Old Trafford stadium tour – MANCHESTER UNITED! UK Travel vlog

[Guide] Warmed up, we have 75 thousand people waiting for us and this is what it will sound like [Announcement] This is the home of Manchester United This is what you see on TV This trophy room is so impressive When you come to Manchester, it’s impossible not to think about football. Two of the best teams in Europe are here: Manchester City and Manchester United. This vlog today will be all about football. We’re going for a tour at Old Trafford stadium, home to Manchester United. And here’s something very unique: we’re staying at a football hotel. It’s right across. [Saleswoman] It will be 18 pounds altogether [Saleswoman] And there’s your ticket
[Renata] Thank you [Saleswoman] So this way and up to level 3 [Renata] Okay great, thank you so much!
[Saleswoman] Enjoy If you arrive before the scheduled time for your tour, you can see the museum Or, let’s say, if you don’t buy the ticket in advance, when you get here, you probably won’t have a ticket to the next tour, so you’ll have to wait anyways. Same thing goes the other way around, if you schedule your ticket in advance you just arrive here for the tour, you can do the tour first and then the museum You can go back and forth. This trophy room is so impressive. The legend. [Gordon] 1999, so that was before. That one looks close, he looks much different though. [Renata] He’s a kid there. Details here of the main players, when did they join the club, what were their achivements I’d say that when it all started for him, huh? The various nationalities that played for Manchester United. That’s a nice homage to people who died on the plane crash in 1958. Players, journalists. And there were survivors as well. Even Bobby Charlton, he was on the plane, I didn’t know that. He later became a very important player for the national team. He was part of the team who won the 1966 World Cup. Time for the tour now! [Renata] Thank you!
[Guide] Thank you very much Going behind the scenes When people come here for a match, they arrive through here. This is where the concessions are And one thing interesting: here you cannot drink beer at the stands This is where you need to drink your beer. They serve hot chocolate here at the stadium for 2.70 pounds [Guide] We started our tour in the largest stand, you’ve all heard of Sir Alex Ferguson, I’m sure. Oh yeah! [Gordon] That’s nice.
[Renata] Yeah, very nice. It feels crazy to be here. Look at the size difference here. The size of these stands as compared to what you see on TV There are three levels over there! The TV cameras are here, so they show that side over there. This is my area here, the press conference room! [Guide] Has anyone ever seen an interview with Jose in this room? [Guide] It tends not to last too long, around about ten minutes maximum [Guide] And the press will ask him questions about the game. In the 90’s until 2002, this was also where the players used to sign their contracts. Back at the stands. That’s another group!
We’ll soon be down there. That is the media tribune over there. And these are the Director’s seats. [Guide] You can have a look at some of these seats, there are names [Guide] And there’s little silvery marks all the way around the stadium on seats, and they are 25 years plus [Guide] Tony, how long have you had your seat here? [Guide] Tony, how long have you had your seat here, Tony? [Tony] The same seat since 1970 [Guide] 1970 Wow! One of our guides here has his seat on the stand since the 70’s We are entering the dressing room [Gordon] Do you know if there’s a Brazilian who’s playing? Fred [Gordon] Have you got it?
[Renata] Yeah [Renata] Who’s your favorite here? [Gordon] I like all [Guide] This is where the players will come on a match day, only on a match day This dressing room here is newly refurbished, players have been here very few times so far. The players leave the dressing room from here and the tunnel to the pitch is already over there. We are warmed up, we have 75 thousand people waiting for us and this is what it will sound like Players come here from the corner, and then they go straight to pitch over there While the coaches take their seats in the middle. This is to help the grass grow, they put this light here to speed up the process For various decades players used to come from here, from their dressing rooms to the pitch. This used to be the main tunnel, right in the middle of pitch. [Guide] The stadium has changed so many times.
There’s only one existing part still standing today [Guide] And that is this tunnel. This was the original tunnel where the players [Guide] came onto the pitch between 1910 and 1993. [Guide] It’s the only original part of the stadium that’s still standing [Guide] especially after the war because the stadium was bombed during the 2nd World War, twice actually This is where the team officials stay, right here. The manager… The head coach stays right here, while the visiting team stays on the other side. [Renata] Thank you so much!
[Guide] You’re very welcome, thank you! Bye-bye now Wow! This store is gigantic! [Gordon] It’s bigger than North American sports [Renata] 80 pounds? Wow
[Gordon] Yes [Gordon] It’s over 100 dollars
[Renata] Yeah. Really nice cup, but it’s plastic I should get a certificate of the tour Manchester United is the most successful English club in history. And the tour is very nice, one of our guides has been coming here since 1955! Imagine the amount of stories he has to tell We stayed there for about two hours, between the tour, the museum, and also the store. Sir Alex Ferguson, he’s a legend for the Manchester United, got 38 titles for the club. Here they have the Manchester United bee. Cute! Now let me show you the hotel we’re staying, it’s right across! Hotel Football is owned by former players and it even has a mini football pitch on top, it’s very nice. They’re right now actually preparing for an event, so I guess I won’t crash But I went there earlier and it has a nice view.
So let me show you the room instead. This is a 4-star hotel, and the rate obviously goes up if there’s a match going on here Today there’s nothing, so we’re actually paying less than any other four star hotel around: 100 pounds per night. You’re already looking for the free stuff? [Gordon] Yes! I don’t think there is anything There has to be, she said there is. Well, there are chocolates! [Renata] What is that?
[Gordon] Some sort of chip Everything here is free, they don’t have much but there’s water, this looks like a juice I don’t know what this is and they have chips and some candies over there. That’s the stadium right there. You see from the window Look at this outside. Seeing the wall from far you don’t see much, but when you get upclose… It’s like trading cards, you know, those stickers!? The entire wall. Gordon! This football dedicated day now continues downtown. We have plans for the afternoon We’re also gonna visit the football museum! Today it’s match day but not here, it’s an away game so… We’re also gonna watch the match where Manchester United fans normally go, that should be fun! All this in the next vlog. Roger Hunt. In the meantime, I’d love to know what’s your football or soccer team And I bet you’ll never guess what’s mine.

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