[Music] [Music] it’s gonna be cool Wade was a bi where are they yeah they’re probably lost probably okay I get my no sense of direction from them where’s your mom oh there she is she was fixing her hair are you doing because I just did it said welcome to party oh very good just think if you had a dog you would really try to make it look like us Oh take a nap yeah we’re gonna take a nap stir we’re gonna try yeah just tonight we’re gonna take down just see the cherry blossoms then go to dinner go to dinner and then they’ll probably be tired cuz with jet lag yeah let’s go so far you like it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right let’s go have breakfast already mom I’m ready let’s go where’s your mom yeah Pam forgot some clothes back home so she’s shopping oh yeah I’m having left this is their first hike happening time are you tired we’re just starting no brakes oh no this isn’t it wait you’re taking a picture of the trail just in case y’all get lost in the trees bear rub up against these little different from Florida the way we’re supposed to go is closed it would lead to the main road bridge we’re not lost the trail is closed yeah seems like nothing shows right everything goes right there’s no always call an uber that’s the lesson is that now let’s do what do you follow a du-de du-de du-de I don’t know when I don’t mean when you go number 2 a clean jerk but I want to I think so thank you okay earth to sits back for a quick back like for the feet yeah mom what do you think this thing is for the man you said you could pee in the toilet when I leave here it’s a little too big and not so simple I have anxiety just when being in this room the baby’s bed over there on the wall this is already oh my gosh look at this doll you know one gonna rat where’s mom yeah okay I’m gonna go to dinner then we go to dinner tonight we have to choose you know yeah we’re gonna find a place look oh no pop no so you’re not gonna go in here can’t see you it’s not gonna be fancy [Applause] [Music] yeah mom almost fell I get it from you as you did I follow a lot yeah your brother sent a family good night good night love you good night come cuddle on the couch take off their shirts we’re not cheap it off pop still wearing jeans boo yeah are you charging yeah grunts animation yeah they like the mansion the dinner was good too we had deep conversations yeah my mom read you yeah in a good way yeah she’s good yeah and I guess I needed so so she was good yeah she’s good I don’t figuring people out it’s gonna turn off the light I’m gonna go fine good you’re gonna go I’m doing lucky can you close the window to deal 200 on doing it open yeah okay okay do I know but if you do all right let’s go we are ready a little grainy okay never liked the rain we’re gonna go to blue sky my dad and Bernardo hooked on that good dog [Music] we figured blueberries are good for you [Music] picha street for her good very good you can try it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay Adam are you glad your parents are here yeah yeah no they can heaven they haven’t seen like our house yeah and now they can New York and visit it but they’d stay so it’s good for them to see and now they can’t actually visit you yeah and stay in the apartment and stay you’re gonna live to Japanese garden a rose garden I gotta pee do you think they liked the Japanese car I think so I think it dad liked more but my mom took a lot of pictures like you yeah she was taking pictures of everything but you like me that was cute but I think they liked it fantasy I think they’re good on like the rules gardening – I’m gonna take a long time okay that’s good here we go anyway yeah did you like it I did yeah I liked all the symbolism yeah how do you think I really liked it I wish I knew what is that just sitting make sure there are roses in the Rose Garden they’re not you seen it is but there are some over there that’s like Bernardo that are like deep in our done it’s what I’ve been saying where the most reasonable ones I really we have to be that way too we’re together [Applause] [Music] tomorrow cardio cardio for two hours in the morning what a mom day organs [Music] take the picture ba-ba-ba-ba today was fun [Music] did you hear hikes you can go show them our favorite waterfall gear Multnomah Falls [Applause] that’s not it that’s not it oh no it’s it but there’s much more to see [Music] [Music] [Music] what did you all think unbelievable it was like a you were 40 and now we’re gonna take them on their surprise for their 40th anniversary exciting forward to it yeah yeah we’re gonna make more memories see ya bye [Music]


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