Paros Pt 2. Island Tour, Santa Maria Beach, and More | Greek Travel Vlog

it’s time to go to the beach we’ve been waiting for this moment oh is this the way so nice we’re finally at the beach oh my gosh are you guys ready for this are you ready I don’t even baby so we had a beautiful long day at the beach and the pool and then we started to get ready and we are going to I don’t even remember the place with what it’s called are you ki Fateh kia we’re going there for dinner we’re still going to meet Hannah do you guys remember in Hannah from last night and this morning we’re gonna be her there too and then we’re all going to have dinner and have carlos has been good to us the hostel is a little like sketchy so we’re still getting used to that but so far so good so far so good so yeah we’ll take you to dinner I fly into one Airport in Paris and I fly out of it and I don’t like know why so I have four hours but I mean there’s like this is my yeah I was like wait say that’s not vegetarian okay that’s fine thank you go for hours so Jeff like self trying to do bad blow the only my backpack Oh would you like yeah okay we’re still in Paris we’re downtown in oh my god I keep forgetting this name creaky cranky and so there is a Greek liquor that we had to try this is gonna be all of our first time she said you had it and look at this wow it looks like a vodka mixed already with tonic can you smell that it’s like some people yeah though it’s called we gotta bring it do some ouzo ouzo no I don’t know it’s very warming I don’t know I’m not sure maybe the second time turned into an all-nighter now


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