PHUKET life and travel Guide book island tour #1 Phuket KHAI island – Challenge level 1

Emerald sea and blue sky Jump into the sea TOTO daddy’s phuket survival diary Kai Island is located on the east side of Phuket City Two-year-old TOTO’s first Journey to the island. All tour agency offer free pick-up services use a speed boat, you’ll be there in 30 minutes Where are you going? Boat~~Boat ride~~~ Kai Island is good place to accompany
infants and elderly people. the nearest island and possible half-day tour In Phuket Childrens always be careful of mosquitoes The first is always hard. Cheer up, son. Emerald sea sky and white sand beach are beautiful. soft sand and shallow water can be enjoyed by anyone Kai Island is the best choice when time is running out or when you want a relaxing schedule. Khai is a recommended place for children’s companions. If it’s a half-day tour, it’s better in the morning than afternoon In the morning, the water is clear and many fish Of the many sandy beaches of Phuket the easiest place to meet many fish There’s some snorkeling points between the islands. The bottom looks black because of the sea urchins It’s dangerous. Don’t step on it I wish you a wise Phuket life and good luck

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