Paxos Airbnb Tour| GREEK Solo Travel VLOG

hey everyone thanks for tuning in today so if you’re new to my channel my name is Leah and I’m a full-time traveler and I’m currently in Greece island hopping and I am on island number five I’m in paxos so um I’m so excited to be here for several several reasons but the main reason I am showing you guys today is that I’m not staying in hostels anymore and I’m so excited to take a break from hostels and stay at a lovely Airbnb today I’m going to give you a tour of this lovely studio in laka which is one of the cities in Paco’s toxis is an island in the Union see I have not checked anything out yet I just took a shower and I wanted to just go through everything with you so let’s start right here so first there’s the kitchen I literally love this place it looks so I don’t know new it’s like it was just remodeled or something so this is like the stove and stuff and there’s just a bunch of cabinets coffee machine definitely need that there’s just everything that you need in this Airbnb it’s just beautiful I won’t go open every single cabinet but I really really like it I thought how everything looks so great there’s like a brand new sponge and just everything is just so nice and neat I love it and then over here and it’s like the cleaning supplies trash can and then like it’s so cute this whole thing is like stocked with food and coffee and olive oil and seasonings see what’s in here what that’s so cool ice this place is like decked out with everything that you need is so awesome water Greek yogurt dope that’s just so cool I love when Arabi and bees are like stocked so you really feel like at home okay sign here is like the kitchen area I guess with plots of fruit with lots of jam and honey and stuff oh how cool what is this that’s a bus schedule Wow sure looks like a magazine oh that’s so cool I love this place so much okay I’ve already seen the bathroom because like I said I took a shower so yeah it’s just saying a basic shower it’s just so nice in here you guys see that sorry okay and this is the bedroom cuz it’s you know just beautiful I love it I’m so excited to be able to stay here I was like a vanity to do makeup this is huge look at this a huge wardrobe let’s see what’s inside okay so extra oh that’s awesome so extra lens hangers what’s up here more linens so okay so she told me that there is like a patio back here like it so here’s the here’s the alleyway well there’s bunch of people here today and there’s like a table and chair out here she said that one is for this apartment oh my gosh I love this so much okay what’s down here I saw this when I walked in I was like oh my god I want to see what’s inside so this blow dryer and then a first aid kit are you serious like how awesome is that then it comes with the first aid kit that’s like so like just look at it so there’s like and I don’t know what that is how to set them all that’s for bug buddy some more parts I’m all candy that is like the cutest thing ever to put a first-aid kit in an airbnb have you guys ever seen that before I’m so excited to be here for two whole weeks but you guys enjoyed this little tour of this adorable studio here in Packo’s and as always if you like this vlog and you want to see more beautiful vlogs like this please give me a thumbs up and comment below oh and also if you want you to get an Airbnb use my code it’s in the description box because not only do you get my I get a little bit of money too so that would be great so yes alright I’ll see you in the next one


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