Pass Guard for Mount – AKA Thailand

Hello, guys. This is my student Ayman. Today I will show for you one pass the guard for mount when my
opponent is very good in butterfly guard. So, always when I am here in butterfly
guard it will be very hard for me if he grips my back. This would be very hard for me. So, when he starts butterfly
guard and tries to come I push him. So he comes, I push him. At the same time I stand up. When I do this movement of course he still has the butterfly guard. It will be
hard for me to take out my legs. So what I need to do here first, I move for this way, and now change totally the direction. Now my left hand comes on his knee. Blocks his knee. When I do this, second thing, my left knee comes to the same place as my hands. When I do this, my left hand cross, and I switch my base very fast. One. Two. And get the mount. So remember, guys, in butterfly guard it would be very hard for me
if he comes and grips my back. So he comes, I push, and stand up. Move one, two. My left hand comes and blocks his knee. Now my knee comes to the same place as my hands. I cross my arms. Switch my base. And get the mount.

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