially you can spend like a few hours here all day and just like check out this entire site you can also experience cultural trial classes like making Okinawan pottery or she’s just a choose watch live shows and even do some Saki testing [Music] there’s so many different arts and crafts here that you can do it one of the classes here is they’ll actually teach you how to weave which is pretty cool these ladies will teach you awesome so cool each house they have like the center area and they have this wall here and maybe let’s ask this lady the reason why they have this is to prevent wind from rushing in into the house and it also prevents evil spirits which is a good thing so if you haven’t noticed but each house they have a little dog that’s sitting on top of this like little dog statue it’s also to help prevent evil spirits from coming into the house alright that wraps it up let’s move on to the next place I believe next we’re gonna check out the biggest shopping resort in chubu american village yeah I know it may be strange to come all the way to Okinawa to visit an American like shopping mall but it’s very influenced by Okinawan culture built on a former US base the buildings are mix of American and Okinawan design its tissue paper [Music] we’re at American village now we’re gonna walk around a little bit I’m kind of getting a little bit already covered in I hit a little bit but not so much I wanted to check this place out because it had black tile cozies all right check this out hmm taco shell is made out of a squid ink and it comes with like a squid sauce as well [Music] there’s like a regular couple I have the vegetable and as taco me and I have some cheese another tasty well that was a seed thank you pop out your chocolate now we’re going to go check out Lucile which is like a very very okinawa staple of restaurant they’re known for ice cream but i believe they have burgers too well I’m not really sure let’s go inside and check it out so I got two blue Ciel ice cream I got San Francisco chocolate chip mint and I got this rainbow of array of flavors wrong I was wrong they don’t sell like hamburgers or anything they just sell like ice cream and frozen drinks as well as previous year Michael got a crepe all right let’s taste this bad boy I don’t know if you ever had back in the day those now and laters I don’t like candy Bennett is like that with all the different flavors well they’re good and then chocolate chip mint chip really good as well don’t really know under San Francisco about him but still pretty good oh yeah and Sunset Beach is right next to American village so definitely walk over and check it out so this right here is the beach doesn’t look like there’s a lot of people at the moment because maybe it’s a 1 but the tide is really low there’s just a lot of hotels around this area wouldn’t mind actually staying in this area because it has the American village restaurants it has some shopping and in thread by the beach and I think during high tide it’s gonna be that bad to be able to swim and they have lifeguards if you have some kids and you want to be safe in the ocean this is a good place to go so overall I think this area is really good for families now if you want it a little bit more of this like way there’s an ocean this is probably not the place you want to go in terms of the beach but if you have a family and you just like trying to come out here I think this would be a very good place to go hotel one another hotel there and another hotel there so like three hotels and there’s actually like more hotels all over there but just from here you can’t see it like for the beach right behind me it’s getting a bit late now so let’s move on to somebody we just made it to the beach so after a long day of just checking out okinawa sometimes you just need to go to the beach and just watch the Sun go down for now let’s just enjoy the quiet chilling on the beach and checking out that sunset made me really hungry we decided to go to sunshine Ohana in Enomoto to finish the night out in Okinawa wow this place is super cool man that sunset was amazing but now we get to kind of relax I guess you’re a relaxing innocence up and now we get to get our low-performance eat some Okinawan food it’s called me mica check that out there’s a freaking snake right in front of us follow you this is awesome oh man the food is coming and everything is so good it’s so good [Applause] [Music] hi-yah so I hope you enjoyed our adventure today in Okinawa but we found some tips and you can use for your own trip you liked this video hit that like button it helps me out what I’d like to know is what you like best in this video let me know in the comment section below and like always if you want to see more adventures of me in Japan or in Tokyo hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you in the next one oh one more thing so Michael and I we had a few drinks obviously we drove here one of the cool things in Japan is you can order a thing called Eiko and it’s kind of like a designated driver what they’ll do is I’ll pick you up in your car and I’ll Drive you all the way to your home on the way they do it is to ice come one guy drives your car home another person follows behind once you arrive the destination then the person gets up Arthur goes home with other taxi we only had a few drinks but I’d rather err on the side of caution you don’t want to drink and drive plain and simple be safe drink responsibly and if you’re driving get someone else to take you home I’ll see you see Masseria with it I put it up any mess yeah yeah yeah hey-oh


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