Piknik-pila / Instant Picnic-prank

Today I will try to have a quick picnic I’ll try to have the quick picnic with random passers by I soon as I get someone to stop I will magically produce a glass of champagne from my pocket As I’m taking my jacket off I will produce a full bottle of champagne Jose sneaks like a ninja behind the target And gives me a blanket on which we have the picnic on Mr. Mystery, a man in full body camouflage will sneak a picnic basket when the target is distracted QUICK PICNIC Are you alone here? I’m not really sure I was supposed to have a picnic here Can you hold this? My friend kinda works here Yeah I’m kinda working as well Hold this as well What do you have there? Come here with me And something to eat as well You guys want some banana? Are you in a hurry – – no I’m not from here, can you hold this? What? – – Yeah, just hold it for a while I was supposed to have a picnic with some friends I’m not sure where the bus station is The station? – – Yeah, yeah the station Can you hold this, are you in a hurry? No, I’m not in a hurry… Come here… …and sit with me, I think my friends are late OMG ! What’s going on?! Nothing special You don’t want to taste it? – – No thanks What bus stops are there? That’s Kaisaniemi – – Oh ok, Kaisaniemi Alright, if you are hungry You want some? I really don’t need anything…. Are you hungry? Some banana? – – No Is the Viking Ship that way? Come sit with me If you’re not in a hurry – – no I’m not Can I sit here? Yeah, and the drink is alcohol free so don’t worry – – Ok We have cameras there There’s scammer number one Scammer number 2 is lying down on the grass And there’s another camera Hello, you guys had a picnic

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