Hey, Sup Don We gon make it right? This is work Camera guy: This is the whole tour, start and finish right here. So, I’m on my computer No hands Camery guy: You have hands No feet It’s roomie Alright, welcome to the international space station Here’s a tour We’re starting right now in Columbus And if you look on this little iPad right here there’s a picture of the station And right here, that’s Columbus so we’re on the starboard side front area in that module right there As you can see it’s the European laboratory but it’s not just European we also have NASA racks in here, NASA payloads in here too at the same time. There’s actually quite new stuff over here. This is the EML? (not sure) Alex’ll have to tell you about that cause that’s his But it’s actually really cool because it talks about because it talks about magnetic limitation and I just think that’s a cool sounding thing I don’t know exactly what it’s gonna do but it sounds great to me. Over here you can, it’s hard to see, again, everything but we are growing the ah In here that’s where we grew the lettuce, it’s right in there. Farther, just a work bench storage area, there’s a storage area above me storage area bellow me over here. This is where we take our blood, get it all set up for doing that. All the stuff is really neat for that all around here It’s a pretty easy task. We even have a centrifuge we put the blood into to help process it. Then after we do that for 30 minutes we freeze it get it all cold and then we ship it to ground and hopefully they can tell something about it, when we get there Again, more storage over here and also the Ultrasound we hooked up right here. We do Ultrasounds of all sorts of the parts of our body. Make sure we’re still doing okay. And then ah There’s also in here the slam d which we don’t want to set up but that’s where we do the ah, measure our mass That’s to see if we are loosing or gaining weight. Again, there’s a lot of science actually going on here too that we don’t touch too much, that we just set up. It’s a good place, it’s going pretty well and this is Alex’s, you can tell this is ah the German flag in the back it’s a good place for Alex. Moving on in Node 2 Camera man: The vacuum cleaner Yes that’s true. We do have one of the most important pieces of equipment on the ISS hidden up here This is the vacuum cleaner. We say, NASA’s talk is that this is the only piece of equipment that doesn’t suck on International Space Station. But, actually this is much better than the old one so we actually like it and ah, it’s nothing too fancy, just a vacuum cleaner. but we have to use it every week to get stuff clean Come into Node 2 and if you look on the picture here Node 2 is this section right here it’s this front little piece that fits on that station so it’s actually where the shuttle used to front and this black part is where the shuttle used to dock to and so right now, nothing of course is docking to that but we are in this area right after there It’s called Node 2 If you look out here, this is where the shuttle actually docks just right through that hatch right that way and there’s still a device on Earth a module called PMA that… (sorry can’t hear it) and when we get a visiting vehicle such as the Cygnus or a Space X (manufacturing company) we avert it down here on the near side, the lower side we will open that hatch and we have that there. That’s the idea of being a Node, it has multiple spots to attach to so you have all four sections here around and the one on the front and actually one behind us so there’s actually six places to dock. Beside’s that, it’s really our ah work bench area and our living quarters in Node 2 Come this way. Actually I see over here another one of our work benches we usually keep both work benches, here and here but this time we have one the Columbus Module just cause Alex is working on a special project there. And then if you go back you’ll see now it’s coming into view the four crew quarters around here. So we have four of us this one’s mine over here We have Oleg/Alek (Artemyev/Skvortsov?), we have Tonto we have Alex’s It’s kind of interest because once you get into one you really can’t tell which one’s which orientation you are so if I happened to go in to Tonto’s to look at a picture, something he’s got on his screen I’ll come out and I’ll be kinda confused because I don’t know which way I’m going. Especially if you go into Alex’s you come out and your really confused because it feels like your in your own but when you come out it’s a totally different orientation. (speaking really fast and not clearly) If you look in here these aren’t too big at all. You can take a quick look and I’ll jump in here real quick So we have our sleeping bag attached to the wall. The way I like to do it is I just have it attached here at one point and one point up here so I can put my feet right up here when I’m sleeping and I kind of do it in the sense of this position like this and I’m kind of curled up a little bit in a semi on my side sleeping position which is what I like to do back on Earth and I works out pretty well, gives me that same feeling almost, but it works well for me. Then when you wake up in the morning the first thing you see is your laptops. I got one that connects to the internet which works like 50% of the time and then I’ve got another one that does the our lan*? which gives us our schedule, all the other information or email everything we need to do to work up here, that’s what that one does. We also have an iPad as you can see and tht’s also a I know it’s small but really it works out well for me, we didn’t need much more room up here So let’s now move on to the lab And again if you look up here… so what we’re doing right now, it’s we are heading towards the back if we go to the port side now you can see that on your the port side is called node 3, and again it’s very similar to ahhh node 1 and 2 and it’s not even on this picture so that just makes it more difficult! but I might even have another one it shows… but it doesn’t matter, it’s to the ahh port side Cameraman: blame the guy who downloaded the picture yeah…blame the guy who downloaded the picture exactly which you normally don’t have Let’s go on back. We’re gonna do, we’re gonna head to the gym, ’cause we missed that at the beginning. So, we’ll head there. And then we have finished up the USOS segment And on the way I’m gonna get some water ’cause I’m really dead thirsty. And I’ll show you how we put water either for drink bags or for if we need to rehydrate some food. it’s either gonna be room temperature water or it’s hot water. This is the location Now the PWD, portable water dispensible dispenser potable water dispenser I knew that, well it’s probably portable too not that good so you just put whatever it is into the adapter how much water you want and hit the button it’s pretty easy, even I can do it Now if you do want some cold stuff we have this where we look at them and we have stuff in there our main sauce right there is Sriracha and we live out of that, nice diet that makes everything taste better It’s done. Fills up. And, uh, the nice thing about these things, these straws of course it’s got a little clamp on there so if I didn’t have that on there I show you the water pressure, it just starts coming on out There you go. Let’s go in to the gym. I’m going back actually right now back to node 2

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