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Hi guys , I am Mohit And today I’ll be telling you , How to explore PARIS on a budget . One , two and three. I am staying at a hostel , which is usually the cheapest option for budget travellers My bunk is down here and there is a dutch girl on the upper bunk and all the beds have individual power sockets. Every bed has a locker as well on which you have to use your own lock . The best option to commute in Paris is the metro . The unlimited rides pass for the transport network are quite expensive here. But a single journey ticket costs around 2 euros and is valid for 90 minutes for multiple trips after first validation scan And a booklet of 10 single journey tickets costs 15 euros instead of 20 . And these tickets are also valid in buses and trams . Now its time for the biggest landmark in Paris. The middle floor ticket for the tower is for 16 (Rs. 1200) euros and top floor ticket is for 25.(Rs 2000) As there usually is a 3 month waiting for top floor tickets, I saw the tower from below ! After sun down , the tower glitters with lights at the first five minutes of every hour . And at midnight , only the white lights are sparkling . The nightlife in paris is different from that in amsterdam or budapest and is not party based but the people here mostly chill outdoors. You can spot a lot of young travellers relaxing in the city’s large parks and enjoying their drinks. And me and my roommates did something like that as well . Its nice white wine ! A red wine that me and haley are sharing . Full bloody red bottle! But why WINE? Because France is known for its local wines and wine bottles here cost around 3 to 5 euros which is cheaper than beer. And if you want to go to a nightclub , entry starts from 10 euros (Rs.800) which can go upto 20 to 25 euros (1500 to Rs. 2000) on weekends with no cover charge . The 200 euro (Rs. 15,000) cabaret in paris is also world famous. Other than that , my hostel also had a cafe and lounge that was converted into a nightclub on weekends ,that too with a live DJ. The main advantage here was ‘ Free entry’ A mojito or beer will cost around 5 euros and you’ll be able to meet a lot of young travellers here. And during the weekends , they had some free social events in the evening , like a crepe making day where I learnt to make french crepes and made a lot of new friends at the same time . LADY : you want to try it ? They also had a free wine and cheese tasting . Some other day were mojito making classes and you can socialise with people from different parts of the world. So the hostel has offered me a free tour and this guide will show us around without any charge but will expect a tip at the end A free tour gives you the opportunity to meet other people in your hostel as well. And now its time to see Paris. The second famous picture spot in paris is
“arc de triomphe” Most people just see it from below and a ticket to go upstairs in for 1000 rupees (12 Euros). And after arc de triomphe, its time to go to
“Champs Elysees” This is the city’s most popular boulevard which is know for expensive designer stores and for the patios , where a small french style coffee can cost 700 rupees. A live show in paris national opera will cost around 50 to 100 euros. And as we go ahead , street by street the royal palaces in paris like ‘The Gran dPalais’ Luxemborg Palace Modern art galleries and historic luxury hotels as well as royal fountains and royal historic fountains. will impress you constantly. And now I am at one of the worlds most famous and biggest museums ‘The Louvre’ It can take months to see all the artefacts her in this museum and hence I headed to see the worlds most famous painting in here THE MONALISA Thats right , its in this museum. But otherwise, Louvre is a maze of multiples floors and art galleries most of which houses french masterpieces. Like this painting here, that shows Napolean helping his plague affected soldiers. And if you notice , Napolean’s face is brightly painted. Right in front of my hostel and the North Railway station is the city’s budget friendly backpacker area. And a lot of indians stay in this area who can properly understand and speak hindi language. The cheapest sim card here is from Lyca Mobile And there is a restaurant named Bombay Palace here when you can get a meal for 5 euros 1 vegetable with 3 rotis or a biryani with some veggies This is, arguably the cheapest place in western europe to eat some indian food because in the city one single naan costs
a euro and a half. (Rs. 125) I had food for 3 or 4 days over here and invited my roommates as well . Other than that , a regular meal at mcdonalds will cost 400 rupees and a signature meal for 1000 rupees. And a persian crepe filled with nutella for 400 rupees. Macarons for 90 rupees a piece . A double scoop ice cream for 500 rupees. and groceries were much more expensive . Carrots for 130 rupees a kilo. Capsicum, 100 rupees per piece. Apples for 250 rupees a kilo. 2 litre coke for 140 rupees and
1 litre of water for 70 rupees. And if you buy water in the city ,
500ml for 150 rupees. I purchased a Lyca mobile sim card from a shop which cost me 10 euros valid for 30 days , including 2 gb of data and unlimited french calls. A lot of people tend to explore paris on a rented bicycle during the summers which costs around 900 rupees per day. And a 1 hour boat ride will cost around 1200 rupees. But I preferred to take a walk at the river bank and spotted a lot more people like me drinking and relaxing. Third day in paris , and today I am going
to the palace of versailles which is just a short train ride away from here and its return ticket is for 7 euros . Takes a total of 40 minutes to get there. And I hope that you’re not just a selfie tourist because in the next minute I will be showing you the places in paris that are a living example of
french history, culture, art and parisian lifestyle including their prices as well. The Royal Palace of Versailles The most beautiful church I’ve ever visited
‘Saint Chapelle’ Napolean’s Tomb Notre Dame Cathedral of the 11th century. The largest shopping mall for luxury brands
Galarie Lafayette The cafe district of paris known as
The Latin Quarter Sacré Coeur Basilica . And filled with cafe culture, posh Parisian lifestyle and designer galleries La Marias Where I saw this cushion for 1500 euros. If I combine the ticket prices of all the museums and monuments , the total becomes 150 euros. (Rs. 12000) But I actually paid only 62 euros !! (Rs. 5000) As I bought the 4 day museum pass which included free entry to 60 museums including express entry . You can buy this as well if you’re interested to visit most of these places in a limited time. A round trip flight to Paris from Delhi or Mumbai will cost 36,000 rupees. You can also visit Amsterdam or Brussels both of which are well connected with trains. This combination includes The Art of Paris
Nightlife in Amsterdam And Belgian’s
Belgian Chocolate Belgian Waffle Belgian Fries Belgian Beer And there are a lot of pickpockets here always keep an eye on your bags . And now its time for the total expenditure
Hostel for 6 nights , 2000 rupees per night Haldirams ready to eat meals + the local food I had
800 rupees per day 30 Transport tickets for 3500 rupees Parties and non-alcoholic drinks for 1500 rupees. 4 day Paris museum pass for 5000 rupees. To explore Paris , you need a minimum of 4 days And if you save some money in food and accommodation you can complete your trip in 20,000 rupees only. Paris is my second city vlog
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