Pretty similar to the love for me That may come up wake up You know, I love a lot of artists man go shop so don’t blow this tonight music man, how about my nigga shit There’s a burst water This your boy ty kex another Just a deal hang as you can see what type of reacts on the way is lax, right But it is the moat or anything surprise motherfucker To get this dude. Oh no, no, no What’s the deal gang what’s the deal gang you I know what time it is man Should I go reacts and we back with another buddy? Blah blah. No I’m saying I got something special for my real squad members, bro I got something all y’all been asking for me up and actually do this do that do this and I’m about to do something that everybody has been really asking me to do you know I’m saying Tyco reacts is at the s mo to Hear that Anyway, yes, bro taki reactors going to the SML tour today at the forum You know I’m saying one of the biggest concert on the tour broke So, you know, I’m just being thankful and grateful for even being to even be going to this You know I’m saying just crazy Hill but special thanks to Jimmy and mill that you know say I will not be here at all If it wasn’t for my boy Jimmy and if it wasn’t for my boy intro what sure ah my boy Jimmy got me here got me together. You know, I’m saying bookstore wrong for your boy. Look at that magazine view, bro Look at the view yard. Look look at that Yeah, you see the mouse back there any guy in Detroit, yeah I seen apologies But man, you know I’m saying come on damn I can zoom in all the way Oh shit, but you know I’m saying I just wanted to give you a quick update, bro Welcome back to the vlog bro. You know I’m saying you boys. Hi, Cory axe is on the blog So hopefully I get every single person every single favorite artist of y’all. You know, I’m sitting on this camera That’s what I’m gonna try to do. I’m talking about everybody cupcake factory. Just everybody on this camera You’re gonna see it right here in this video. We lit bro. I came all the way to eat right, Michigan You feel me this shit Bart’s GoPro Detroit Barnes. Come here, bro. It’s a lot of people that’s from Detroit that never Never get to see this shit ever and life. You know I’m saying why the train man they look man They just don’t make it out that bitch. So for me to be even make it here and being here This means a lot that just means everything is coming. True, bro. You feel me? I did not expect this six months ago to be in this type of predicament, bro You feel me six months ago? I started doing corridor reactions, bro and liquid that landed me bro Look what that landed me California extra moat or one of the little torts when it’ll its concerts about to be today, bro You know, I just want to give a quick note man when I’m looking at this crazy ass view right now You can honestly do anything you put your mind to bro. Just take the time out chase your dreams, bro Don’t chase the dollar bro gonna chase a cheque, man, and that’s what allowed to do They go out there get these jobs Y’all chase to check me know everybody guy, you know different circumstances and you know, I’m saying shit they go through but you know She always make time for yourself, bro. I’m saying six months have got me Farb Oh, and it’s not over yet. But this is only the beginner keep telling y’all that his market to come Yeah So, do you already know that is mentioned what a courageous man right now, I’m updating y’all on this bond fucking torch they got somebody sending a sprinter right now, you know you feel me And your boy back go get ready to turn over everybody for that some. Oh But I just want to show you all these views don’t bro Isn’t my fucking window. Dartie is he’ll but look at that view, bro Do ya see me on SM auteur sprinter, I’ve got my boys over here They pick me up man. Say what up to the love from you Do okay Oh foxy crazy bro, you know, I’m saying smoking the fat blood on a solo tour, bro spreading who knows that What’s the deal you know what it is mansion boys hi careers and right now, I’m at the firm right now next days I mean everybody, you know, I’m sad I didn’t want to put them on camera here cuz you know everybody everybody Right right now we lost this plug trying to find jail pees room But we’re gonna find this shit we did. Let’s go bro We’re gonna beat your time and make sure you subscribe to her fucking little cakes little few boys max to like my man We’ve got all your favorite artists on this motherfucker. Let’s did it, you know sage a trans out here SUBSCRIBE NOW! Goddammit, ow Fires fuck. Thank you for Miami Vice. Hey, it was fuckin fire Hey good see you bro. Likewise just a really small fucker. I know Hey Dora, we was walking down all like You start up is like five hours ago then you know Okay We’ll be smoking on a killer told that she that should be young Oh calling a homeboy Missin is from your home betray finish. You know, we eat a weenie bitch. Fuck it. That’s how we move Okay, breaking the bricks down. Oh, fuck me you gon go. Yeah, what you all rode our HP game bitch. Hold on We don’t bang but we’ve got a couple steps. Okay? They sit on their pohole kind of walk in the car, let me know Motherfuckers together hey What’s that time imma win it Detroit and let down What they might attain walking on a 240 but hey, I wanna see them check real quick Let me see what little sure I’m gonna shine you guys you wanna hold on somebody I want to show you that this show real quick Mr. Cabeza La vez mas para los para sus hijos Baracus and a van and you can walk the shit irascible baby because I will tell you guys something Si mama every motherfucker in the US Follow me on Instagram and Facebook and everything You guys see that I post a lot of shit who say no, you can’t beat that. What’s up mama? And you don’t mind the very special for me to do this event here at night Because my dad is married right across the street, so I wanted to be with my dad tonight, baby Hey, I don’t know When I’m drinking baby and I’m drinking tonight this is a night to celebrate We come in United baby from the yuppies Dale. Okay, y’all drink with me the latter one? We’re gonna do it without my shit they’ve got a money G That’s right Oh Good Your white tiger is bringing you the best Then you try to make somebody food – like money cheap, come on you gotta wait for later – shit you ready or what What the fuck what you fuckin make you fucking on my show ecology Hey mother cheating fucking on my shoulder Hey, I’ll say when I come to LA Get okay. Hey, I want you guys to know what the hell we going through. No follow that little tiny miniscule in the hood Till I met Don, I want everybody to put your middle fingers up in an air like this Every single motherfucking Mexican American in this motherfucker Oh Yeah, I’m ready for that memo boy can write so my boys chatting those laid out tomorrow, okay our Channel, yeah – boy shot – boy go. Listen to me man as we’re showing up man. Nice. Yeah

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