Pig Chooses The Worst Reviewed Restaurant in Eastern Europe

hello comrades welcome to Eastern Europe we’ve already checked the worst reviews places in Slovakia and the Czech Republic this time we aim for something bigger something way worse than you can imagine season finale easy [Music] for the glorious season finale we headed to a beautiful Eastern European village to meet a fortune-teller who would tell us in which country we’d find the worst review to place in Eastern Europe new people are bitching in the comments that we should cover new countries that it was all the same I’ll tell you what we have eleven buckets filled with good stuff each one representing a Slavic country we haven’t visited yet we have Bosnia and Herzegovina Belarus Bulgaria Croatia Macedonia Montenegro Poland Russia Slovenia Serbia and Ukraine so who’s picking our next destination Yvonne Yvonne is a fortune-telling Pig that predicted the death of my four siblings and a very dry year in 2009 today we’re going to use his skills to find the absolutely worst place in Eastern Europe I hope that even is hungry come even commit something he’s very shy today not exactly a camera type pick the country for us even big the country very tough decision come on don’t be shy so which country is it very tough decision [Music] what country are you gonna pick us even [Music] visit Bosnia is it Bosnia are we going to Sarajevo is it Bosnia [Music] [Music] are we going to sir this is an omen for us this is an omen even you either the flag you are not supposed to eat the flag but this is a very strong sign that something very bad the were distribute place all over Eastern Europe is waiting for us in Bosnia and Herzegovina even the pig opted for Bosnia and Herzegovina let’s go to TripAdvisor and find the worst place in this Slovak country oh man Bosnia and Herzegovina never been there let’s go to restaurants this time we’re doing it a bit differently I’m gonna open every single city and region that is listed here on TripAdvisor and I’m gonna find the worst reviewed place where a person can eat it doesn’t matter if it’s a restaurant or a coffee shop I’m gonna search everything so I have 20 tabs open here give me probably half an hour to find the wery worst place in Bosnia I’d have to go [Music] [Laughter] [Music] so I checked every single restaurant dessert place bakery bar pop or cafe and all around bosnia-herzegovina and let me tell you guys I’ve found the worst place it’s called sheer spa so let’s check out this pup where you obviously can eat let’s check some of the photos all right the food doesn’t look very appealing but the interior looks very decent wow this looks like a British pub a British pub in Sarajevo by the way we are in Sarajevo the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina not very surprising that we ended up in the capital a lot of tourist reps in the capital cities of Eastern Europe let’s check the reviews and see if I’m right we saw this place outside and thought about going there for a beer everything seemed to be good but at the end when we had to pay they charged us more than we had drunk and when we tried to argue that that was not our total Department mocked us and did a really rude gesture towards absolutely terrible I’ve got food poisoning first one in my life from their pizza we waited too long also for the meal that was a very very very bad experience the waiter refused to show us the menu our prices the cocktails were he appeared after asking for the bill we just got another round which we were forced to pay a woman selling roses was brutally kicked out literally thrown on the street when we moved on friendly place I have visited in my extensive travels around Eastern Europe no priceless aggressive stuff will top it seems to make your experience as unpleasant as possible avoid at all shortened from cheers pub 16 Bosnian marks for four beers five minutes later same four beers 24 marks you make enough money with your prices without ripping people of anymore joke wow this is super exciting going to a country that was chosen by a king pig this time we’re doing it a bit differently blood or dope each mo visit Otto bonk ooh dr. Chynn to Vidar torching la da da vida de baño colic there clearly are making up prices there’s no beverage menu a woman had her first food poisoning there the cuisine is terrible this is probably the worst staff we will ever encounter in this series what a season finale this is gonna be what a way to end this series all right I got a new car for this special season finale and my cameraman Vladimir should be done fixing it let’s go get him and go to Bosnia and Herzegovina [Music] Sawako bhakti Oprah VLC brother no salaam alaikom DISA about diversity school many many cultures of Falcon phenomenal to the eye tog Rosa Beach puzzling asana and so we packed our cigarettes some alcoholic nutrients and headed 800 kilometers south to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo [Music] Nico [Music] welcome to Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina the journey from Slovakia took 11 hours and there are two things we need badly right now some good beer and good food not sure if we can find a ladder in Cheers pup let’s find it Wow it took us almost 30 minutes to find the pup we are in the city center of Sarajevo not surprisingly of course and cheers pup is right in front of us I think it’s it’s a good idea to make our hair look a bit more cool to look at least a bit relevant yeah because nobody would believe us that we are fucking me that we’re real customers all right let’s enter the worst reviewed place in Bosnia and Herzegovina the cheers pub cheers fuck let’s begin with the with a beer well some of the reviews were saying that there is no beverage menu but there are beverages in this menu there are cocktails there are beers so what the hell there was a sign on TripAdvisor with a variety of beers but here on this menu they have just the the Khurram bucket I’m gonna ask them I’m gonna ask them where are the servers it’s been 10 minutes already I would like to have a beer [Music] where are the servers it’s been 15 minutes what’s that the fucking server just staring at us for 15 minutes now she’s coming at our table that cannot be true where are they yeah there are only two tables filled with people the pump is almost empty and we’ve been waiting for 15 minutes first server to arrive [Music] terrible customer service so far first impression is very bad one star out of five I’m not terrible than great all right hi we’d like to order a beer first do you have other beers you don’t have you just bottled beers only bottle all yours so which one do you want do you recommend this is one bit booger or Benedict inner this is what be wise beer this is dark beer so are you Bosnians yeah we’ll order something else in a few minutes okay a beer pub that doesn’t have a beer on a tab