One of the Longest Ziplines in Japan / Tree Picnic Adventure IKEDA

Hello, everyone! I’m Charlotte. Today, I’m here at Tree Picnic Adventure Ikeda in Fukui Prefecture with my friend, Sam. And there he’s over there. Hello, Sam! So, in Tree Picnic Adventure Ikeda, there are many attractions, 7 main areas that visitors, including children, can enjoy. There is a Mega Zipline, Adventure Boat, Discovery Course, Picnic Course, Tree Climb Course, Kids Course and Outdoors. Because this place is located in the mountains and it’s quite large, even if you don’t participate in any of these activities, you can relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. This place is located in Ikeda town, Fukui, about one hour by car from Fukui City. Mega Zipline According to research by Ikeda-cho in April, 2016, the Mega Zipline at Tree Picnic Adventure Ikeda has the longest, highest and largest suspended cable in Japan. The participants start from the mountain ridge with an elevation of 60 meters which as high as 20 stories and glides across two valleys. It is 480 meters for the outward trip and 510 meters for the return trip. It must be thrilling for sure to go between and over mountains and valleys. This course is for 1 hour. So, how are you feeling? Very excited. Yeah? Ah, it looks amazing. Yeah. The scenery, it’s very beautiful. Hmmm. There’s light breeze which is very nice. Yes. Around the shoulders, it’s a little bit tight, but it’s a good feeling of being secured. That’s good. So, I’m feeling good. Yeah, good. Can you ride and stop a little bit? Like, or stop the speed, or slow the speed down, or you just go straight down. There’s no way of controlling the speed. Haha. Hmmm. So, the decline of the Zipline is quite gradual, so basically your speed will gradually reduce. Oh, ok, ok. Hmmm. So, there’s two. This is the first one going in, and you’ll stop there. And then, I think you’ll have to disconnect. Is that what they said? Yeah. You have to do it again. And then, that’s it. Yeah, and that’s the ride. Yeah! It’s a shame it’s not longer. Hmmm. That would be great if it would go down one more section. Hmmm. Yes, on the step. Ok. On the step. Yeah, yeah. Ok, so he’s about to start the Mega Ziplne. Relax, relax, relax, relax, relax. Ok, good to go. Ok? Yes? Three two one Go! Ok? Yes, ok. Three two one Lift off! How was it, Sam? How was it? It was great. Fantastic! Exhilarating! Arigato Gozaimasu(Thank you). So, was it better on the way in or out? Which way, which did you like better? Ah, at the beginning, it’s much steeper and faster. I enjoyed that part more. Lots of fun. So, would you try it again? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah?

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