Pieces of historic landmarks remain hidden around the city

WHEN HISTORIC LANDMARKS ARE TORN DOWN IN ALBUQUERQUE… THEY DON )T COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR. SOMETIMES PIECES OF THOSE BUILDINGS ARE RE-USED — AND YOU OFTEN WON )T EVEN KNOW IT, EVEN WHEN YOU SEE IT. NEWS 13 )S MARISSA LUCERO SHOWS YOU. WHETHER YOU )RE WALKING IN DOWNTOWN ALBUQUERQUE… OR TAKING A STROLL IN ONE OF THE CITY )S SIGNATURE PARKS… 01:01:04Deb”They )re walking by history…”01:01:06 AS DEB SLANEY SAYS … YOU COULD BE WALKING BY A PIECE OF HISTORY … WITHOUT EVEN NOTICING IT. SLANEY IS THE ALBUQUERQUE MUSEUM )S CURATOR OF HISTORY … AND BOY IS SHE A FAN OF THIS OLD CITY. 01:01:21Deb”One of the most fun parts about walking around town is finding those antique parts and architectural details that you know are vintage.”01:01:28 TAKE FOR INSTANCE THE ALVARADO TRANSPORTATION CENTER … THE PREVIOUS VERSION WAS ALBUQUERQUE )S MOST BELOVED RAILROAD HOTEL… THAT SPANNED MORE THAN TWO BLOCKS. 01;04:58Deb”All this room for hundreds of people including the people coming off the troop trains…”01:05:04 13:28:48Announcer”Albuqu erque today is one of the most interesting stops…”13:28:53 IT WAS DEMOLISHED IN 1970. SLANEY SAYS PEOPLE LINED THE STREET TO BUY PIECES FROM INSIDE THE PROPERTY … EVERYTHING FROM THE POTTERY TO THE TILES. 01:04:10Deb”They were ever coming into the gardens and digging up the rose bushes and the fig trees.”01:04:13 ROOSEVELT PARK … NEAR COAL AND I-25 … BUILT OVER SAND DUNES IN THE 1930s … HAS ANOTHER PIECE OF THE CITY )S HISTORY…. 01:08:10Marissa Standup”This five foot wall on the south side of Roosevelt park was built with stones from the now demolished old county jail.”01:08:19 01:08:20Deb”That kind of stone was very popular at the time and it took the railroad in order to ship it in…”01:08:25 THEN … THE SANDSTONE WALL THAT TAKES UP A PORTION OF THE SIMMS BUILDING IN DOWNTOWN … (THAT WAS PART OF THE OLD COMMERCIAL CLUB THAT WAS TORN DOWN IN 1954… 01:10:00Deb”So at a time when when no one was thinking of preservation to take those blocks and incorporate them into the new … all that that was very forward thinking for that time.”01:10:08 MARISSA LUCERO KRQE NEWS 13 SLANEY SAYS THE CITY STILL HAS A CELL FROM THE OLD COUNTY JAIL … WHICH STOOD AT CENTRAL AND RIO GRANDE UNTIL ABOUT A CENTURY AGO. THE CELL WAS AT THE CITY )S STORAGE YARD FOR YEARS UNTIL IT WAS DONATED TO THE ALBUQUERQUE MUSEUM IN THE 19-70S. .TONIGHT…Partly cloudy. Isolated showers


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