Overlanding and Canal Camping on an Indian Reservation

There’s some folks camping right there and…There’s no house…
And we’re coming up on ahhh..Another one of those bridges guys… Which usually means decent parking and a place to go fishing! Okay let’s see what lies up here…
Hopefully it’s flat level and relatively clean…. Oh! That looks nice honey..I think we just found our spot!…Yeah! Oh yeah!… I think this place will do. It’s very clean, it’s by the
water where Ben can fish…Has excellent cellphone service and I see some level spots. Okay guys… Mark this day down in history!
It’s the day I got my fishing gear back out!! This is the first time I’ve gone
fishing in the expedition truck. This stuff has just been buried way too deep…
So I’m casted out right here below this bridge and there’s a nice little Eddy!
And with any luck, I’ll catch a catfish in a day or two at this spot! Good morning from the all-american canal.
Nice, restful night in this campsite guys! This one is awesome!
Let’s ahhh…Show you again. You know the trucks up there, we have our camp chairs
out, Shelby is currently inside. And we have this nice stretch of the canal to
ourselves! And there’s a wash bridge right here so when it does flash flood,
the water just goes right over here. So it’s not like a dam, it’s just a bridge!….
When it’s not flash flooding the Coyotes use it to run back and forth through
here at night! We heard them last night… Oh my gosh! So close and they are making such a racket…. Yeah! But it’s nice having the ahhh… Wildlife viewing spot here as well!…Mhhh…Yeah
it is!… So let me tell you a little bit about camping here along the
all-american canal. We are technically on Indian Reservation land…Ahhh… But that is not a forbidden thing. You’re not disrespecting the land by being here.
It’s just their land and they would like you to pay for an access permit! Now the
access permit is very similar to what you would experience on the BLM lands….Ahh…
You know the LTV places by Imperial dam in quartzite. And the prices are very
similar as well because it’s $40 for two weeks. Which we opted for! And it’s a
hundred and ten dollars for the entire season! And…. I don’t know about you…But this is an awesome campsite for… If you can stay here six months, seven months
for one hundred and ten dollars… This is it honey!…. In regards to the fishing… I
don’t know if there’s an annual pass… I’m sure there is. But the ahh… It’s $10 a day to fish here. Your Arizona license isn’t valid here because you’re technically in
California. But that cool Colorado River thing…Ahh… But your California license is not valid here as well! So you have to get a $10 per day fishing pass. Tammi if you’re watching…. This is that
reel you gave us. Thank you so much!… Uhhmmm…So I thought I’d share how I rig up baits
for catfish…. But I like to have a weight sit on the bottom. And then just imagine
this little chunk of chicken swirling in the current. Because yes! Catfish are
bottom feeders but their mouths do not go straight down like a sucker fish or
some carp. They feed directly straight forward. So…. Just a little catfish
catching tip and I hope I can actually hook one today Oh, hi!…. Well it is cat fishing… So they’re
not horribly picky on bait and truthfully they’re not horribly picky on
the setup! I’m just ahhh…Very particular about how I
like to rig things up and…. You’re particular?…Yeah I am… And I’m just gonna set it up here in my
makeshift rod holder. And as a little extra insurance… Loosen the drag, so if
you get something really big, you’re gonna hear the drag… But it’s pretty darn
secure guys! I hope to catch a fish on camera after I went through all this!
It’d be very much a letdown…Anti-climatic… Dinner’s on the barbecue! I think these
are Habanero chicken sausages. Should be good!…Well the Sun has officially set on
our second night here at our… New favourite Canal spot. And this is the last
of our firewood! Okay guys! This is a wrap from the
all-american canal. We are here, this wash right behind me here is called Picacho
wash. And it leads out to the old town and spot along the river called Picacho
State Park. Which I have never been to! I have I’ve only been to Ferguson but it
looks amazing. And I hope that we can maybe come back here ahhh… After we do our battery install. Now for those of you looking to come out here on your own,
make sure you pick up your permit from the Indian Reservation office. I’ll have
the link here in the video and in the description. But you can camp at all
these various spots along the canal… So the site that we’re in right now is not
immune to the human trash problem! There’s definitely some dumping that has
gone on there…Ahhh.. If you’re interested in this site, you know, it’s right where the
Picacho wash crosses over the all-american canal. But this dip right
here, this is what prohibits a lot of motorhomes from getting back here. And…They have to go down that trail over there and it puts them out over on that
side where the road over the bridges. I have to say that we really enjoyed our
time here! It was very relaxing, just really chill, laid-back… We felt very safe.
The price was right. $40 for two weeks. Even though we only stayed a few nights
or $110 for the entire season! Like this would be a heck of a sight guys! You
could really get settled in nicely here… Well, since we had time to
just chill out, we got our wheels turning. And I know we’ve said that we’re not
going to go home to Alaska again before this trip… But we’re thinking, how about
we head home to Alaska and we offer some unique gosh… Experiences to you guys and ahhh…It’s pretty exciting! So… Right now, it’s all in the beta mode
still just kind of bouncing it around. But live like an Alaskan class. Where you
stay in our house, we catch fish, flay fish, cook fish, canned fish ahhh…We make things out of Alaskan berries… Stuff like that! Ahhh…And we’re also thinking of doing some RV tours around the Kenai Peninsula It is going to be one of those things
that I think would prey end up being RV park stuff. Because of the nature of
making reservations for that many people… But we’re also debating on a fall, late
season, boondocking only, no reservations week-long trip up the Denali highway for
the fall colours!…. So if you would be interested in something like that summer
2019 Alaska, hook up with us for an
ultra-exclusive week. Maybe 10 days in our hometown, in our home! In Seward and we take you fishing and just teach you all this amazing stuff about what life
is really like in Alaska! Especially since it’ll be summertime, it’s the
getting season. Alright! I have rattled on enough! Thanks for
watching guys! I hope you enjoyed our little slice of canal life outside of
Yuma… And ahhh…Next up are the lithium battery installs…. So take care. Bye!

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