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Today we are going to share the 2nd episode of our Sikkim tour package. If you have missed
the 1st episode then please click the suggested video link on the top right corner of your
screen. We will also share this link in the description box below. In the 1st episode,
we have shared our 1st two days tour plan. In this episode, we will share our 3rd- day
tour plan. Let’s start.
Day-3 On 3rd early in the morning, we witnessed
a beautiful sunrise from our hotel room. Since we stayed at a hotel adjacent to the new helipad
we observed the majestic view of Mount Kanchenjunga glittering in bright sun rays from the helipad.
After breakfast, we started our journey towards the Pelling Skywalk.
The road to the Pelling Skywalk has six sharp turns and we enjoyed climbing this path. In
front of the main entrance of the skywalk, there is a car parking space and we parked
our car there. The entry fee to the premises is Rs 100 per
person. At the centre of the main complex, there is
a big courtyard. On the left-hand side of this courtyard, stands the 137feet tall statue
of Chenrezig- a manifestation of all the Buddha’s compassion. We climbed several stairs to reach
the base of the statue. On the right-hand side of the central courtyard,
there is the Glass Skywalk. We had to open our shoes to enter into that glass area. Walking
through this glass panel is quite adventurous as you can clearly see the road several feet
below your foot. This place is currently one of the most famous
tourist attractions near Pelling. Any time you can see a small crowd walking around this
glass path and taking pictures. From Skywalk we went to Rimbi falls.
Rimbi Waterfalls is approximately 12 km away from Pelling. It is situated on the banks
of Rimbi River. The view of the gushing waterfalls coming down through the fresh green mountains
was a treat for our eyes. From there we went to see the famous Kanchenjunga
Waterfalls. Kanchenjunga Waterfalls is yet another beautiful
waterfall in west Sikkim. At the side of this waterfalls, we saw some small local food stalls
selling snacks and titbits. You can purchase tickets with Rs 20 and go to the inner side
of the falls climbing up the boulders. There are also some adventure sports activities
available for tourists. Overall, a beautiful place to visit.
From Kanchenjunga falls we move towards Yuksom. The road that took us to Yuksom is famous
for its scenic beauty. We experienced green forests everywhere. Other than the fresh greeneries,
we also witnessed a beautiful blue flower that blooms on the roadside. Locals call it
Neel-Kamal. The place provides access to the base camp of Mount Kanchenjunga. We parked
our car a little away from the coronation throne of first Chogyal. A 15 minutes walk
is required to reach that place. Yuksom village is of very high historical
importance to the Sikkimese. The first Chogyal crowned here in 1642. We first went to the
coronation throne of the first Chogyal. The place is now maintained by Archaeological
Survey of India. During day time many local women come here to offer their homage to the
Buddhist deities. The place is clean and well-maintained till date.
Beside the coronation throne ground, there is a big complex where you can see a statue
of the First Chogyal of Sikkim. From Yuksom, we went to Khecheopalri Lake.
Khecheopalri Lake is a holy lake situated 34 km away from Pelling. We parked our car
outside the Lake area. A short walk is required to reach the banks of the lake. Since this
is a holy lake we observed many prayer flags flattering all over the place. There was also a big prayer Bell. The lake is infested with
fish. Visitors enjoy feeding the fish here. Fishing is prohibited at this place. This
is a place where you can enjoy a calm and quiet nature.
At this point, we finish our West Sikkim tour. On the next episode, we will move towards
Rabangla of South Sikkim. Your comments and suggestions will be highly
appreciated.Thanks for watching.


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