Plan Your Summer at the Tiniest Travel Agency

(Cheerful, quirky music plays) (Phone rings, keyboard typing and office noises in the background) LITTLE GIRL: Welcome to the Tiny Travel Agency KATHERINE: Hi, I’m Katherine. How can I help you? MOM: Hi. I have an appointment with…
KATHERINE: You’re with me. I’m the boss of this place, honey. Now come sit down. MOM: Sure. KATHERINE: Ok, what do you need? Go. MOM: Ok, well… Now that my kids are out of school, we want to take a family trip to Miami. KATHERINE: Your whatty? MOM: (puzzled) Miami? KATHERINE: I don’t like it. Not one bit. You’re going to Great Wolf Lodge. MOM: (curious) Great Wolf Lodge? KATHERINE: It has awesome water slides, mini golf, a bowling alley… (Slurping sounds) KATHERINE: …you’ll love it! Your family will love it! Trust me, I know these things. (Banging sounds) KATHERINE: STOP SMACKING THE PRINTER! KATHERINE: (calmly) Here are your Paw Passes. Summer vacation planned. MOM: (excited) Thank you, very much. Bye. KATHERINE: Bye. (Background music fades)

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