Point Nepean National Park – A Place of History

[Music] Hi I’m Victor Teoh, Ranger in Charge of Point Nepean National Park. The park’s around 560 hectares and is located at the very tip of the Mornington Peninsula,
right near Portsea. We’re here at Fort Nepean and behind me you can see the battery observation
post. This whole area played a really important role in defending Victoria and the nation. [music] Many of our 250,000 annual visitors love to
wander or ride along the coastal tracks past historic buildings and landmarks but what isn’t as widely known is just how important the role Point Nepean played in
early defence and war time efforts for Australia and the British Empire.
Tuesday the 5th of August 2014 marks the centenary of a remarkable and defining moment in our
nations history. The firing of the first shot in the British
Empire in World War I. This shot was fired from the coastal artillery gun position number
6 at Fort Nepean. The shot was fired in order to prevent the
German Merchant vessel, the SS Fells from escaping Port Phillip to the open seas.
The shot was successful and the Fells surrendered. [music] Since 1988 when Point Nepean first became a National Park rangers such as myself have
had the great pleasure of being involved in conservation and visitor services that protect
and conserve and tell stories of wonderful heritage places, like this one.
We’re down here at the amazing tunnels of Fort Nepean.
You get a great sense of what it once would have been like to be stationed down here as
a soldier. One of the most recent commitments we’ve made
is to upgrade the soundscape, the signage and the many brochures that really make your
visit here a great experience. Today I’ve given you just a glimpse of Point
Nepean National Park. Wait till you see it for yourself. We can learn so mush about our
past and our future by taking care of special places. Point Nepean is in good hands, and
we hope you come down here and visit and enjoy it for yourself.

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