Online Tours and Travel Agency Project

For Software Projects & Customized Software Development Call/Watsapp +917777094786 hi this project is the demonstration of
tools and travel system tools and Travis is a web-based system designed to make
it easier for people to go to packages online user can view various tool
packages and can move packages as well as you can pinch in the traveling and
food details system will automatically calculate the total amount based on the
videos provided by the user so let’s see how the system works
or these are get to people who will log into the system whether if they add in
our other ones maybe they you so let’s say the admin module so this is a admin
model of admin login page curiam we must mention mentioned the ID and the
password so let’s enter the ID and so once the admin logins to the system
these are the modules you can access the first model is the package details you
must must mention the package details the package IDs will be generated by the
system and we must mention the details let’s enter the place name and the description the take total stay amount and the more having more details you must argue the details about a
number of days and of number of nights the packages and again up with image once it hits the submit button this
video the database let’s see the view package details here the admin can you
videos package details as well as you can specify our particular place new
mannequin take a pic onto the search button your particular place details let’s city view booking details we can
do various user booking videos and by clicking onto the user ID you can you
the user details as with and by specifying the user name you can see the
particular user booking with this as well let’s see the new user details
module over here you can take any view user details and you can specify the
name and it on to the search button there are many users so this is how the
admin model works let’s say we use a model if the user is a new member
we can’t register himself by clicking onto the sign-in button so the ID user
ID we generated by the system and they must specify the name password as well
as the mobile number and the email ID by using the user ID and the password you
can login to the system so I had already registered myself so I
use the ID and a positive once the user logins to the system we can view various
places and the packages as well as the total cost for the particular package
and by specifying the destination place and if you wanted to search button you
can use that particular place des has wealthy package so if I am completing
move on once I click on to the search button
that particular case details will be shown as well as the package and a total
amount so once the user clicks on to be on toises in a jar or on that play speed
you will be redirected to the places where again the place details as well as
the package details so over here you can specify whether he needs if you want to
hold on to a radio button and he can you specify the mode of traveling so based
on that based on the user details the total amount will be calculated by the
system so now I’ll click over yours first
so my amount will be deducted and you must specify the date by clicking onto
the confirm bookie we’ll be redirected to the pavement wage
he can do the details about the package he had booked as well as you can specify
whether you want to pay make a payment by our credit card or debit card so when
the cakes on duty button he must specify the card it is the card number must be 16 digit
otherwise it will show an error message and the CBD number must be three digits and you must specify the expiration the total charges will be shown over you
once it gets on to the pay button the transition is made successful again you dearest as well I became a
beacon to the frame button to bring the receipt so this is other user model walks this
out that the wooden travel system works


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