Paralympic Athlete, Testimonial, Seable Holidays

when I was under the water it was just a totally new world everything completely felt different it’s the best way of relieving stress and meeting new people and you know, it shows that just because
you’re disabled doesn’t mean it’s a disability you can’t spell disability without ability My name is Stephen Campbell I’m 27 years old I’m from Ireland and.. I am “Totally Blind” I was able to do Scuba Diving I was able to do Jet skiing some windsurfing to trying out 4×4 off road driving as well as meeting other blind people so that I can connect more and build up my network Has Seable helped me achieve wellbeing?
I believe it has I have been put into a new sport that I know I will love and I know that it will help me increase my confidence and will help me meet new people Even though that I’m blind Still allows me to either do more or the same amount of things that a sighted person does I loved every single moment of my time here in Sicily I would like
to reccomend Seable able to everyone out there
physically disabled or sensory disabled as I believe that it will help you improve your
capability of meeting new people and improve your social


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