Friday even 7:30 p.m. they don’t have beer a British pub that doesn’t have a beer on the tap Pizza Sarajevo it’s with sauce cheese smoked meat smoked sausage mushrooms and sour cream sounds pretty good probably no risk of food poisoning because everything should be cooked hopefully the mushrooms could be cooked I’m pretty sure they don’t have anything Boston this is a British pub with with Italian cuisine and nothing more just Italian cuisine so we’re gonna ask if they can recommend us something Boston and if not a good choice would be chicken filled with curry sauce sorry emsco beer and you know what we’re gonna say in a few seconds Cheers my opinion is always biased because I live in the Czech Republic you are going to order the chicken fillet with curry sauce an Indian dish in a British pub in Bosnia and Herzegovina it’s if something is meant to be terrible here it’s definitely this the Wi-Fi is not working also the server seems a bit pissed off for no reason we haven’t done anything yet so the password should be internet it’s not working the internet is not working I’m gonna have the pizza sarajevo and you’re gonna have you’re gonna with chicken fillet with curry sauce okay and with with what our what are the dollar chips this potato we have like like baked potatoes and french fries only that do you have something like typical Bosnian here or just Italians it’s fine we’re definitely gonna have the rakia okay that is typical Boston okay Wow he smiled this time he was more pleasant they don’t have all the extras on the menu they have just baked potatoes and french fries baked potatoes and french fries are not listed here so they have two completely different options as extras the Wi-Fi is not working choose kitchen guests Cheers as we try that but no internet connection okay it’s not working [Music] no internet connection it’s not working all right whoa very nice smell hmm I think up this is one of the reasons why people love the ball come cheers Cheers interesting Cheers very interesting if you’re from the Balkans we want to say thank you for a rakia two more if we get two more we’re gonna get a two more in our head are you fucking kidding me okay put it put it down put it down you just pick a random catch on the street and you’re gonna eat from the table I’m from Russia excuse me can we have two maracas you cannot see but the more questions we ask the more angry the server is getting I’m kind of scared of confronting him at the end or look at those girls Vlad [Music] will you married me rakia thank you very much thank you wow this looks pretty good it smells very good this is uh this is the sour cheese or sour cream the the photos on TripAdvisor looks completely different of course it’s not the best looking okay the sides are a bit burned but it’s not bad it’s not that bad yeah but I’m very curious about that fucking car yourself I love you Balkan people I love you Balkan countries Cheers let’s try the riddles what it is it good is a treasure the sauce is great nothing wrong with this this is an average pizza you know what rating this pizza is gonna get 3.6 3.6 not great not terrible from the pepperoni and the sour cheese makes it really salty but overall it’s a it’s just a normal pizza I’m very surprised the curry sauce is spot-on you know we’re having great time the meal is pretty good but I think we may be surprised after seeing the bill because we still don’t know the exchange rate of of the Boston mark thank you how much sorry four point five out of five for this chicken breast with potatoes and a curry sauce how can this be the worst really to place in bosnia-herzegovina after 45 minutes still no internet connection we cannot check the exchange rate because mobile data isn’t ginger as well okay again we’ve been waiting for 15 minutes for the server to pick our plates up he sees that we’ve been finished for 15 minutes we want to order a dessert there are only four tables full apart from us we need a busser he has five tables and he’s not able to take care of them am I too spoiled or am I just drunk right now alright it’s been 25 minutes already we’re still waiting for the server to show up he doesn’t care about us 25 minutes man what the hell is he doing is he like chatting with the chef 30 minutes ladies and gentlemen we’ve been waiting for 30 minutes for our plates to disappear we also finished our beers we finished with everything we may want a dessert we may want another drink we may want to leave we may want to pay but nobody cares why am i bringing you with me [Music] this is why they ignore as you to ask [Music] 35 minutes feds bleeeh tea foreman this is soviet architecture while it’s gonna perform some magic as we’re waiting after hands us empty hands let’s see what happened [Music] what [Music] good solution magic you want to see more magic no please like please broker empty pockets now don’t steal anything [Music] [Music] he sees us but he’s ignorant 40 minutes right now fifty-five minutes with a cart [Music] the server arrived after one hour this is probably the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced let’s confront him with everything I’m scared I’m not sure if I should be snapping my fingers at the service here in Boston at Segovia now if you’re from Boston I have to go and I let me know if people should wave at them or snap their fingers because everywhere else in the world it’s considered rude but maybe that’s how it works here 3757 can I ask you one thing do you know that this is the worst video to place in Boston hence ago and you’ll find on the Google what did what do you put TripAdvisor tripled up yes what do you think is it worst price well the food was very good the food was very good but we waited for almost an hour for the plates to to be removed to be kept because and alone yet but why are you alone why why don’t you have another Kali because here we are worst place no we I’m just asking I’m just asking why is it the worst place you tell me why do you think it’s the worst place you tell you I don’t know the real lost what’s up so I guess the good yeah the meal was good I already told you you can order the food in all five places Tesla achieves that’s the same thank you very much thank you thank you it’s 19 year olds 29 cents which is a very good price for what we had very good price [Music] very good prices for the city center and a very slow server but that’s what happens when one server takes care of several restaurants and pubs but this management fail I cannot give the cheese Bob more than three stars out of five waiting for an hour for the server to show up is simply unacceptable cheesepuff concludes our bleeeh people seek a job what you might call a double bottom you can go out what you need to Boston area much I am truly terrible yeah give me the move to Bahamas don’t tell Adele : [Music]


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